Chapter 1458

Chapter 1458 - The Same War Chariot

Turns out it was like this. Shi Hao understood now. This sword core was greatly related to Ancient Burial Region. The undead knight had seen it before, and it was scared of it!

Even after endless years passed, the creature that was connected to this sword core most likely long vanished from this world, yet it still gave this undead knight this unforgettable impression.

Right now, the undead knight was completely devout, incredibly respectful, bowing down before the sword core. To be more precise, it was bowing down before the human figure on the copper coffin!

Who was that? What kind of background did it have back then? Why was it able to have this type of power, able to still intimidate the undead knight?

Duo ma ka de huo…

The undead knight knocked his head on the ground a few times, ultimately not standing up, praying there, unknown what it was saying. In the end, it actually revealed great fear and reverence, as if it was bowing before an emperor.

It turned around to look at Shi Hao, revealing a hint of consciousness, expressing some type of intention. This time, it found it hard to calm down, not attacking or revealing any viciousness.

However, when it looked at Shi Hao, it didn’t reveal kind intentions either, as if it was looking at a dead tree, a rock, not treating him like a normal living creature at all.

Shi Hao understood its intention. Since the sword core didn’t destroy him, it temporarily acknowledged him, leaving him be.

Things ended just like this?

Shi Hao was stupefied. This undead knight was this vicious, foreign experts slapped to death as easily as swatting flies. He originally thought that he would have to fight a battle to the death, that it wouldn’t end until one of them died, yet in the end, he made it through just like that.

After thinking for a bit, Shi Hao felt a type of gloomy chilliness from his lower back, a wave of cold intent gathering within him. It was because even though this undead knight didn’t say much, it was too terrifying.

According to its intentions, it was more normal for this sword core to have killed Shi Hao? It actually believed that this was only a temporary stillness. According to what it said, this sword core should be extremely ‘vicious’, that all who held it will die!

Shi Hao was truly momentarily at a loss for what to do with this sword core. Should he throw it away or continue to keep it at his side? This thing was definitely inauspicious!

He thought back to the creatures who previously obtained this sword core, none of them had a good end, especially its last owner, Five Crown King. In the end, he died a miserable death, becoming a living corpse, appearing on that blood-soaked black ancient ship.

After speaking, this undead knight turned around and left, not wasting any time.

“Hey, where are you going?” Shi Hao was shocked. It left just like that, catching him off guard. Just now, they were still fighting to the death, yet in the end, it concluded so peacefully.

“I am going where I must.” This was an extremely simple reply. It didn’t stop, its gait slow, carrying thick black mist as it headed into the distance.

It ended just like that? Shi Hao stroked the sword core.

At this moment, the sword core had long calmed down, regardless of whether it was the acension light or the blood-soaked burial region’s copper coffin and the humanoid creature seated on it, they all disappeared.

“Wait.” Shi Hao suddenly said.

“What is it?” The undead knight stopped. It was still because of the sword core, making it feel not as decisive, a bit reluctant, as if it recalled something.

Of course, the two’s conversation was not exchanged through normal words, but rather divine will. It was because the difference in great era was too great, there was no way the two could understand each other.

In reality, even communicating with divine consciousness was a bit difficult, because they possessed different attributes of power that would mutually devour each other. It was extremely terrifying.

A single mistake and it would result in injuries to one side.

For even the divine senses to carry death energy, underworld force, this undead knight really was frightening.

Shi Hao had no choice but to protect his own body with divine force out of fear of being corroded.

“You are leaving just like that? You don’t want to know how the sword core ended up in my hands?” Shi Hao said. He was trying to keep the other party behind, wishing to learn more secrets from this undead knight.

“Speak!” The undead knight’s words were simple, only saying this single word.

Shi Hao endured the urge to roll his eyes. This undead knight who looked like he crawled out from hell was too direct, really like a blockhead, impossible to communicate with.

“Let’s exchange information. I will first speak of how I obtained the sword core, and then you tell me about what kind of past it actually has.” Shi Hao said.

He really was worried about this sword core. Keeping it by his side might result in a great grievance. He really wanted to know about its past.

Of course, this time, he didn’t try to haggle over things, directly speaking of the sword core’s past, explaining how he obtained it to the other side.

“It has been passed on through generations just like that. Even when covered in dust, it would still emerge from underground ore, move from one creature’s hands to another.” The undead knight said. He gave Shi Hao a look, and then said, “Alright, you are just a relay station, once the relay station degenerates, it will naturally leave.”

A temporarily relay station through the endless years.

This explanation left Shi Hao extremely dissatisfied. He asked a step further, but the undead knight didn’t wish to say any more, immediately leaving, about to disappear just like that.

“Hey! You can’t leave just like this! You are letting down this sword core!” Shi Hao shouted loudly.

“Why?” It was clear that the undead knight was inflexible. When it heard these words, it felt extremely dissatisfied, really stopping, moreover turning around to look at him.

“You finally emerged from the ground, if you don’t take a look around the mortal world, wouldn’t you be wasting this chance?” Shi Hao urged, trying his best to make it stay behind. It was because this was a powerful expert, killing a Self Release Realm cultivatior most likely not even an issue.

Currently, there were many foreign experts from Divine Medicine Mountain Range, coming in large numbers, all of them here for him, wishing to kill him.

Normal young experts were one thing, he could deal with them, but there were some formidable old monsters who also came. They were extremely dangerous for him.

If he could rope in the undead knight, face those creatures with it, then it would be perfect.

In a daze, Shi Hao seemed to have already seen the scene of bringing the undead knight around Divine Medicine Mountain Range, completely wiping out all of the experts who came after him!

It was clear that the undead knight’s acknowledgment and system of values were completely different from his. It revealed a perplexed expression, not understanding his suggestion at all.

It was just like listening to a rock speak, speaking about how brilliant a rock’s world was, the same principle.

“How am I letting down the sword core?” The undead knight asked stubbornly.

“Didn’t you see that it acknowledged me? Right now, I am in danger, my problems are the sword core’s problems. If I die, the sword core will be brought away by the foreign bastards. Sooner or later, they will see through its origins, and then offer it up to Shutuo or Anlan, those people.

When he spoke up to here, Shi Hao’s expression became blank. After seeing that the other party didn’t state anything, he said with a serious expression, “Anlan and Shutuo, have you heard of them? They are unmatched existences, coexisting with this world, no one their opponent. Moreover, they are all matchless experts who could move unhindered through the great tombs!”

Shi Hao explained with an extremely serious tone. In his explanation, the two unmatched experts moved as they pleased through the Ancient Burial Region, the things they did incited public anger.

The undead knight was stupefied. No matter how inflexible it was, it still felt that things weren’t quite right.

Shi Hao continued to blabber on, saying, “Anlan and Shutuo are repeated offenders, continuously focusing on Ancient Burial Regions, robbing graves and digging up tombs, searching for the buried artifacts, sacrificial objects, and all types of ancient treasures, to the extent where they even offend beautiful undead knights and others!”

Shi Hao was extremely crooked, placing all types of blames on those two unmatched great figures, calling them tomb robbers, fiends, attaching all types of despicable and shameless titles onto them.

“Are the two of them extremely strong?” The undead knight spoke, ridiculously pigheaded, actually asking like this.

“They’re ridiculously strong! They previously killed undead knights, wiped out powerful existences inside the Ancient Burial Region one after another, never suffering a defeat to this day!” Shi Hao said.

This time, the undead knight’s pupils contracted. Even though it knew that this fella was unreliable, he still couldn’t help but reconsider.

It was because some things indeed happened in the burial region, even though it wasn’t that serious, there were great undead knights who were disturbed. This was an undeniable truth.

“If you speak their true names, their magical bodies will directly appear to suppress and kill you!” Shi Hao said seriously, this time not purposely trying to trick it.

In reality, when he mentioned Shutuo, Anlan and the others, he was always extremely careful, not mentioning their entire names in one breath, instead choosing to pause in between.

“You spoke half truths, I have undead knight eyes, so I can differentiate between them.” The undead knight was extremely direct, directly exposing Shi Hao.

Of course, if it was anyone else, they would have been extremely embarrassed, but Shi Hao didn’t feel awkward in the slightest, his skin too thick, still trying to rope him in, trying to make it stay behind at all costs. 

However, the undead knight remained unconvinced.

“Forget about everything else, just because of this sword core, you should help me out once!” in the end, Shi Hao shouted at its rear figure.

It was because he was at his wits end, only having this line left, hoping to receive the undead knight’s assistance.

“Fine, I will help you with this one thing before returning underground!” The undead knight actually came to this decision at the final moment, surprising Shi Hao again.

“Where are we going right now?” It asked.

“Taking heads, of course. Show me the viciousness of an undead knight, help me remove the heads of some old fellas. Don’t let a single one go!” Shi Hao said. He was full of fighting spirit, not embarrassed in the slightest, about to bring the undead knight with him to sweep through Divine Medicine Mountain Range.

Outside Divine Medicine Mountain Range, more and more foreign cultivators appeared.

It was because news long reached the foreign side, many creatures knowing that Huang was here, already surrounded, about to be killed.

That was why quite a few youngsters hurried over, wishing to participate, witness Huang’s downfall.

For the foreign cultivators, Huang was too savage, continuously killing their young cultivators, even Martial Heavenly King defeated. This really was a type of humiliation.

When the various clans learned of the situation, they all swarmed over, all of them wanting to come kill Huang.

Of course, there were also many senior experts among them, because they couldn’t feel at ease with just the youngsters, setting the resolution to eliminate the disaster that was Huang.

This place was simply like a distinguished meeting. People from all types of great clans appeared. They gave each other a look, all of them familiar with each other.

Yi, who is that? There are nine eyes between the brows, so weird, I never heard of a race having these characteristics before.” Outside the mountain range, there were foreign cultivators discussing amongst themselves. They saw a strange elder.

“That is… the Nine Eyes Daoist, a legendary senior figure. He cultivated the Nine Eyes Divine Ability, magical force exceptional, extremely famous in his generation!”

A few big names appeared outside the mountain, stirring up a discussion.

There were more than a few experts of past eras, an entire group of them, all of them appearing here!

Wu, I feel like things are a bit strange this time. It is just to kill Huang, so why did so many famous seniors come? Can it be that they wish to catch a bigger fish?!” There were some who became suspicious.

At the same time, Shi Hao was currently moving in the mountains. He brandished his fists, shouting fiercely, “Kill, kill, kill them all!”

He led the undead knight, preparing to wipe out all of the great foreign experts who came!

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