Chapter 1455

Chapter 1455 - Attack

Divine Medicine Mountain Range, inside the underground cave.

Shi Hao’s great rebirth was close to its end. His current state was excellent, the cracks on his foundation also becoming a bit more faint. He believed that once he broke into the Self Severing Realm, the injuries could be healed.


Suddenly, an expanse of mist rose from within his body. It was extremely dazzling, as if a barbaric dragon was bashing and crashing about. It scattered within the hundreds of bones within his four limbs, spreading to every part of his body.

The harvesting of human body great medicine, Shi Hao’s exchange of blood was complete. However, right now, this type of irregular scene appeared again. It was extremely shocking.

Shi Hao examined his own body. His eyes erupted with light, he knew what this was. He never expected that at this crucial point, it would join in on the action! However, this was definitely a good thing!

Supreme being blood!

At this moment, his supreme being blood became resplendent, like streak after streak of veins and arteries, linking up the inside of his body. It was powerful and forceful, also using this rebirth process to evolve.

This blood was a lot richer than before, spreading towards every part of his body. Moreover, when it merged with the immortal mist, surging violently, it actually released thunderous rumbling noises, strong and full of power.

Then, all of the supreme being blood flowed in reverse, condensing into one sphere, gathering in his chest. It became a fist-sized sphere of light,...

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