Chapter 1470

Chapter 1470 - Sacrificial Land

Gone, disappeared. This burial region became peaceful again, lacking all aura.

Shi Hao stood there quietly, not saying anything. He still looked into the limits of the horizon, not moving even after a long time.

The female undead knight didn’t disturb him. She stood off to the side, her eyes flickering with divine light, even now, she was still experiencing great emotions. What she saw just now was too shocking.

Even now, the female undead knight couldn’t calm down. Everything she experienced was a bit inconceivable. Heaven change took place right before her eyes!

After another period of time, Shi Hao silently turned around, leaving this place, walking towards the depths of this Ancient Burial Region. Back then, this place was known as a holy land, a place that carried great secrets.

Multicolored light flickered about, a rain of light scattering down. Shi Hao’s body immediately trembled, he was stunned.

In the back, the female undead knight was also stupefied.

Shi Hao’s flesh disappeared without a trace, right now returning to being a skeleton. This immediately made his head hurt, didn’t his flesh return just now?

Why was it like this?

“Can you explain to me what exactly is going on?” Shi Hao asked the woman at his side.

The female undead knight’s long dress fluttered about, elegant and aloof. The pure white wings on her back gently moved, making her look like an otherworldly spirit. When she heard...

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