Chapter 1469

Chapter 1469 - Meet Again In an Indefinite Future

Cao Yusheng risked it all. Even when faced with death tribulation, he still had to explain it. As a result, his entire body shone, immortal energy surged, light instantly illuminated the world.

The sun and moon even dimmed, before it, he was like a firefly, even the river of stars extinguished. He took a deep breath, taking in and sending out the most fundamental heaven and earth energy. As he breathed, his power made the world itself fissure.

He was making preparations, gambling with his life. Then, he opened his mouth, roaring out. As a result, when he just opened his mouth, countless true dragons swooped down, wrapping around him, trapping him.

Upon closer inspection, these weren’t true dragons, but rather ones formed from lightning. They were accompanied by immortal light, all of them possessing world shocking power.

This type of scene immediately left the female undead knight shocked. This daoist priest was too powerful, and he recognized Huang, recognized this youth, the two sharing great karma.

This person was actually about to take action from the other shore of the ancient river of time. Was he trying to cross over?!

When Cao Yusheng roared, he wanted to roar, but he failed. He wanted to transmit sound through divine will, but it was cut off by thunder.

As a result, he truly wanted to cross...

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