Chapter 1483

Chapter 1483 - Golden Undead Knight

The open market’s appearance was precisely due to Burial Abyss!

From the past until now, every so often, Burial Abyss would open up, and then this place would become lively. The exceptional undead knights from various parts would gather.

This place became a place where they exchanged for what they needed, at the same time, it served as a temporary rest stop.

It was because in order to head to Burial Abyss, one needed all types of artifacts, as well as some rare materials. That was why some burial knights, even though they didn’t want to enter Burial Abyss, still came to sell ancient artifacts.

When Shi Hao heard this, he became speechless. In his opinion, undead knights were taciturn, kept low profiles, slept for an endless amount of time, rarely appeared in this world. What city or other things was there to speak of about where they lived?

However now, he saw an open market, shattering some of his past thinking.

After thinking about it carefully, he became relieved again. The female undead knight had previously told him that undead knights weren’t just corpses...

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