Chapter 1459

Chapter 1459 - Unleashing a Massacre

With an undead knight following him, Shi Hao was full of confidence. Unless there was a supreme being who came, he didn’t fear any intruders, he would just kill them all.

In the great mountains, many traces could be seen, left behind by the steps of some creatures. This should be a safe area without many dangers.

Divine Medicine Mountain Range had great opportunities, but at the same time, it wasn’t a place just anyone could barge into. There were dangers at every turn.

Sigh, I really am worried. If those Self Release Realm cultivators all cling cowardly onto their lives, wouldn’t it be completely wasting my efforts?” Shi Hao said to himself.

When the undead knight heard this, its expression remained blank, not saying anything, as if it was just a moving corpse.

“Say, zombie bro, you should say something. How boring will it be if you just remain like a closed gourd this entire time?” Shi Hao was discontent.

This undead knight opened its mouth, revealing a mouthful of extremely sharp snow-white teeth. It slowly said, “I feel like the taste of your flesh definitely isn’t bad.”

“Maybe it’s better if your mouth remains closed!” Shi Hao quickly put some distance between them. Was this fella suddenly becoming sharp and purposely scaring him, or was this really what it thought?

The undead knight no longer opened its mouth, nor did it speak, not showing any expression, silently following at his side just like that.

“Those old monsters won’t be too scared to come, right?” He became a bit skeptical. Even though he knew that there were many experts who came from outside the mountains, not all of them will necessarily come.

If it was only killing the younger generation’s elites, he felt like there was no reason for him to feel any fear.

“Why don’t we just slaughter our way out of this place, leave Divine Medicine Mountain Range and completely wipe those bastards out?!” Shi Hao urged.

This time, the undead knight ignored him, silver eyes calm like a lake surface, without a single ripple.

“Huang is over here!” Suddenly, someone shouted.

Finally, they encountered a group of foreign youngsters. Unfortunately, there weren’t that many of them, only seven or eight, half of them King Clan experts.

“Why are there no old fellas? I was prepared to catch some big fish!” Shi Hao was extremely discontent.

On the other side, the ground of people looked like they had seen a ghost. After all, meeting Huang was a nerve-wracking event to begin with. They were only scouting ahead, helping others find safe roads through the mountain range. In the end, they ran into each other here, moreover saw that monster at his side.

“How can this be?! The undead knight is following at his side?!” The group was completely stupefied.

It was because the undead knight appeared not long ago, startling all of the foreign cultivators in the mountain range. There were some people who escaped alive, not all of the creatures who saw the undead knight killed after seeing it.

“This… motherfucker, he’s basically a demon king! He’s walking together with an undead knight?!” There were some people whose voices began to shake. They couldn’t help but curse.

They really were completely shocked, never expecting Huang to walk shoulder to shoulder with such a terrifying creature. They saw that Huang was smiling brilliantly, practically buddies with this undead knight.


The seven or eight foreign cultivators quickly came to the same decision, turning around to run frantically for their lives. They wanted to preserve their own lives.

In that instant, Earth To Inches Divine Ability, World Bridge Ancestral Method, and others all flickered. Right now, they all only had a single thought, which was to run as far as they possibly could, living was the most important thing.

“Damn it all, Huang partnered up with the undead knight! No wonder he is so powerful, he is definitely a revived undead knight!” Someone screamed out.

“He’s clearly the most terrifying golden undead knight! He looks no different from a normal human, blending into Imperial Pass, his schemes too great!” Another person cried out.

Only, it didn’t matter how they screamed and howled. Their ends were already set, they could not run away!

Shi Hao and the undead knight took action together, rushing forward murderously.


Shi Hao turned into a streak of light, brandishing the sword core in his hands. A head was immediately removed, primordial spirit also erased by sword energy at the same time.

Then, he stirred on sword radiance, turning towards a different direction, chasing after the second creature. His figure was like a divine rainbow, instantly catching up.

That creature’s face turned deathly pale, roaring out, screaming, but it was still useless. Even though the black heavenly spear he used was as heavy as a mountain, it was still sliced through by Shi Hao’s sword. Moreover, sword radiance cut across, cutting him at the waist, and then his primordial spirit was cleaved in half.

When Shi Hao turned around again, he already couldn’t see the other creatures. Black mist overflowed, a large black claw appeared, carrying bloody traces, completing what it set out to do.

The other individuals all died miserably under the undead knight’s hands, moreover forcibly crushed apart, turned into a pile of bloody mist.

In that instant, all of the cultivators who saw this died, not a single one of them living.

“The so-called Fearless Lion, Gu Clan, Emperor Clan, why didn’t any of them come?” Shi Hao muttered. He wanted to encounter some big fish and kill them.

They pressed forward, encountering a few more people. Unfortunately, there were no big targets.

“Let’s go, we’re heading to the underground cave! It’s time to get rid of that old bastard!” Shi Hao said. He wanted to head to the golden bull’s nest, get revenge on that Self Release Realm great cultivator.

Originally, Shi Hao headed precisely in that direction, wishing to slaughter some enemies, kill that Self Release Realm expert.

As long as this person was eliminated, he would feel much better.

Before this, that cultivator had previously tried to take action against him in the volcano, almost killing him. He was left with heavy injuries after that encounter.

“It’s time to settle this debt of blood.”

In reality, not much time had passed, yet Shi Hao already wanted revenge.

Everything went smoothly. He led the undead knight into this desolate land. He first took a look around, making sure that they didn’t encounter the golden bull. If it ended up fighting the undead knight, then it would easily result in both sides suffering with neither side winning.

Fortunately, the golden bull wasn’t here, still outside.

It was because many foreign creatures arrived in the mountain range. The golden bull was disturbed, still going crazy outside, not having returned yet.

The underground cave was quiet, lacking sound.

Before entering, Shi Hao already warned repeatedly, “You must hide your aura, or else that old fella will definitely run! It’s even more slippery than a loach!”

The undead knight really was extraordinary, dark mist all around it, death energy intimidating, but now, it was as calm as a rock, no fluctuations released from it at all.

Moreover, it heard Shi Hao’s suggestion, hiding in the darkness, silently following behind to avoid scaring off the enemy.

After Shi Hao entered this place, he stepped on a formation pattern, immediately stirring up dazzling light. There were arrangements in place here.

The Self Release Realm great cultivator was extremely careful, because he was cultivating in seclusion here, wishing to seize the natural luck. He was scared that the golden bull would return when he was at a crucial moment, and as such laid down some formations.

The formation served its uses as an alarm, making him immediately open his eyes, instantly notice Shi Hao.

“You little bastard, you actually dare appear before me again!” The great cultivator laughed coldly. Right now, it was confident, because its injuries had all been healed, already recovering.

This golden pool had unmatched precious liquid, the effects unimaginable. Even though not much time had passed, he already resolved his body’s issues.

“You old thing, actually trying to occupy someone else’s nest, hiding here!” Shi Hao purposely acted surprised, continuously backing up.

Haha, brat, there really is no path into heaven for you, no door into hell. Have you gotten tired of living?” The great cultivator didn’t hide anything, roaring with laughter.

His eyes flickered with cold light, killing intent pervading the air. Regardless of which side one looked at it from, he had to kill Shi Hao. He could eliminate a great disaster for his own side’s youngsters, and it also served as a form of silencing in order to prevent Shi Hao from escaping and startling the golden bull.

“Old monster, I’m going to kill you next time!” Shi Hao shouted.

“Little bastard, you still want to run after coming here? Just hand over your life!” The Self Release Realm cultivator laughed coldly, reaching out a large hand forward.


Shi Hao was like a streak of flowing light, quickly dodging, changing directions, as if he wanted to escape through a great underground crack.

“I’ll give you a choice. You can bind up your own arms and legs, bow down before me, and I can bring you back to the other side, temporarily not kill you.” The great cultivator said coldly.

He released a field, locking down this region, sealing up all directions, cutting off Shi Hao’s path of escape.

Moreover, right now, he already stood up, walking out from the golden pool. That large hand covered everything above Shi Hao, pressing downwards.

“Shameless old thing, I think it makes more sense for you to be the one who bows down and begs for forgiveness!” Shi Hao replied.

“You can just die!” The Self Release Realm great cultivator said coldly, not wishing to say anymore. The large hand slapped down to take Shi Hao’s life.


As a result, he discovered that his hand was in great pain. A creature wrapped in dark mist silently appeared, grabbing his arm.

Just now, this black mist-shrouded figure had been hiding this entire time, waiting for an opportunity out of fear that he might escape.


The great cultivator was shocked and furious. His body erupted with power, releasing blinding radiance, illuminating the entire underground cave.

However, he discovered with shock that he couldn’t struggle free. That large black hand firmly held him, no way for him to escape at all.

Moreover, there was a corrosion power that poured into his body, immediately making that arm of his pitch-black like ink, many areas rotting.

Ah… no!” The Self Release Realm cultivator screamed miserably.

It was because in that instant, his arm’s white bones were exposed, large amounts of flesh coming off. This rate of deterioration really was too fast.

“Undead knight, you are a creature from the burial region!” The Self Release Realm cultivator’s expression was deathly white as he roared. He knew what kind of creature he encountered.

When one’s strength reached his level, he naturally understood more about undead knights than the average person, deeply aware of how terrifying this type of creature was. It wasn’t something he should get involved with.


He decisively removed that arm, planning to escape like a lizard that abandoned its tail.

However, it underestimated the undead knight’s reaction speed. It directly grabbed his other arm, dragging him back, preventing him from escaping.

“You… should be asleep! Why are you taking action!” The Self Release Realm cultivator roared.

“This is my sworn brother! You should just peacefully go on your way.” Shi Hao said with a smile.

Sworn brother my ass! The Self Release Realm great cultivator was full of hatred. At the same time, he was greatly shocked. This youngster named Huang was too strange, actually able to walk together with an undead knight!

The undead knight didn’t immediately deal the fatal blow, but the great cultivator’s body was decaying, rotten flesh continuously falling off of his bones.

Ah…” The great cultivator roared furiously, frantically trying to escape, but it was useless. His entire body started to become like this, flesh falling off.

He knew that he had been contaminated by the undead knight’s curse. This was impossible to escape from, at the very least, at his current stage, once he touched it, then his flesh would wither away, and he would die.

The great cultivator’s eyes flickered with light, his face already ulcerating. He looked viciously at Shi Hao. He knew that this was all because the young man led the undead knight here, cutting off all of his hopes.

“Kill!” The great cultivator’s mouth released sword light, wishing to kill Shi Hao, take him down with him.

Dang! The undead knight released a finger, death energy overflowing. That streak of sword light immediately broke apart.

“Kill him to prevent anything unexpected from happening!” Shi Hao said.


The undead knight was simple and rough, directly twisting the great cultivator’s head off, rotten blood flying in all directions.


Sword light flickered. Shi Hao took action, a sword stabbing into the Self Release Realm cultivator's forehead, destroying his corroded primordial spirit.

After a final miserable scream, the great cultivator was killed, his flesh rotting, primordial spirit becoming fragmented, killed here.

A great cultivator was killed just like that!

“Did they all come? I’m really looking forward to this! All of you came to Divine Medicine Mountain Range to kill me, so I’ll bury you all one by one.” Shi Hao said quietly.`

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