Chapter 1452

Chapter 1452 - Second Creature

There was another creature!

Shi Hao was absent-minded. He didn’t see what kind of form it was, because in that instant, his entire being was dumbstruck, mind going on a mental journey, momentarily losing control over his senses.

In the end, the keng qiang noise transmitted outwards. The middle great dao flower fully bloomed, multicolored light overflowing, erupting like a volcano, dyieng the sky dome in brilliance.

At this moment, Shi Hao’s entire body was full of power, as if he immediately experienced extreme profound mysteries, his fighting strength erupting crazily!

Zheng zheng zheng...

After that flower bloomed, every flower petal was sparkling and divine, releasing ear-splitting noises. The flower petals were captivating and beautiful, this scene was too shocking.

Even the underground world became brilliant, the radiance seeped into the depths of the earth, and then it rushed through the surface, illuminating this entire Divine Medicine Mountain Range.

The radiance pierced through the mountains and rivers!

This type of scene was extremely horrifying, making one feel shocked over this. The various types of ancient beasts and vicious birds in the mountain range all trembled. They laid on the ground, as if they were facing a monarch, their souls trembling.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao himself was also alarmed, great waves surging within him. Right now, he felt extremely special, as if he possessed endless power, released from within him, circulating about.

Using the body as a seed, his body as the gate, endless light erupting. This was cultivation, it was power, he felt himself becoming incomparably strong!

At this moment, it was as if a single fist could blast through this great world!

This type of powerful feeling continued, making him feel as if he was at the very peak. In a daze, he felt as if he overlooked all of time, watching unmatched existences emerge one after another.

Shi Hao didn’t act impetuously, nor did he go crazy. Instead, he remained extremely calm, examining everything about himself.

He could clearly feel power surging within his body, his cultivation advancing. However, all of it concentrated towards that great dao flower on his head, entering that little person’s body.

All of this concentrated towards that indistinct little person, absorbed by it, as if a dao fruit was forming, producing a real golden body!

Shi Hao frowned, but then he relaxed again. It was because with just a thought, he could grasp everything. The creature on the central great dao flower seemed to be one with him, the two jointly owning everything. There was no need for any worry.

This was completely different from the first great dao flower’s creature!

The first creature remained indistinct the entire time, extremely distant, as if existing in the past. It didn’t exist in the same great era as himself, as if it existed before the opening of heaven and earth.

Each time Shi Hao tried to communicate with it, it would result in failure. It was as if endless time separated the two, impossible for him to touch it, unreachable.

The two were separated, the river of time itself separating them. He could only look at it from afar, the two unable to truly meet.

However, he knew that cultivating that creature didn’t bring any harm to him. When he was crossing tribulation last time, faced with the immortal killing guillotine, it was precisely that creature that took that blade in his place!


The great dao flower moved, trembling again.

On that central flower, multicolored light erupted in ten thousand streaks, thousands of streaks of auspicious brilliance blossoming, passing through the underground world and rushing out of the surface. It dyed the mountains and rivers red, actually looking like blood radiance, carrying killing intent!

It seemed to be in charge of fighting, in charge of killing, representing unmatched fighting strength!

Then, the scarlet multicolored light became a dim gold color. Faint purple energy appeared again, several types of bright colors interweaving, the murderous intent also possessing great power, aloof and remote.

The bones within Shi Hao’s body were all shaking, releasing pi pa sounds, resonating, being grinded, evolving, becoming even sturdier and more powerful than before.

He was becoming stronger!

He tempered his dao foundation, improved his bones and flesh. The gates within his body appeared one after another, releasing mysterious power to nourish the various parts of his entire body.

This was especially the case with the Sea of Reincarnation, becoming the place where the gates gathered.

“Only by using the body as the seed can this step be reached. If I want to establish a new system, others cannot reach my level by following my path. I need to establish another path.”

Shi Hao released a light sigh. If others were to imitate him, it would be too difficult to carry out. His path, for others, were broken paths.

He shook his head, deciding not to think about all of this. He himself hadn’t truly reached the peak yet, and the road ahead was still too far. It was pointless to think about all of this.

This time, the reason why he could stir on the blossoming of a great dao flower, produce a second creature, was largely related to this golden pool!

It was because this was something brought about by an immortal, a precious pool possibly prepared specifically for the revival of the golden bull. He began to seriously suspect that the golden bull might have been reborn!

It was precisely because of this that the origin energy that originally should’ve scattered condensed once again, moreover taking form, now completely stabilizing.

The three strands of immortal energy also became stronger because of this, especially the second streak, receiving unimaginable nourishment, this was why it could ‘blossom into fruit’.

The only regretful thing was that the injuries to his source only slightly improved, still existing, difficult to get rid of. This was a huge problem.

“It shouldn’t affect my life and death, and within the short term, shouldn’t affect my actions either.” Shi Hao said to himself.

His entire body relaxed, every pore released essence light. It was because it couldn’t be sealed at all, this pool being too extraordinary. His body continuously derived essence, currently accepting a type of essence baptism!

“En?” Suddenly, Shi Hao was shocked. That strand of origin energy rushed out, rising from the Sea of Reincarnation, climbing along his vertebra like a great dragon.


Shi Hao felt as if he couldn’t hold on anymore. A mysterious wave of power erupted from his vertebra.

With a hurried glance, he saw many gates on his vertebra, one on every single node, all of them opening. This was an extremely important hidden threshold, if he could open all of the gates, the benefits would be unimaginable.

This streak of origin energy jumped out like a true dragon. After rushing up his vertebra, it entered his skull, entering his spiritual core, making Shi Hao’s gaze become deep.

At this moment, he thought of too many things. Then, he closed his eyes.

The origin energy spread, not remaining in his skull. It rushed out from the crown on his head, crying out like a dragon, shaking up the heavens above and earth below.

It appeared in the void, and then it directly rushed at the second great dao flower!

“Not good!” Shi Hao opened his eyes with a shua sound, never expecting this streak of origin energy to be this sinister, actually leaving on its own, moreover trying to steal his dao fruit.

Could it be that it really was as the legends said, that origin energy couldn’t be retained, couldn’t be longed after, or else it would be bringing a great disaster onto oneself?

This thing was like fetters, difficult to exploit and transform into an unmatched great natural luck for oneself. In the end, it would bring destruction upon oneself, this was something that had been passed down from generation to generation.

Shi Hao frantically operated his divine might, wishing to move aside. However, that great dao flower released kengqiang sounds, releasing heaven splitting noises like a divine weapon. It was too shocking.

Only, this streak of origin energy was too formidable. It turned into the shape of a True Dragon, rising up, allowing the sparkling flower petals to hack down on itself, completely unaffected!

Sparks flew in all directions. The origin energy was unharmed, actually releasing a metal-like noise. Then, the origin energy directly entered the great dao flower, it couldn't be stopped.


That small figure moved. It was extremely indistinct, the area around it brilliant, the inside dark. It sat in an ancient cave, but at this moment, it opened its eyes, its gaze sharp and intimidating!

Moreover, a terrifying aura pervaded from its body. It was in charge of killing.  Bloody mist pervaded the air, leaving all creatures nearby haken.

Unfortunately, this little figure awakened too late, the origin energy already arriving, binding its body like fetters, incomparably rigid, impossible to break free from.

After a roar, that little person struggled about, standing up, wishing to break the origin energy, not wishing to be restricted.


The surrounding void broke apart inch by inch. The Ecliptic Stone nearby was known as a rare precious material, but in the end, it still cracked apart, turning into powder. This scene was extremely shocking.

One had to understand that Ecliptic Stone was extremely sturdy, even though it couldn’t compare to the Immortal Gold it contained, it was still a divine material. The younger generation creatures couldn’t break it.

However, this little person achieved this, the ripples it released breaking down Ecliptic Stone.

Shi Hao’s expression changed. At the same time, he also exerted force, trying to save this little figure. It was because he felt like that was precisely himself, their relationship close, inseparable.

In the end, he was still a step too late. The origin energy was too strong, binding the little figure tighter and tighter. It was like a barbaric dragon, winding around the little figure’s body, in the end turning into patterns, engraving themselves on its surface.

Shi Hao released a light sigh, feeling a wave of helplessness.

The origin energy was too strong, unmovable, because the three great dao flowers were previously immortal energy. They were all the imprints it left behind, so they were easily restricted by it.

The second little figure was produced by the great dao flower, so it naturally wouldn’t let it go, sealing it up.

That little figure was already sitting down, closing its eyes, cut off from the outside world, not moving. The origin energy was like fetters, tightly binding its body.

“The first figure seems to live in the past, the second living in the present, resonating with me, possesses incomparable fighting strength, yet it suffered a disaster now.” Shi Hao said to himself. His eyes were like an abyss, bottomlessly deep.

“If I can refine origin energy, merge it with my true body…” He was thinking.

Regardless of whether it was the creature on his head or himself, there was one thing that he was sure of, which was that the origin energy was restricting them, able to suppress them.

The three strands of immortal energy formed flowers, in the end, they might all produce creatures. If Shi Hao could refine the origin energy, merge it with himself, he would be able to grasp everything.

After all, the three streaks of immortal energy were produced by the origin energy to begin with, engravings it left behind.

“Was this secretly destined?” Shi Hao narrowed his eyes slightly, essence light erupting.

Breaking down origin energy, refining it into his body until there is no distinction between the two, and then grasp the origin energy to evolve the three streaks of immortal energy, this seemed full of dao charm!

“Starting from one, three to all things.” Shi Hao’s eyes flickered, erupting with extraordinary splendor.

Only, he knew that even though his ideas were good, this might be a road of death. Right now, the second creature on his head already fell into a desperate situation, sealed up.

Origin energy, it couldn’t be controlled!

Shi Hao didn’t believe in the supernatural, wishing to break through legends, refine this origin energy, break it down into nutrients for his true body, merge with it.

He took a deep breath, and then sat down again, starting his secluded cultivation. Right now, he operated the True Primordial Record, wishing to find a way through this most mysterious ancient scripture.

This scripture’s origins were extremely strange, recorded on sparkling bone material, able to turn the decaying into the wonderful, possessing inconceivable power.

When Shi Hao operated the scripture, ten thousand creatures appeared in the surroundings. The True Primordial Record recorded all types of creatures’ ancient methods, imprints, all types of primordial bone texts.

In that instant, Hou, Dragon, Qilin, Peng, as well as other ancient beasts and vicious birds appeared at the same time. Then, all types of birds and beasts, even plants and other things emerged in the void.

Countless creatures, tens of thousands of species surrounded Shi Hao, accompanying this pool, absorbing life energy. They unexpectedly seemed to possess life, about to revive, be reborn.

This was extremely strange, leaving even Shi Hao shocked!

Even though these creatures would appear each time the True Primordial Record was operated, they were made from bone texts after all. How could they possess such vigorous life energy right now?

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