Chapter 147 - Vajra Divine Force (Teaser)

Chapter 147 - Vajra Divine Force

“You are going to eat me?” The giant golden bird glanced over. Its pupils were like golden whirlpools, terrifying to the extreme. It was as if they could swallow souls.

“I… Why do I feel dizzy?” The big red bird was horrified. Currently, all of the fur on its body was standing up, and only after it shook its head fiercely did it snap out of it.

The golden divine bird’s pupils were deep, swirling like an ocean abyss. It truly seemed like it would drag out and suck in someone’s soul. If it was another creature just now, they would definitely have harbored a grudge.

It stood atop a boulder, bright golden light shining from its body. It possessed a type of innate prestige, as if it was a golden divine spirit descending into this world, overlooking the people under it.

The little guy felt his heart shiver. This giant and mystical bird was extremely powerful, and he had to constantly stay on alert; otherwise, he would definitely pay dearly for it.

“There’s not much to be said. Let me go first, I’ll tear apart this yellow monkey. I can’t stand him any longer!” The violent ape angrily roared. It strode over with large steps, and was the first one to make its move.

The great earth shook again and again, and the stones on the ground were all jolted upwards. It was ten meters tall, but the force that it trampled down with far surpassed that of its body weight. The black hair covering its body were a third of a meter in length, absolutely terrifying.

“Be careful, this Violent Ape has extraordinary strength. It possesses the Vajra divine force precious method.” The Nine-Headed Lion reminded him...

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