Chapter 1454

Chapter 1454 - Human Furnace Great Medicine

The marrow cleansing began. Shi Hao sat there without moving, his body trembling. He felt as if he was going to fall weak onto the ground!

This was a continuous process. He thought that it was about to end, but he discovered that this was just the first wave. Soon afterwards, the second wave arrived.

The bright red bone marrow was scarlet like divine diamonds, releasing auspicious multicolored light. It flowed slowly, washing his bones, cleansing his pure white bone matter, making every bone even better.

In the very beginning, what Shi Hao experienced was a relaxed feeling, his pores expanding, essence energy rushing in and out. It was as if warm spring water brushed his body, refreshing his mind.

However, soon afterwards, he experienced intense pain. His bone marrow transformed, deepening greater. That bright red and replete liquid turned into a small dragon, raising its head and roaring within his body.

Every bone in his body was like this. Streak after streak of sparkling and brilliant little dragons moved about within the bone matter, appearing more and more holy.

Then, every single scarlet red little dragon brandished its tail, smashing against the bone walls, bodies thrashing about.

His bone marrow was moving chaotically!

His bones had already transformed once, healing after splitting apart. However, they now broke down inch by inch again collapsing once more, immediately making Shi Hao fall weak onto the ground.

Fortunately, he had powerful divine force, supporting his flesh that lost its bones, maintaining a seated posture. Otherwise, he would have directly turned into a pile of mush.

This wasn’t a disaster, but rather great natural luck!

As his bone marrow transformed, changing from the deepest level, all of the bones transformed again, carrying out a true rebirth.

He could see that many of the shattered bones were stirring about, releasing a sonorous noise like that of a war song. As ka ka sounds rang out, the bones continuously shattered.

Eventually, the bone material became increasingly sparkling white, becoming like fine white jade. They were accompanied by immoral mist, releasing an aura that didn’t belong to the mortal world. It was as if a solitary immortal exchanged his bones.

A great rebirth was being carried out.

His bone marrow was rich with immortal energy, releasing waves of thin smoke. Scarlet liquid rose and fell, soaking the crushed bones!


Finally, this step was almost finished. The broken bones reconnected, every bone like sparkling white immortal stone. Immortal energy pervaded outwards.

However, there were some crushed bones that weren’t connected. They were dried-up and withered, becoming a bit gray. These were dregs that were cast aside.


Shi Hao’s body split apart, some shattered bones directly released into the golden pool water. This scene was a bit terrifying.

It was because this type of transformation was too intense, unimaginable. It wasn’t done bit by bit, but rather forcefully and powerfully, completed in one go.

Who would have thought that bones would transform like this, directly coming off, for bones to be exchanged in such a cruel way!

The golden pool surged, the divine matter within rushing towards Shi Hao’s flesh, complementing his deficiencies, repairing his broken bones and other things, ensuring the completion of the rebirth.

Inside of Shi Hao’s body, precious bones were reconstructed, remodeled, refined a hundred times over. Finally, the transformation was complete. They were accompanied by immortal mist, divine and inviolable.

After the bone marrow and bones evolved to the present flawless state, it still didn’t end, but rather started up again. The bone marrow rumbled, bone material like a fiery red furnace, refining the unmatched immortal liquid.

Right now, this bone marrow, for Shi Hao, was equivalent to the most effective supreme being fluid, possessing unimaginable miraculous effects.

After the bone matter was refined, it turned into a divine furnace, starting to smelt the bones. The bone marrow released a unique fragrance from within, truly like a human furnace great medicine!

He was going to exchange blood, all of his essence blood about to be exchanged!

It was because the bone marrow had already been transformed, already flawless. Right now, it should be a divine blood alteration, about to be exchanged.

This was an inconceivable scene. Shi Hao’s flesh was transparent, all of his pure white bones becoming indistinct, From the distance, it looked like he had more than two hundred pieces of bones in his body, forming pure white furnace bodies one after another, within them a burning white flame.

This was precisely an irregular scene, as well as a true reaction.

A bone became a furnace body, a clump of immortal mist forming a flame. Within the furnace was bone marrow, refined like this, turned into human body great medicine.

There had always been a saying in immortal dao itself, that external great medicines would always be external goods, even if the best long life immortal medicines were picked, they would still be external goods. They could be used for oneself, but they would never truly alter one’s fate.

Meanwhile, the human body great medicine was different, it could change one’s life. If it was refined to the peak, the effects wouldn’t be any inferior to long life medicines.

Of course, this required a deeper level cultivation. The higher one’s cultivation realm went, the greater the quality of human body great medicine that could be gathered would be, eventually reaching an unimaginable level.

An aloof immortal harvested his own great medicine, if this really succeeded, then it would definitely be an unmatched immortal medicine!

Right now, Shi Hao was precisely harvesting medicine. For his current cultivation realm, this was a bit inconceivable. He actually harvested rare precious medicine that exceeded his current cultivation realm!

In the mortal realm, not many creatures could harvest their own great medicine!

It was because an extremely high cultivation realm was needed as protection.


Shi Hao’s body shone. In that instant, keng qiang noises rang out continuously, one could see many white bone divine furnaces open. Furnace lids were opened one after another, multicolored light spreading outwards, a fragrance wafting over.

The human body great medicine was done, about to be released through his body.

Sure enough, blood radiance overflowed, a fragrance spreading throughout. Shi Hao began to exchange his blood.

This time, the human body great medicine he harvested was his bone marrow. Each time, the harvested things would be different, so the results would naturally become different as well.

Bone marrow can create blood, which was why right now, his divine blood surged.


At this moment, the scene was a bit terrifying. Shi Hao’s skin was scarlet red, streak after streak of blood arrows rushing out of his body. Then, all of his pores became like this, oozing out blood.

In that instant, all of his blood seemed to have been forced out, completely discharged. Only a hazy immortal mist remained, filling his blood vessels, spreading.

There was nothing more intense than this. If it was a normal person, their entire body’s blood lost, they would definitely fall. Even for a cultivator like Shi Hao, his expression still turned pale.


His white bones all trembled. All of the pure white furnace bodies shone, releasing bright red and translucent blood radiance.


Immediately afterwards, blood splashed out again. It was dark red and sparkling, as if a long river was surging in his body. It immediately replenished the divine blood he lost earlier.

Shi Hao’s body was hazy, surrounded by immortal mist, wrapped within divine light. A deep level great rebirth was coming to a close. This process went extremely smoothly.

After taking some more time to recover, replenish the boundless divine might he needed, Shi Hao could break through, enter a higher great cultivation realm.

His strength was about to increase greatly!

Meanwhile, Divine Medicine Mountain Range wasn’t calm, many things happening. It was because that golden bull had been roaring this entire time, chasing the foreign experts.

The Self Release Realm great cultivator almost died, his body in tatters, white bones fractured, fleeing for his life. He wanted to escape the mountain range several times, but in the end, he was forced back by the Iron Blood Ancient Trees and others.

At the same time, the other young creatures were also in a miserable state, some of them were killed brutally. After the golden bull caught up, their bodies were impaled by its horns, some exploding from its roars.

At this point, the foreign cultivators were nervous. There were a few youngsters who avoided the Iron Blood Ancient Trees and ancient blood vine, successfully fleeing, delivering reports.

The great cultivators outside were shocked, and then their faces fell. There were more people who entered the mountains, and this time, they brought secret treasures, wishing to deal with the golden bull, and then cut down Shi Hao.

The top ten young experts’ number one, He Ziming, appeared. He personally arrived in Divine Medicine Mountain Range. He already declared that he was going to kill Huang alone.

Apart from this, the Fearless Lion race sent out a few formidable experts, one of them even more so retracing his ancestry. This creature surged with golden radiance, his power suppressing his peers, also appearing here.

This was a creature from the ancient monk bloodline, defecting to the foreign side in the past. This clan possessed unmatched potential, all of them astonishingly terrifying.

This was especially the case when one retraced their ancestry, known to possess the so-called golden bloodline. Once this creature grew up, his strength would match the buddha, able to kill immortal monk kings!

Then, there were other news that spread. The Gu Clan’s young supreme being also hurried over, entering the mountain range, not fearing this land of death. He wanted to search for natural luck, at the same time eliminate Huang.

The Gu Clan used to be ranked within the vicious ten. Back then, it had fought the True Dragon continuously without being defeated. This was one of the world’s most powerful races!

The clan destroyed space with one hand and time with the other, grasping both space and time. This was an unmatched ability, no one daring to look down on them, all of them in great fear.

Even in the foreign side, the Gu Clan’s status was extraordinary. Even though they defected from the Nine Heavens’ side, they were still revered by the foreign clans, no one daring to look down on them.

“This time, Huang is definitely dead. There is a senior who came, he will get rid of this golden bull!”

“There is a young great one from an Emperor Clan who came here as well. If he takes action, it would be unimaginable! No matter how powerful Huang is, he will still die!’

Outside Divine Medicine Mountain Range, the foreign young cultivators paced about, all of them excited and moved, because there were too many experts who came in.

For the sake of Huang alone, the Gu Clan, and even someone from an Emperor Clan arrived here. With them here, what couldn’t they prevail over?

Moreover, they believed that even if the older generation figures didn’t come out, just the younger generation alone would be enough to truly suppress Huang, defeat him.

At the same time, Imperial Pass couldn’t calm down either, some major events happening.

“There is a traitor in Emperor City who communicated with the other side! We need to find this person.”

“See who didn’t return to Imperial Pass. This person actually dares to sell out a great secret to the enemy!”

Wu, is that so? If I recall correctly, this time, after the Desolate Border great battle, there are some youngsters who didn’t return!”

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