Chapter 1453

Chapter 1453 - Immortal Energy Evolution

Shi Hao’s mind was completely clear, forgetting about everything else, the only thing that remained were his thoughts towards the dao. He lingered about an incredibly mysterious state!

He sat within the golden pool water, concentrated on comprehending, experiencing, trying to figure out a way to remove the origin energy, make it a part of himself. This was related to his dao fruit.

Above him, three great dao flowers bloomed, and then wilted. Two indistinct small figures appeared. From start until now, that streak of origin energy didn’t fade, becoming patterns, binding itself around the second creature’s body.

Thus, the second little person became silent, no longer moving, unable to speak, only able to sit there, sealed firmly like a dried-up stake.

Shi Hao was thinking about how to break through this method. If he could free this little person, his strength would increase substantially!

This was an extremely terrifying matter. The second creature was in charge of killing, just the bit of power it displayed before was already enough to display its power.

Apart from this, he was also thinking about how to increase his current cultivation to the greatest extent possible.

He still didn’t enter the ‘Self Severing’ great cultivation realm, always suppressing it. However now, his strength was still increasing.

This didn’t really match normal reasoning. His cultivation realm didn’t change, but his cultivation was still advancing, his strength increasing substantially, this could be considered a terrifying transformation.

This was the embodiment of the dao foundation being extremely sturdy, to become unmatched in one’s own level!

From past until now, there were always some powerful overlords whose auras enveloped mountains and rivers, individuals who were extremely ambitious. Suppressing themselves like this during their growth process, reaching the absolute limit in a certain cultivation realm!

In reality, Shi Hao had always been doing this, becoming the most powerful in every single cultivation realm. It couldn’t be said that there were none before him who did this, but he wouldn’t be inferior to others.

Meanwhile, there were some cultivation realms in which he indeed truly surpassed the ancient times’ heroic individuals, for example, the Heavenly Passage Realm, the only one to have taken it this far, taking all of the past people’s experiences and speculations, truly refining ten heavenly passages back to one!

This time, Shi Hao could have long risen into the Self Severing Realm, but he always suppressed himself, precisely for the sake of this type of raising his strength to the absolute limit. He wanted to become the most powerful!


In that instant, Shi Hao felt an intense pain. Three great dao flowers all bloomed, turning into immortal energy. The two small figures disappeared, entering his body with immortal mist.

Shi Hao seized the origin energy, wishing to separate it, restrict it, and then refine it.

Unfortunately, he failed. That origin energy couldn’t be grasped, it couldn’t be moved at all. It was like a miniature wild dragon, extraordinarily strong, directly struggling free.

Moreover, the origin energy wrapped around a granule of light speck. When he examined it carefully, the inside of that speck was like an immortal dome. There was a small figure sitting there, locked up by the origin energy within.

Shi Hao sighed. This origin energy was difficult to deal with after all, he couldn’t struggle free.

This time, he failed. Even after trying several times, he couldn’t do anything.


Shi Hao extracted the Everlasting Immortal Sword, taking it into his own body. He displayed a great divine ability, shrinking it to the size of an inch, using it to cut that origin energy!

Unfortunately, it was still ineffective. Right now, the origin energy was like regular mist, moving about. No matter how it was hacked at, it couldn’t be damaged in the slightest.

Moreover, later on, it even more so merged with that little figure, becoming impossible to differentiate. If he continued to cut at it, the second creature would definitely be cut down first.

Shi Hao tried to think of a way, but discovered that he was helpless, he couldn’t do anything to the origin energy.


Another great quake sounded. The three great dao flowers reappeared above Shi Hao’s head, blossoming once more. The two small figures sat on top, mysterious and distant, powerful and profound, impossible to see through.

This time, Shi Hao raised his left hand, his finger like a sword, condensing a magical art. With a chi sound, a streak of dark red divine radiance shot out from his forefinger, incredibly sharp, actually possessing immortal killing might.

The nearby void collapsed, pierced through.

Shi Hao carefully controlled this wave of dark red light, approaching the second creature, trying to cut down that streak of origin energy.


Unexpectedly, this time, it was like two immortal swords hacking at each other, sparks flying in all directions. Moreover, there was heaven overflowing might surging, making even the Ecliptic Stone in the surrounding shake. They released ga beng ga beng noises, continuously cracking apart.

Yi?” Shi Hao was shocked. He was only testing things out, never expecting the immortal killing guillotine’s essence could actually affect the origin energy.


He continued, hacking forward again. The dark red divine radiance descended, and then in the end, it released metal vibrating sound again, as if an immortal sword was crying out.

Shi Hao continuously hacked at it. The dark red divine radiance could face the origin energy after all, having a bit of use.

Unfortunately, in the end, no matter how he hacked at it, this was all it achieved, unable to cut through the origin energy. When it was soft, it was like water, when it was hard, it was superior to Immortal Gold.

“There’s nothing I can do.” Shi Hao felt helpless. He momentarily couldn’t think of other methods, this origin energy was unimaginable.

Perhaps it truly was as Great Elder said, in the end, the origin energy would only cut at his true body, ruin all of his so-called dao fruit. Right now, there were already some signs of this.

At the same time, he also understood how heaven-defying this thing was, not even the immortal killing guillotine’s essence able to deal with it. If he could refine it, it would definitely be a heaven-defying opportunity!

Shi Hao calmed down, no longer paying attention to the origin energy, instead reflecting over this time’s gains and losses.

He obtained the origin energy again, and then produced the second creature, making his cultivation increase, this was the greatest benefit. Unfortunately, the second creature could originally display tremendous power, but it was then suppressed by the origin energy.

“I obtained it, but then indirectly lost it, a gain and a loss, it should be considered a neutral event.” Shi Hao released a light sigh.

Of course, this was after overlooking the origin energy’s harmful effects.

“I won’t think about so much, I’ll focus on cultivating for now. If my fighting strength isn’t enough, I can just enter the Self Severing Realm!”

He sat in the pool of golden liquid, continuing his cultivation, forgetting about everything else. He began to crazily absorb the divine matter within, using it to nourish his body and soul.

He felt that if he smoothly broke through himself, perhaps his great dao source injuries would also be healed along the way. By using that breakthrough, he would undergo a deeper level evolution, compensate for the cracks in his foundation!

“Currently, I mainly focused on cultivating Immortal Ancient methods, so I’ll just stick with it and initiate the breakthrough!” Shi Hao set his resolution.

He produced a jade book, silently chanting scriptures. The ancient characters seemed to have come alive, leaping into his mind, covering his body surface, forming patterns.

Immortal Ancient Great Era’s system were scriptures left behind by powerful immortal dao beings. Scripture sounds appeared inside and outside the body, earsplitting and incredibly divine.

It was as if Shi Hao had a layer of immortal armor covering his body, bright and dazzling.

Inside his body, the three streaks of immortal energy scattered, distributing uniformly throughout the various parts of his body, including his five viscera and six bowels, even into his bone marrow.

Even though his great dao flowers had already bloomed, according to the immortal scriptures’ recording, those were rootless flowers. If this continued, then they would wither away, unable to reach the peak.


This pool of water began to boil, divine light brilliant. Streak after streak of radiance were extracted, quickly entering Shi Hao’s body, entering every inch of his flesh.

This type of substance could allow the golden bull to be reborn. This was brought about by immortal methods!

That was why it could nurture even immortal energy, precious liquid one couldn’t find, every single drop would make people go crazy.

Shi Hao cultivated for several years, but never discovered any substance that was especially effective in nurturing immortal energy. However, here, he discovered a mysterious ancient pool that could nourish even origin energy, making it grow, so it was naturally effective for the three streaks of immortal energy as well.

That was why the three streaks of immortal energy became tens of thousands of strands, becoming extremely fine, merging with his body. They were all weak strands of light, swimming about, absorbing the mysterious power in the immortal pool.

The pool boiled, the most effective substance entered Shi Hao’s body, transformed into fine energy radiance by the three streaks of immortal energy before being absorbed.


The void trembled. Shi Hao was also shaken. His body underwent a wonderful transformation.

After the three streaks of immortal energy scattered, they were like dandelion seeds, fluttering about everywhere, taking root in the suitable ‘soil’, and then starting their growth.

Even after Shi Hao worked extremely hard, he was still unable to make the immortal energy grow roots and germinate within his body, previously only doing it locally. Now, it was as if spring arrived, the great earth filled with vitality, gushing with powerful life force.

“This pool is too heaven-defying, able to revive origin energy, and also able to nurture the three streaks of immortal energy, saving me several years of effort!”

Shi Hao gave this type of analysis. If it was at his current cultivation speed, it would take at least a few years to accomplish the current results. This was just too crazy!

Right now, he almost didn’t really believe that the three streaks of immortal energy broke down into tens of thousands of dandelion-like seeds, taking root in his body, completely evolving.

Inside of Shi Hao’s body, all different parts were full of vitality, as if dried soil obtained the nourishment of sweet due, withered land starting to become verdant with life.


Within Shi Hao’s five viscera, fine immortal energy seeds were exceptionally concentrated, like saplings that broke out of the soil. They grew all over his inner organs, immortal energy concentrated, the strands becoming stronger one after another.

His inner organs were pierced through, to the extent where they were even torn apart, seriously injuring him. However, immortal energy pervaded, multicolored light flickered about. Soon afterwards, the five viscera healed again, moreover becoming sparkling and brilliant!

This was a type of transformation. The five viscera, after merging with immortal energy, condensing, becoming one body, they became increasingly sturdy.


It was as if Shi Hao’s bones had been tempered, beaten to pieces. Then, immortal energy sprouted, streak after streak of cracks appearing on the surface, clearly immortal energy spreading, merging with his bones.

The suffering was only momentary. His bones were evolving, quickly healing!

This was an adjustment, and also a type of transformation, making his bones even more extraordinary. Hazy radiance flowed about, not looking like a human skeletons, but more like the first signs of immortal bones.

Meanwhile, the most important thing was that he was walking the path of extreme on this path to begin with, charging with the most powerful stance, and not purely trying to increase his cultivation level.


Like a great river roaring, a mountain flood surging, this type of sound rang from the very depths of the earth.

It was because Shi Hao’s body underwent a further step of transformation. In his bones and his blood red bone marrow, immortal energy took root, quickly growing.

All of the bones in his body were resonating, bone marrow shining. It was unknown just how much immortal energy was produced, taking root within.

This type of transformation was the most astonishing. His bone marrow’s color changed, going from a red color to silvery-white, then to a deep purple, immediately afterwards dark blue, later on becoming golden, it was incredibly dazzling.

Afterwards, immortal energy pervaded the air, many seeds growing. They produced roots, merging with bone marrow, making the golden marrow become a red color again.

Only, it became increasingly sparkling, like melted red gemstone, flowing within his bones, the life force flourishing like a sea.

“The legendary marrow cleansing has been completed at this moment!” Shi Hao was moved.

His bone marrow evolved, merging with immortal energy, germinating as a result. The two transformed together, evolving to a perfect level!

This was a true marrow cleansing. It would lead to a transformation in every part of his body. Without a doubt, Shi Hao was like a phoenix reborn in flames, carrying out a deeper level of great rebirth!

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