Chapter 1456

Chapter 1456 - Undead Knight

Shi Hao withdrew from the underground cave, starting to look for the golden bull. If it was nearby, it could definitely send this Self Release Realm cultivator on his way, straight to eternal damnation.

Divine Medicine Mountain Range couldn’t remain calm. Foreign cultivators came and went, moving in groups, searching for Shi Hao’s whereabouts.

Of course, they acted carefully. There were some places they definitely wouldn’t step foot in, like the place where the Blood Vine Old Ancestor was, as well as the swamps shrouded in black mist and other places.

Divine Medicine Mountain Range was quite unique, there were many powerful creatures residing here, as if they lost consciousness. They hid in dangerous locations, normally wouldn’t show themselves. However, once they were approached, their territories entered, they would immediately stir up great chaos.

Shi Hao moved through the mountain range, naturally seeing quite a few people along the way, but he didn’t take action. It was because he didn’t want anything unexpected to happen, to avoid startling the great cultivator in the underground cave.

“Divine medicine, hurry and chase after it!”

Everyone was shocked. Thy saw a stalk of White Tiger Vine. It was snow-white like jade, its leaves like tigers, rooted in a cliff, flowing with brilliant colors.


This stalk of divine medicine fled. It was extremely fast, if it moved through the earth, it could instantly travel a thousand li.

Shi Hao also wanted to chase after it. He saw this scene from a hidden location, but suddenly felt as if something wasn’t quite right. He activated his Heavenly Eyes, discovering that the divine medicine was a bit strange.

“There is a wave of death energy winding about its body?”

He was extremely close, his position more favorable than the other cultivators. If he took action, he might have had a chance of catching this stalk of medicine already.

However, he didn’t move. He recalled some recordings in bone books. There were some divine medicines which, for some reason, had some sinister energy attached to them. The divine nature was reversed, within them instead underworld force.

It was rumored that this thing was extremely terrifying. Once it was accidentally ingested, even a supreme being would die!

Shi Hao found this a bit hard to believe. There was actually this type of strange medicine in the wondrous Divine Medicine Mountain Range. If he didn’t act a bit more carefully, he might have encountered great trouble.

Some of the divine medicines here were a bit strange!

They, he gave that cliff a look, discovering that there was a crack inside. There was a bit of faintly discernible black mist that seeped out from within.

Shi Hao decisively withdrew, starting to watch these foreign cultivators from the distance.

“Where do you think you are going?”

Everything happened in the time it took sparks to fly off a flint. One of them produced a precious artifact, a great web made of flickering stellar granules. With a shake of his hand, it was flung out, surrounding heaven and earth like a world covering net.

That cliff immediately caved in, rubble tumbling everywhere. Great cracks extended along the mountain region. This great net immediately engraved itself into the ground, stirring up endless soil.

The ground couldn’t stop it. This net was incredibly strong, not much able to stop it, able to catch all things in this world.

One had to understand that Divine Medicine Mountain Range was sturdy. A precious artifact that could still display this type of power was definitely extraordinary!

However, something bad happened. Black mist roiled, death energy overflowing, quickly spreading from underground. That was an unimaginable wave of baleful energy.

“Not good, hurry and pull back the web, don’t stir it on anymore!”

“Abandon the precious artifact, forget about this web!”

Someone cried out, expression becoming pale, extremely frightened. This Divine Medicine Mountain Range was even more terrifying than they had imagined. They ended up kicking a metal door.

The earth surged. The great net rushed out from the ground surface. Even though its owner stopped it, he was still a bit too late, bringing out a large amount of dried bones from underground.

The most terrifying thing was that there were some rust stained copper coffins that had already corroded to a terrible degree, merged with mud, long rotten. They only had a bit of outer shape still.

Shi Hao was surprised. Divine Medicine Mountain Range wasn’t necessarily a divine and holy place either. There were these types of things underground as well. He was a bit confused, he continued to observe while hidden.

The ruined copper coffin cracked open, a corpse falling out. The wings on its back were corroded, entire body pitch-black, corpse energy overflowing into the heavens. It was incomparably terrifying.

“Damn it, why is there this type of thing? We actually ran into something like this! Isn’t this Divine Medicine Mountain Range? It’s not the Ancient Burial Region!” The foreign creatures’ voices were trembling, quickly backing up.

“Did you forget? Divine Medicine Mountain Range, Heavenly Beast Forest, and Ancient Burial Region are all adjacent to each other! It’s clear that there are underground veins from Ancient Burial Region extending into Divine Medicine Mountain Range, reaching deep underground. Normally, they can’t be seen, but today, they have been unearthed!”

“It just just a tattered copper coffin, it shouldn’t be as terrifying as we think. At most, there’ll be some kind of zombie, not undead knights or things like that!” Someone said.

“It hasn’t moved. It is a low level ancient corpse after all, it should have any consciousness.” After someone examined it for a bit, a breath of relief was released.

Everyone stopped, no longer feeling that nervous.

“But, why did such terrifying corpse energy spread?” Someone said, incredibly confused.

“It’s most likely released from the Ancient Burial Region’s branch vein and has nothing to do with this corpse.” Another person explained.

It was clear that they felt great restraining fear towards the Ancient Burial Region. After excavating those areas all these years, they discovered that this was an extremely powerful civilization. Anyone who learned a bit about this civilization would feel like their divine might shocked past and present.

There were some who thought that they had long been eradicated, their inheritance no longer existing.

However, there were still some who carried an extremely strange viewpoint, believing that the Ancient Burial Region had never been wiped out, on the contrary, that was precisely the state that they maintained, not living, but not corpses either.

It was to the extent where there were even some undying existences who thought this way.

Apart from this, the unmatched ancient ancestor Shutuo previously said something strange. The Ancient Burial Region might be related to the source of this world of theirs!

Everyone knew that Anlan, Shutuo, these individuals possessed incredible achievements, existing in more than a single great era. However, they were still in their peak state, towering in this world.

Many people had heard before that starting from the last great era, they had been carefully exploring the Ancient Burial Region. After all these years, they definitely made some shocking discoveries.

These people talked quietly, discussing these secrets. Shi Hao heard everything clearly, feeling incredibly shocked, feeling like a door now appeared before him. In the future, he definitely had to face what rested behind this door.

Suddenly, a wave of dark mist surged. The creature within the tattered copper coffin sat up, the decaying wings unfolding, covering heaven and earth. Its eyes suddenly opened, releasing two streaks of silver radiance.

That place was pitch-black like ink, only its terrifying outline appearing. It stood up from the ground, a pair of ice-cold silver eyes also visible, looking in this direction.

“Not good, it has a consciousness! It’s an undead knight, not a normal zombie!”

“Hurry and run!”

The foreign creatures were normally extremely arrogant, but when faced with this strange ancient corpse, they were still terrified to the point where they didn’t dare confront it, directly running for their lives.

It was because only rarely were ‘undead knights’ dug up from the Ancient Burial Region. Those were living creatures, or perhaps living corpses. They possess world -haking might, unless a supreme being took action, they were unstoppable.

Apart from this, there were even higher level undead knights that only undying existences had a chance of subduing.

There was a rumor that back then, there was a mysterious undead knight that was excavated from Ancient Burial Region before. It killed all of the experts who participated in its excavation, moreover traveling tens of millions of li to wipe out the three King Clans who participated in this matter.

This matter shocked the higher levels of all of the clans. Even though it was covered up later on, not allowed to spread too far, there was still some information that leaked out.

It was rumored that later on, Shutuo personally took action, and only then was this undead knight suppressed and killed. It was precisely in that battle that Shutuo and Anlan developed a deeper understanding towards the Ancient Burial Region.

However, from that battle forth, the excavation of the Ancient Burial Region slowed, no clans daring to rashly make a move.

It was because Shutuo didn’t directly suppress that undead knight, but rather fought a battle that lasted for some time!


The rotten wings moved, splitting heaven and earth. This undead knight’s power was too great, unimaginable, even more formidable than a Self Release Realm great cultivator.

For the younger generation, it was too deadly. There was no way they could contend against this.

The foreign cultivators turned around and ran. Undead knights couldn't be faced head-on, once they were startled and broke through the earth, it would definitely unleash a great massacre, cut down all who disturbed its rest.

Their expressions paled, fleeing for their lives. It was because at this moment, all of them recalled the legends related to that undead knight.

In the past, the three great King Clans were all wiped out because of a single undead knight. Just how terrifying of a matter was that? Even the old ancestors of the three clans were completely slaughtered, not a single person surviving.


There were immediately youngsters who were killed, grabbed by a rotting large hand, crushed into a meat paste, no room for retaliation at all.

Then, miserable cries sounded continuously, immediately, seven or eight powerful individuals were killed, all of this ending in the time it took to take a single breath.


The others screamed out, scattering and rushing in all directions.

There were many people, all of them scattering. This undead knight’s pupils were silvery-white, terrifyingly cold. He took a step out, chasing after them.

Shi Hao also left secretly, but before leaving, he grabbed a foreign creature, and then quickly left into the distance.

“Speak, tell me everything you know about undead knights!” When he reached a quiet place, Shi Hao said coldly.

The foreign youngster’s skin was quite tough. Even though he was running for his life, extremely scared, when Shi Hao grabbed him, he instead calmed down, not willing to speak.

Only, his struggle was meaningless. Shi Hao wanted to search his soul, not hesitating to pay the cost. He wanted those secrets.

“I’ll talk!” He gave up. 

“What? Shutuo previously fought with an undead knight?” Shi Hao was truly shocked.

After wiping out three king races, it fought Shutuo. Just how terrifying was that undead knight?

This was the first time Shi Hao heard about undead knights. He was greatly shocked. He knew that he would see everything himself one day. There were great secrets hidden within the Ancient Burial Region.

Otherwise, Shutuo, Anlan, why did they have to insist on continuing the exploration? There were definitely things that moved them.

After a long time had passed, miserable cries sounded again and again from the distance. Those youngsters were chased after, most of them unable to escape disaster.

All of a sudden, Shi Hao’s fine hairs stood on end, suddenly turning around, looking in that direction.

Black mist pervaded the air. The undead creature had rotting wings on its back, silently appearing here, standing not far from him, ice-cold and chilly, death energy scattering from its body.

“It’s this fast? This is too strange!” Shi Hao was alarmed.

As for the foreign cultivator in front of him, his expression long paled. He didn’t say a word, only staring forward.

Shi Hao sighed. There really were too many dangers in Divine Medicine Mountain Range this time, dangerous situations continuously appearing. Danger spots were not that easily entered after all.

He had no choice. He pulled out the Everlasting Sword Core, using it to protect himself, face that undead knight.

However, something unexpected happened. When the undead knight saw this sword core, its pupils narrowed into two silvery-white cracks, body trembling slightly.

Then it actually knelt down, bowing before this sword core!

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