Chapter 1476

Chapter 1476 - Descent of the Undying Kings

Forget about Shi Hao, even the Fearless Lion as well as Gu Clan’s inheritor trembled, turning pale with fright. How could it be like this?

Shutuo, Anlan, these two unmatched experts came? However, how was this possible?!

Those were unsurpassed undying kings. It was too difficult for them to enter Desolate Border, they were stopped by Heaven Abyss!

All those who are undying couldn’t pass through Heaven Abyss. The more powerful one was, the more difficult it was. They would be rejected by the dao laws of that place, the two not compatible.

En?” Shi Hao revealed a strange expression.

It was because when Emperor Clan’s young great one shouted out those words, nothing special happened here. There were no Shutuo or Anlan’s true bodies that took form.

Up ahead, the black energy rose and fell, no longer surging chaotically, but it made everyone feel more and more ill at ease, feeling that they shouldn’t provoke it.

This place was comparatively speaking already calm, no undying existences appearing.

“Dao brother, this is?” The golden lion also became suspicious, asking like this.

“Are you sure you can call the two great unsurpassed undying existences?” Gu Clan’s inheritor asked. It was extremely arrogant, never feeling like his clan was weaker than an Emperor Clan.


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