Chapter 1463

Chapter 1463 - Supreme Being Revival

This elder had an amiable expression, his voice calm, suggesting for them to rescue Huang, that they couldn’t abandon him in Divine Medicine Mountain Range.

The individuals who were just throwing mud at Huang, saying that he leaked out information were stupefied, because they recognized this elder. He came from the Celestial Clan. Didn’t they previously hear that this clan had a grudge with Huang?

Wu, being young really is great, representing vitality and hope. Huang is someone with great potential, we shouldn’t watch him die like this. Otherwise, it would be a tremendous type of loss.”

The Old Celestial sighed, moreover directly stating that in the past, Celestial Clan let Shi Hao down, there were some conflicts before. However, now that he was in dire straits, they had to offer help.

This made quite a few people reveal strange expressions. Was this old fella speaking out of sincerity, or was he showing off, deliberately trying to get on someone’s good side?

“Huang overestimates himself, rashly entering Divine Medicine Mountain Range, not knowing when to back off. Now that he is in this state, who can be blamed for this?!”

There were some experts that followed Wang Family who stepped out, speaking like this, trying to stop this. Just now, it was precisely people from their group who were...

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