Chapter 1455

Chapter 1455 - Attack

Divine Medicine Mountain Range, inside the underground cave.

Shi Hao’s great rebirth was close to its end. His current state was excellent, the cracks on his foundation also becoming a bit more faint. He believed that once he broke into the Self Severing Realm, the injuries could be healed.


Suddenly, an expanse of mist rose from within his body. It was extremely dazzling, as if a barbaric dragon was bashing and crashing about. It scattered within the hundreds of bones within his four limbs, spreading to every part of his body.

The harvesting of human body great medicine, Shi Hao’s exchange of blood was complete. However, right now, this type of irregular scene appeared again. It was extremely shocking.

Shi Hao examined his own body. His eyes erupted with light, he knew what this was. He never expected that at this crucial point, it would join in on the action! However, this was definitely a good thing!

Supreme being blood!

At this moment, his supreme being blood became resplendent, like streak after streak of veins and arteries, linking up the inside of his body. It was powerful and forceful, also using this rebirth process to evolve.

This blood was a lot richer than before, spreading towards every part of his body. Moreover, when it merged with the immortal mist, surging violently, it actually released thunderous rumbling noises, strong and full of power.

Then, all of the supreme being blood flowed in reverse, condensing into one sphere, gathering in his chest. It became a fist-sized sphere of light, as if it was about to produce something.

This left Shi Hao stunned. Could it be that it was going to produce a piece of bone?!

He was hoping that this type of blood could nurture his entire body, and not just a piece of bone. Of course, if it could produce another supreme being bone, bring him another unmatched precious method, then that would be even better.

“Unfortunately…” Shi Hao sighed, discovering that he overthought things.

Even though this lump of blood was gathering, releasing powerful life force, about to produce something, in the end, it still lacked maturity. In the end, that sun-like sphere exploded, scattering once more throughout his entire body.

This made all of his blood energy surge. His original divine blood seemed to have obtained more ‘muscles and bone’, becoming stronger and more bold!

“I am going to consolidate my foundation a bit more, and then rush into the Self Severing Realm!” Shi Hao said quietly. It was because he discovered that after absorbing the golden pool’s mysterious substance, it made his supreme being blood suddenly revive. If he continued to absorb tis, perhaps there would be other pleasant surprises.

Of course, his attitude was just to try it out. It would be good if he got something, but even if he didn’t, then there was no loss.

Moo… In the outside world, a bull cry sounded. Shi Hao opened his eyes. He leapt out, preparing to leave the underground cave.

He released a light sigh. What a pity, that golden bull was nearby, if he continued, he would most likely be in danger.

Shi Hao didn’t reveal the slightest bit of hesitation. He collected quite a bit of the golden liquid, and then like an afterimage, quickly rushed out. Then, he chose an area, entered the ground, and then wished to leave through earth movement techniques.

In the distance was a foot long golden bull, its entire body covered in blood. After some hesitation, it stood on a mountain peak, giving the direction Shi Hao left towards a look.

Not one drop of the blood on its body belonged to itself. Ecliptic Immortal Gold wasn’t something Self Release Realm cultivators could damage at all. Their attacks were completely ineffective on unmatched immortal materials.

This blood all came from that great cultivator. He fled with everything he had, nine deaths one life. If not for that cultivator having ample combat experience, inconceivably fast, he would have died a long time ago.

Despite this being the case, that Self Release Realm cultivator was still half crippled, his entire body’s bones broken, body covered in injuries. Only half of his body remained.

Right now, he hid precisely in this region, hiding inside of a volcano, buried in the magma, not moving at all, withdrawing all of his aura.

He was truly terrified of that golden bull to the extreme, there wasn’t a trace of hope for victory. The other party was unmoved, unaffected no matter how he attacked.

Right at this time, Shi Hao moved stealthily, moving through the earth. He arrived before this volcano. He knew that golden bull was extraordinary, which was why he wanted to find a hidden place to hide himself.

Inside the volcano, magma surged. The temperature was terrifyingly high, the bright red lava continuously rising and falling, perfect for fully concealing oneself.

Shi Hao entered the volcano through the earth, rushing into the brilliant red magma. As soon as he entered, he felt like something wasn’t right!

There was another creature here, moreover one that was extremely strong!

At this moment, the Self Release Realm cultivator’s fine hairs stood on end. Even though the temperature here was terrifyingly high, he still felt a chill. After entering here, he completely sealed up everything, not letting a trace of his own energy leave, to the extent where he even restrained his spiritual perception, not releasing it out of fear of the golden bull finding out.

However, right now, the magma surged, a creature entering. He thought that the golden bull had slaughtered its way over.


He immediately turned around to leave, not wishing to hide at all. As a result, he immediately discovered with shock that the ‘golden bull’ who entered also turned around, leaving quickly.

The great cultivator’s divine senses were released, no longer restrained. He immediately knew who it was, instantly erupting with rage. It was actually Huang who scared him to this extent!

He felt a sense of humiliation, he was actually frightened badly by a younger generation. At the same time, he recalled that this was a great enemy of the young generation of this era, making him immediately become vicious, wishing to smash Shi Hao to death here.

Shi Hao cursed his own misfortune. He had just come out of seclusion, yet he encountered a Self Release Realm great cultivator. Moreover, he didn’t even have time to advance into the Self Severing Realm yet, so facing this type of person would naturally only end in disaster.


Shi Hao escaped outwards, directly smashing his palm into the volcano’s walls. The volcano broke apart, magma surging. Not only did it rush into the sky, it also spilled out in all directions, covering this place in a scarlet red expanse.

A disturbance on this level naturally alarmed the golden bull. It released a moo cry, then spread its hooves, crazily charging over.

“Little bastard!” The Self Release Realm cultivator was furious and resentful. This young generation really was vicious, this decisive, directly attracting the golden bull, not hesitating to end in mutual destruction.

The great cultivator’s eyes flashed with a vicious light. Even if the golden bull was slaughtering its way over, he still didn’t want to let Shi Hao go. A large hand covered everything like the sky.


Shi Hao retaliated, rushing out with the Everlasting sword Core in his hands. Lightning erupted between the two like a waterfall, rumbling intensely.

The Everlasting Sword Core shone, enduring too great of a pressure. It never proactively attacked, but it could passively defend. It became incomparably resplendent, murderous light overflowing.

The great cultivator was shocked. He didn’t even truly touch this sword core, yet his palm already cracked, blood flowing out.

However, Shi Hao wasn’t in that good of a situation either. His body suffered a heavy blow. Even with some distance between the two, he was slapped by a wave of boundless divine force, blood spat out from his body as he crazily flew out.

He was a like a leaf that was wilting away, unable to control his body. He was blasted out of this volcanic region.

The Self Release Realm cultivator was stunned. This younger generation didn’t directly explode? In his opinion, this was something simply inconceivable, could be considered a miracle.

It was because if a Self Release Realm cultivator wanted to kill a Void Dao Realm cultivator, it was simply too easy. They could kill them with just a raise of their hand.

Just how much of a monster was this young generation? He received the palm of a Self Release Realm cultivator, actually not dying on the spot, only spitting out a bit of blood. This was a bit ridiculous!

Shi Hao’s blood surged. Just now, he was that close to exploding. He believed that if it wasn’t for this instance of rebirth being complete enough, he would have directly died just now.

Despite this being the case, his flesh was still contorting, continuously shaking, only calming down after a long time. The essence blood within his body rumbled, reducing the damage he took just now to the lowest amount possible.

With this body, who was he scared of? As long as he broke through to a higher level, he could completely look down on this world, show disdain towards creatures at his level, or even a level higher.


The golden bull roared, rushing forward, attacking both individuals. It released two barbaric bull sound waves!

Shi Hao immediately turned around to run, not staying behind. He didn’t wish to fight this golden bull. He already roughly knew about the golden bull’s origins, if he was still killed like this, then it really wouldn’t be worthwhile.

Fortunately, the golden bull didn’t chase after him, instead targeting the Self Release Realm great cultivator. It was because in the golden bull’s opinion, powerful creatures possessed greater threat.

The foreign great cultivator’s expression became bitter. He felt like things really were just too unlucky. He began to run for his life again.

Soon afterwards, his body was pierced by a streak of golden light. Several bones were broken, separating from his body, there was even less of a need to talk about his flesh, everything falling.

“That brat clearly had great dao injuries just before, how could he have recovered so quickly? From the looks of it, he should have cultivated in seclusion nearby, startled awake by the golden bull’s roar.” The great cultivator pondered while fleeing for his life.

Shi Hao left this place. Soon afterwards, he encountered foreign young cultivators.

“It’s Huang, he is over there! His entire body is covered in blood, just like the reports after all! He is seriously injured, almost can’t hold on already!”

“Don’t let him escape. We were the ones who discovered him first, we’ll take his head and bring it back for recognition! If we move any later, He Ziming or Fearless Lion are going to arrive, and then it’ll have nothing to do with us.”

Someone cried out, because they knew that even the Gu Clan who was ranked alongside the True Dragon even came, to the extent where there was an emperor race young great one who personally came. If they really caught up, then they would have no choice but to step down, greet and welcome them. What merit would be left for them then?

“Do you think I’m some dying cat?” Shi Hao’s eyes flickered with brilliance, directly facing them.


Right now, he went all out, not holding back at all. A Lightning Pool Imprint appeared before his brows, taking form, quickly enlarging.

This pool became a hundred zhang tall, immediately covering everything, wishing to collect everyone here.

“No! Wasn’t Huang dying? How could he be this powerful?” These people were all greatly shocked.


Multicolored light flickered. They were collected inside. These eight individuals roared, activating their weapons, operating ancestral methods, attacking with full power, wishing to leave.

As a result, lightning radiance flickered, it was as if heaven and earth collapsed. The lightning pool shrunk, and then with a great shake, all of the people and weapons inside were crushed to dust, bodies and spirits extinguished.


Shi Hao released a cold snort, turning around to leave.

Hou… In the distance, a lion’s roar sounded. When the lion heard this disturbance, he quickly rushed over.

Shi Hao remained fearless, taking the initiative to rush in that direction. Now that he came out of seclusion, what he wanted to do right now was precisely to unleash a great slaughter. Even though these creatures wanted to surround him, what was the point of putting on any appearances now? He was going to wipe them all out.

This was a lion, its entire body resplendent with golden light, incredibly valiant, body like a small mountain. It had just rushed out from the mountain depths powerful and heroic, its mane completely golden, thick and long, about to reach the ground.

“Fearless Lion?” Shi Hao’s eyes narrowed.

“What? You are that Huang?” This lion stared at him, its golden pupils resplendent, carrying killing intent. It directly charged over.

“There is a clump of white hair in your chest, not a pure-blooded Fearless Lion who retraced its ancestry. You are not enough!” Shi Hao said coldly.

Soon afterwards, a world-shaking lion roar sounded inside the mountain range, throwing all of the creatures in Divine Medicine Mountain Range into panic. The earth quaked and mountains shook, rocks tumbling about.

“Not good, an expert from the Fearless Lion bloodline fell!” Someone turned pale from fright.

A moment later, a group of experts rushed into this mountain range, seeing the Fearless Lion’s skeletal remains, its blood dyeing the forest, fur scattered across the mountain wall. There were many crushed bones.

“Huang, I am going to personally kill you!” There were three golden lions within this group, one of them said this ferociously.

Meanwhile, right at this time, in the mountain depths, there was a creature who walked over, eyes flickering about, as if it had returned to ancient times, treading on years past, moving across the long river of history.

It was too divine and heroic, incomparable, entire body golden as if cast from Immortal Gold. It was dazzling and brilliant. A layer of divine light burned around its body, surrounding it.

Everyone knew that this was the one who retraced its ancestry, the true Fearless Lion. It actually really personally came, it wasn’t just a rumor, there really was this type of creature!

It didn’t say anything, only walking a circle around this place. After giving the battle traces a look, it left without saying a word.

At the same time, Shi Hao returned to that underground cave again, wishing to carry out a final breakthrough. However, he discovered that Self Release Realm great cultivator also entered, actually finding this place.

The only fortunate thing was that this time, the great cultivator didn’t notice him.

“What kind of place is this? There is a golden pool! Heavens, a precious pool created through the methods of a heaven-defying existence? No wonder that brat revived, turns out the secret was in this place. Haha, this truly is great natural luck! I profited from disaster, perhaps I can become a true supreme being in this place!” He almost went crazy, because this unexpected discovery left him too happy.

Shi Hao silently withdrew, his gaze ice-cold, inwardly sneering. This person had to be killed, he couldn’t be allowed to soak in the golden liquid. At the same time, this was perfect for revenge!

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