Chapter 1475

Chapter 1475 - Object In the Tomb

In the depths of the black sea, that sphere of light was extremely gentle and mysterious, carrying faint golden radiance, like a divine moon rising from the sea.

Shi Hao was unable to take his eyes off of it, staring in that direction. Just what kind of thing  appeared exactly?

Was there really an artifact? This immediately left everyone here greatly shaken.

This was especially true for the Emperor Clan young great one. This time, he was the main force, coming here precisely to bring away the mysterious object. Now, he saw hope.

“This is too inconceivable. After endless time, so many people died, the supreme beings who came even died, yet we succeeded!” The Gu Clan young expert said.

“It actually really appeared! I thought it was just a legend, that it would never appear, but now, it is about to!” The golden lion’s bones shook, its eyes resplendent.

Emperor Clan’s young great one was also extremely moved. He clenched his fists tightly, because no one understood better than him just how great of price was paid this time.

They all hoped that there really was hope, that this wasn’t just a mistake. It was because they had already planned...

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