Chapter 1452

Chapter 1452 - Second Creature

There was another creature!

Shi Hao was absent-minded. He didn’t see what kind of form it was, because in that instant, his entire being was dumbstruck, mind going on a mental journey, momentarily losing control over his senses.

In the end, the keng qiang noise transmitted outwards. The middle great dao flower fully bloomed, multicolored light overflowing, erupting like a volcano, dyieng the sky dome in brilliance.

At this moment, Shi Hao’s entire body was full of power, as if he immediately experienced extreme profound mysteries, his fighting strength erupting crazily!

Zheng zheng zheng...

After that flower bloomed, every flower petal was sparkling and divine, releasing ear-splitting noises. The flower petals were captivating and beautiful, this scene was too shocking.

Even the underground world became brilliant, the radiance seeped into the depths of the earth, and then it rushed through the surface, illuminating this entire Divine Medicine Mountain Range.

The radiance pierced through the mountains and rivers!

This type of scene was extremely horrifying, making one feel shocked over this. The various types of ancient beasts and vicious birds in the mountain range all trembled. They laid on the ground, as if they were facing a monarch, their souls trembling.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao himself was also alarmed, great waves...

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