Chapter 1451

Chapter 1451 - Paradise

This daoist definitely wasn’t human, even though he was in human form, he was too short, less than a foot tall. Moreover, the most important thing was that his body was a golden color.

Ecliptic Immortal Gold!

He was also a creature formed from Immortal Gold, just that he was even more powerful, impossible to estimate just how profound his cultivation was, but he definitely stood at the peak of immortal dao.

The daoist had an old-fashioned daoist robe, golden pupils, thin hair and a beard. He was extremely old, even though he was an immortal creature, his body wasn’t that different from flesh and blood, difficult to differentiate unless one looked carefully.

Shi Hao was moved, his soul trembling, body even more so about to break apart. Even though he only glanced at it a few times, it was still extremely difficult for him to endure that type of great pressure.

It was clear that if anyone else came, they would long be shivering, bowing down, unable to resist this might at all.

This old daoist sat in the ruined chariot that was less than a foot in length. He was small, yet possessed unmatched awe. Primal chaos pervaded the air, specks of light flickering about, as if he was sitting at the center of the universe, just the slightest movement could reestablish heaven and earth!

This really was too terrifying. This level of creature...

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