Chapter 1465

Chapter 1465 - Restricted Area

Shi Hao really found this a bit hard to bear. Just a chicken raised by an undead knight in the Ancient Burial Region was a True Phoenix before it lost its feathers? This was just too extravagant! He really didn’t believe this.

“If you don’t believe me, then forget it. Either way, there were rumors that the bird failed a rebirth through flames, and then great one offered it shelter. After being buried in a type of priceless Burial Earth for many years, it ultimately became a chicken that wanted around the gate.” 

When he heard this, Shi Hao really wanted to roll his eyes. If this was true, then Ancient Burial Region’s history and reserves were simply unimaginable!

“Why aren’t Shutuo and Anlan digging over there? I just want to see who is more fierce!” Shi Hao grumbled.

“If someone digs into our burial region, once they truly make contact with a great one’s family, they will definitely be dealt with properly.” The female undead knight said with a stupefied expression, carrying a wave of cold intent.

“A bunch of nonsense. If there were immortal medicines living in Ancient Burial region, would they not be scared of being eroded? Moreover, not even fallen immortal trees would be willing to be cut down by another and be turned into a coffin, right? It’s completely absurd! That scarlet Heavenly...

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