Chapter 1466

Chapter 1466 - Burial Region Holy Land

“If you are alive, then what am I?” Shi Hao stared at her.

This was just too strange. The undead knight who had rotting wings now became a graceful and elegant young lady, full of beauty and youthfulness, completely changing her appearance.

Meanwhile, there were only bones left on himself. Even though his bones were sparkling white, not looking all that sinister, his flesh and blood did completely disappear, no longer looking like a living person.

“If I am alive, then what do you feel like you are?” The young lady calmly asked, retracting her smile. There was a pair of pure white wings on her back, her graceful and elegant figure accompanied with immortal mist, as holy as holy could be.

“This is an illusion!” Shi Hao cried out.

The young lady walked forward, not saying anything, only lightly tapping his arm. The white bone there released a clear sound, extremely sturdy.

Shi Hao was stunned. He reached out his hand to touch himself. There really was no flesh and blood feeling! If this was an illusion that blurred his eyes, then could it be that even his feeling of touch was also off?

At the same time, he felt the softness of the young lady’s hands. That was a true flesh and blood body!

“Don’t provoke me! Hurry...

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