Chapter 1479

Chapter 1479 - Clash

The rotting wooden chest released a faint golden radiance. It was extremely hazy, wrapped in light, giving one an extremely mysterious feeling.

It quietly rested on the dark red earth, not releasing any strange fluctuations. However, everyone couldn’t help but imagine what exactly was inside.

The vile earth was extremely calm, the terrifying black energy sea completely retreating. Meanwhile, the Burial King, Shutuo and Anlan all left as well, thus disappearing. No one expected things to turn out this way!

This place became peaceful. The object that the foreign undying kings had set their eyes on this entire time was right here, currently an ownerless item.

It could be said that right now, at this moment, regardless of whether it was Shi Hao or the Gu Clan’s inheritor, they both felt a wave of restlessness inside, really wanting to immediately rush over and pick up this chest!

However, they carried restraining fear. Even Shutuo and Anlan were defeated, so would they be able to succeed?

Even though the ancient land was quiet, extremely calm, that rotting wooden chest not releasing any dangerous...

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