Chapter 1453

Chapter 1453 - Immortal Energy Evolution

Shi Hao’s mind was completely clear, forgetting about everything else, the only thing that remained were his thoughts towards the dao. He lingered about an incredibly mysterious state!

He sat within the golden pool water, concentrated on comprehending, experiencing, trying to figure out a way to remove the origin energy, make it a part of himself. This was related to his dao fruit.

Above him, three great dao flowers bloomed, and then wilted. Two indistinct small figures appeared. From start until now, that streak of origin energy didn’t fade, becoming patterns, binding itself around the second creature’s body.

Thus, the second little person became silent, no longer moving, unable to speak, only able to sit there, sealed firmly like a dried-up stake.

Shi Hao was thinking about how to break through this method. If he could free this little person, his strength would increase substantially!

This was an extremely terrifying matter. The second creature was in charge of killing, just the bit of power it displayed before was already enough to display its power.

Apart from this, he was also thinking about how to increase his current cultivation to the greatest extent possible.

He still didn’t enter the ‘Self Severing’ great cultivation realm, always suppressing it. However now, his strength was still increasing.

This didn’t really match...

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