Chapter 1473

Chapter 1473 - Shutuo’s Concern

Ao… The golden lion that was restricted by Shi Hao released a low roar, the voice carrying anger, as well as a type of humiliation and unwillingness.

It was the Fearless Lion’s descendant, back then, their ancestors could challenge the Immortal Dao Monk King, its reputation widespread. This clan always acted powerfully, when had they ever become prisoners, humiliated like this before?

“If you continue crying, I’m going to directly skin and eat you!” Shi Hao threatened. Moreover, he didn’t show any mercy, his palm descended, breaking the golden lion’s vertebra.

Even though it was powerful, a divine dao expert, right now, its damaged body was trembling uncontrollably. The damage it suffered was too great.

“Stop, we’ll talk!” The two other lions couldn’t resist anymore, scared of their brother being killed.

Their breathing was rushed, eyes staring at Shi Hao, their golden pupils filled with hatred. However, when faced with Huang, they still felt extremely helpless, momentarily left without a choice.

Shi Hao didn’t say anything, waiting for them to speak.

“There is a mysterious object here, it is related to too much!”

“When great ancestor Shutuo excavated Ancient Burial Region back then, he unexpectedly obtained an ancient scroll. Even though it was tattered, there was a mysterious location marked on it, stating that an ancient object was buried...

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