Chapter 1471

Chapter 1471 - Immortal Tree Provocation

This was a stalk of immortal medicine, a long life tree that was hard to find throughout the world!

Shi Hao watched from the distance, drool about to come out, but it didn’t. Right now, he was only a skeleton.

Only now did a blank expression appear on his face. He could smell the fragrance even without flesh, the smell penetrating deeply into his mind. It seemed like this immortal medicine really was formidable after all.

It was clear that this was used on the soul, even his primordial spirit able to sense it. This type of ‘fragrance’ could enter the spirit!

No wonder it could prolong life, allow one to achieve immortality! This type of medicine made one’s primordial spirit change, not only the flesh undergoing rebirth, even cultivators undergoing a complete evolution.

Shi Hao immediately realized something. Normal medicines had to be taken orally, but this medicine would most likely be equally effective when ingested by the primordial spirit.

The immortal tree should have grown in burial region’s depths, planted by an unmatched burial king’s clan entrance, roots adjacent to the...

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