Chapter 1457

Chapter 1457 - Sword Core’s Secret

Shi Hao was shocked. He stood there, completely stupefied. This kind of thing actually happened! It was bowing down! What kind of origins did this sword core have?

The undead knight was strange, mysterious, powerful, a creature that would even make the foreign creatures shiver in fear, make their expressions change. Today, a powerful undead knight was disturbed, yet in the end, there was actually this type of display.

Its figure was valiant, a zhang in height, on its back a pair of enormous rotten wings. Pitch-black mist surged, as if a demonic god walked out from hell.

Without a doubt, this undead knight was extremely strong, its silver pupils were like blades, making one’s flesh feel pain even from far away, as if it was going to split open. 

Shi Hao’s captive’s, the foreign young cultivator’s expression paled, lacking all color. He was completely scared stiff.

Immediately afterwards, in his eyes, Shi Hao became a demon king. Even an undead knight bowed down before him? This completely went against all reason! His fine hairs immediately stood on end.

It was because he was thrown onto the ground by Shi Hao, the angle at which he looked at different. He didn’t know that what the undead knight bowed down to was the sword core, nor did he think that plain looking sword core had any type of special history.

What he saw was Shi Hao calmly standing there, overlooking the undead knight, allowing him to bow down. Meanwhile, he himself remained extremely quiet, and extremely arrogant, not even moving at all.

In reality, Shi Hao’s body was rigid, never expecting this result, so he didn’t know how to react.

Suddenly, his mind trembled, feeling a wave of coldness and a murderous energy. He immediately moved the sword in front of him to protect himself.

It was because after this undead knight bowed down, he suddenly raised his head to look at Shi Hao. Those silver eyes were too bright, a bit penetrating. Moreover, there was a wave of murderous energy that pervaded the air.


Great winds roared, black mist overflowing into the heavens. This undead knight directly reached out its large hand that was pitch-black like ink, grabbing forward, decisively acting against Shi Hao.

The respect it showed to the sword core was a completely different matter. Even though it respected the sword core, it didn’t feel anything for Shi Hao, actually wishing to directly kill him.

Shi Hao brandished the sword core, moreover quickly backing up. He never hoped for much from the start, he knew that it wouldn’t be that easy to escape. Hoping for a legendary undead knight to bow down before him wasn’t realistic.


The captive on the ground didn’t even have the time to realize what was going on before he was directly crushed by the large black hand, turned into a bloody paste. His death really was pitiful, confused until the very end.


Shi Hao brandished the sword, stopping that large hand. He was going all out against it. There was no way he was just going to give in. Even if he knew that there wasn’t much hope, he still wanted to struggle to the end.

It was clear that the undead knight felt great respect for the sword core in his hands, carrying a type of innate fear, actually not daring to touch it. It began to back up.

This left it quite conflicted. It wanted to kill Shi Hao who held the sword, it expression complicated. Its silver pupils flickered with a strange radiance.

Mo da gu kan…

It opened its mouth, speaking a string of words that were difficult to understand. It was too ancient, completely impossible to differentiate, Shi Hao had no idea what era this language was from.

Shi Hao could also be considered someone with extensive experience, understanding many languages, to the extent where he could even speak a bit of the foreign language. However, right now, he was stupefied, unable to understand anything.

Of course, he also understood that it would be weird if he understood it. The undead knights were too ancient, even Anlan and Shutuo needing to excavate them, their origins dating much further back than these undying existences, impossible to verify just what era’s creatures they were.

Then, the space between the undead knight’s brows flickered with light, spreading out, forming hazy ripples, releasing a strange divine consciousness.

This time, Shi Hao finally vaguely understood its intentions through his divine will. It was asking how this sword appeared in his hands, for him to hurry and speak.

The reason why it was blurry was because the divine awareness strength was different, lacking life energy, instead carrying a heavy underworld force. It clashed with Shi Hao’s divine senses, the two incompatible.

Shi Hao remained vigilant, capturing a strand of the other party’s will, after roughly understanding the meaning, he quickly withdrew out of fear of his primordial spirit being corroded!

“What type of origins does the sword core have?” Moreover, Shi Hao instead went from passive to aggressive, asking the undead knight like this.

Mo da gu kan ai mo…” The undead knight’s voice turned cold, loudly berating.

At this moment, Shi Hao thought of too much. This wasn’t a zombie, nor was it a normal ancient corpse, not as simple as just gaining sentience after death. It was because it actually had memories, had its own will!

The undead knight might very well be a species, a mysterious, powerful, and unknown species.

They remained buried under the earth year round, waiting for their time, not willing to be easily  roused awake. There was definitely a world-shocking great secret.

Of course, these weren’t just suspicions Shi Hao developed alone, a lot of this were things that captive told him, the conjectures of the foreign undying existences.

The undead knight was cold. It didn’t reply to Shi Hao’s questions at all, only wishing to understand some things from Shi Hao.


The large black claw slapped over again, terrifying beyond compare. The mountain region collapsed, Shi Hao coughing out large mouthfuls of blood. This was just some of the aftereffects, yet he avoided the frontal assault.

This time, he raised the sword core, hacking forward. The undead knight was startled and fearful, clenching its teeth viciously, actually directly grabbing forward!

Shi Hao was a bit confused. The other side was clearly so powerful, so why did he fear this sword core so much?


The void trembled, sword core vibrating softly, releasing strange brilliance.

Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao finally understood why the undead knight was so scared. It started to tremble on the spot, continuously backing up, not daring to approach this ancient sword.

Under the powerful pressure, especially under the unique stimulation of the undead knight, the sword core shone, becoming resplendent like a rainbow, cutting across this place.

This sword core completely erupted, releasing powerful divine might.

A great rain of light scattered down, brilliant sword light shocking the supernatural, crushing the heavenly sun. It was too resplendent and dazzling, holy and flawless like ascension light.

Meanwhile, a human creature even more so appeared on the sword core, rising with multicolored light. This was the imprint on the sword core, right now truly appearing.

This scene made one suspect if someone was ascending to immortality. It was too dazzling.

Of course, this wasn’t all, because these were things that Shi Hao had already seen a while ago!

Under this mystical scene, there were other secrets, precisely the reason why the undead knight was so scared.

The human-shaped creature ascended to immortality, beneath its fear, the dim earth below the rain of light revealed an even more magnificent scene.

This was a great ancient burial ground, burial mounds endless, the great abyss pitch-black, ancient caves everywhere. It was unknown just how many creatures were buried here. This scene was extremely vague, as if it was dyed under the blood-soaked sun of dusk.

Blood flowed, gathering into a stream. It flowed past burial sites one after another, silent and terrifying.

There was one unremarkable ancient grave that was split open, inside of it a copper coffin. It was the only one not soaked or approached by the blood. Meanwhile, a human-shaped creature sat on top of the copper coffin. A hand was holding its knees, its head tilted, gazing towards the blood-dyed setting sun, body unmoving.

This scene was quite blurry, extremely unclear, difficult for Shi Hao to see it clearly no matter how he tried.

However, this scene was definitely shocking, leaving Shi Hao stunned, giving him a bit of an alarmed feeling, feeling terrified.

One had to understand that this scene was right below the immortal ascension scene, all of it reflected by the Everlasting Sword Core, created by it!

A single sword core, two types of imprints, two scenes. This was the first time this appeared, being witnessed by Shi Hao.

Above, the rain of light was concentrated, incredibly divine with human-shaped creatures ascending.

Below, the burial region stretched continuously, blood flowing. A copper coffin rested on a burial mound, a creature seated on it.

Not far out, that undead knight was in extreme fear, naturally in fear towards the creature seated on the copper coffin in the burial region under the blood-dyed setting sun.

Why did it end up like this?

In Shi Hao’s consciousness, the Everlasting Sword Core was holy, also possessing a type of offensive might. It was the rough core of an immortal precious artifact. However now, it actually revealed this type of scene!

“I’ve never seen this before. There was actually this scene below the sacred ascension?” Shi Hao was shocked.

He stared at the sword core in his hand carefully, sure enough, there were some blurry traces on it after all, the scene of the burial region. Right now, it was because the sword core was lightly trembling that these two scenes appeared.

He realized that this sword core was far more mysterious than he had originally thought, even more ancient!

When he was in the three thousand provinces, there were some people who believed that it was a naturally formed precious artifact, because its earliest discovery was from inside of a rock within an ancient mine.

Its past owners all met miserable ends. This sword was extremely inauspicious.

Meanwhile, in the Nine Heavens above, there were some individuals who had examined it before, feeling like it might have been the sword of an Immortal King, extremely familiar.

Moreover, in the foreign side, there are also experts who recognized it. When he was fighting over the Imperishable Scripture, encountering He Wushuang, he had stated that this sword core was just as ancient as the Immortal Smelting Pot.

At the same time, He Wushuang had previously disparaged this sword, stating that no matter how heaven-defying it was, it was made of different scraps.

However, now, it seemed like all of them were wrong. This sword core’s degree of mystery was unimaginable, far more so than what anyone predicted, its origins incredibly great.

It was because it involved the Ancient Burial Region, this undead knight recognizing it!

One had to understand that the undead knight didn’t belong to this great era, even Shutuo and Anlan excavating the burial region, believing that they were too ancient. They felt that they needed to excavate the ancient land in order to fully understand them.

Shi Hao was sure that this sword core most likely existed in several great eras, that it had an unimaginable history!

Right now, the sword core moved. Above was an immortal ascension scene, below a terrifying burial ground scene. It was just too shocking.

The undead knight was backing up. It was scared of that creature seated on the copper coffin.

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