Chapter 1474

Chapter 1474 - Coming Into Being


Raging waves beat against the shore, rubble collapsing the clouds!

This scene was extremely grand, the black waves producing heaven reaching splashes, directly submerging the clouds in the sky, covering this expanse of vile earth.

This was too fierce, incredibly intimidating!

In reality, these weren’t true waves, but only a type of black energy. However, it seemed no different from a raging divine sea, engulfing the heavens above and earth below.

Shi Hao was running, frantically fleeing. That type of energy was too terrifying, he was sure that it could kill cultivators of even higher cultivation realm, even gods would fall before it.

In the rear, the three great cultivators were even more so fleeing frantically for their lives. They were all charging towards roughly the same position, their bodies burning, not hesitating to ignite their source!


Shi Hao tried to tear open space, wishing to cross this area of heaven and earth.

In the end, his arms became numb, fingers in pain. Even though he ripped open a small crack, he discovered that he...

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