Chapter 1477

Chapter 1477 - Clash of Titans

The distant Ancient Burial Land was who knew how many tens of thousands of li from this place. It should be an astronomical number!

The only relationship it had to this place was that there was an underground burial region vein that led here, linked up with one of the burial region’s past three great holy lands.

Right now, the Ancient Burial Land was alarmed. There were existences awakening, releasing a mysterious aura.

This was the awakening of an undead knight from the ancient grave closest to this place. It was the first one to react, right now releasing incomparable fluctuations!

Emperor Clan’s young great one, Gu Clan’s inheritor and the Fearless Lion were all alarmed, feeling like judgment day was about to descend. In the depths of the distant burial land, there was actually a creature who was about to come into being!

In the black energy sea, a portion of Shutuo’s magical body -- that large hand, quickly descended. It was because he sensed trouble, so he wanted to bring that wooden chest away first.

In that hand’s surroundings, endless planets appeared, all of them brought...

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