Chapter 1460

Chapter 1460 - Mother Root

“This place really isn’t bad, I want to cultivate in seclusion here.” Shi Hao muttered. He stared at the golden pool, collecting another cauldron of the elixir to use later.


The golden bull’s cry sounded from the distance. That Immortal Gold creature wandered about the surroundings, already returning, because it had been chasing the great cultivator the entire time, its search taking it back to its nest.

“Let’s go!” Shi Hao didn’t want to run into the golden bull. Even with the undead knight at his side, once they ran into each other, it was hard to say who would kill who.

It was because that golden bull was suspected to have been revived through an immortal’s methods. Even though it was still in an early stage, far from being comparable to the past, compared to normal people, it was still extremely formidable.

The undead knight remained indifferent, remaining calm the entire time. It didn’t reveal any fluctuation in mood even after killing a great cultivator, as if it was a dried-up stake.

However, it still followed Shi Hao. The two quickly...

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