Chapter 1489

Chapter 1489 - Land of Origin

“What is a human like you doing trying to learn some burial technique? You can’t cultivate them at all, especially this type of method. Even though the power is definitely extremely great, it has nothing to do with you!” The immortal medicine mocked Shi Hao.

However, it just so happened that this bronze stele was floating right in front of him, sharing karma with Shi Hao, so how could he give up because of what the immortal medicine was saying? He immediately scolded it, telling it to explain what it said.

Moreover, he began to carefully remember it. Even if he didn’t recognize these characters, he had to completely engrave them in his mind.

“Let me tell you right now, these scriptures really are useless for you. Do you know what conditions need to be met before it can be cultivated? You have to be an undead knight, moreover, you have to be buried in the rarest Burial Earth for at least ten thousand years, only after reaching a state where you are not alive or dead can you feel the power that type of cultivation will bring!” The old medicine said.

When Shi Hao heard this, he had no choice but to sigh. It seemed simple, but forget about the fact that he wasn’t an undead knight, even if he was, how could he possibly wait ten thousand years?

For him, even decades and centuries were too long. He needed to break through quickly, become stronger in the shortest amount of time possible!

In the surroundings, the Golden Undead Knights’ eyes all became red, all of them doing everything they could to study the stele i...

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