Chapter 1462

Chapter 1462 - Crisis

The elders were all smiling, extremely calm, overseeing this place together with a few other middle-aged men. None of them were flustered, because the leading figures who secretly came were too strong!

Haha, don’t rush, tell us slowly, it’s not like the heavens are collapsing. What is it? We’ll take responsibility.” An elder with three heads said with all smiles.

“Great one…” The messenger’s expression was sullen, kneeling down.

“Tell us, what exactly is it? It is just a trifling Huang, any Self Release Realm cultivator can capture and kill him. What did you guys do to him? Another middle-aged man said with a smile, calm and unruffled, clearly not worried.

It was because if it was just for killing Huang, any of those entering the mountain range would be enough, let alone the fact that so many cultivators came, and they even came with a trump card!

“The people who went inside have all been wiped out, the great ones all died!” The voice of the creature who was kneeling on the ground was trembling.

When these words sounded, the mountains became still, lacking all sound. All of the smiles froze, time seemingly stopped, freezing here.

How could this be?

It was just a single Huang! Even though he had heaven warping talent, indeed extraordinary, he didn’t mature to the point where the older generation figures would fear him yet, still too...

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