Chapter 1461

Chapter 1461 - Massacre

The Nine Eyed Daoist had a row of vertical eyes between its brows, every one of them closed. There was a bit of mist curling around his forehead that blurred his appearance.

His figure was tall and slender, a human form elder. He wore gray daoist robes, a great pressure spreading from him. As he stood there, he was like an abyss, deep and immeasurable.

This was a powerful individual from the other side, one who cultivated the Nine Eyes Divine Ability. His magical force exceeded others at his level, a well-known figure in his generation!

Even this type of individual arrived, one could see just how much importance the other side attached to Huang. They feared that their younger generation might suffer great losses, so an older generation figure personally oversaw this trip to Divine Medicine Mountain Range.

Of course, at this time, a few creatures believed that they were no longer here just for Huang, but rather to catch a bigger fish from Imperial Pass, waiting for them to provide assistance.

“Youngster, even if you are very strong, there is no need to behave this arrogantly, right? This world has never lacked geniuses, but the ones who manage to survive are few. Even those who were known as number one in history, how many of them truly reached the final step? Most of them all came to a premature end.”

The Nine Eyed Daoist spoke out, not all that kind. Even though he didn’t berate the...

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