Chapter 1480

Chapter 1480 - Crazy Immortal Medicine 


In the void, divine light surged, the sky dome cracking apart!

Four streaks of lightning interweaved. When one looked closely, these were individuals. They clashed in the air, to the extent where it wasn’t just Shi Hao facing them, the foreign three great experts even clashed with each other.

It was because they all wanted to obtain the rotting wooden chest. Right now, the Fearless Lion and Gu Clan inheritor both took extreme action.

Originally, the Emperor Clan young expert, Fearless Lion and Gu Clan’s inheritor traveled together, allied together, but now, there was a clash of interests.

The rotting wooden chest was just too important. The three great young experts all wanted to obtain it first, and then open it. Perhaps this might affect their ultimate natural luck for their entire lives.

Otherwise, Shutuo and Anlan, why would they fight over this, scheme for endless years?

Before was one thing, the three great experts didn’t know if they could obtain it, so they advanced and retreated together. Now, with the opportunity right before them, they could clearly grasp it!

That was...

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