Chapter 1451

Chapter 1451 - Paradise

This daoist definitely wasn’t human, even though he was in human form, he was too short, less than a foot tall. Moreover, the most important thing was that his body was a golden color.

Ecliptic Immortal Gold!

He was also a creature formed from Immortal Gold, just that he was even more powerful, impossible to estimate just how profound his cultivation was, but he definitely stood at the peak of immortal dao.

The daoist had an old-fashioned daoist robe, golden pupils, thin hair and a beard. He was extremely old, even though he was an immortal creature, his body wasn’t that different from flesh and blood, difficult to differentiate unless one looked carefully.

Shi Hao was moved, his soul trembling, body even more so about to break apart. Even though he only glanced at it a few times, it was still extremely difficult for him to endure that type of great pressure.

It was clear that if anyone else came, they would long be shivering, bowing down, unable to resist this might at all.

This old daoist sat in the ruined chariot that was less than a foot in length. He was small, yet possessed unmatched awe. Primal chaos pervaded the air, specks of light flickering about, as if he was sitting at the center of the universe, just the slightest movement could reestablish heaven and earth!

This really was too terrifying. This level of creature shouldn’t exist in this world at all. This defied normal reasoning!

Shi Hao really didn’t have any way to continuously examine this person, or else there would be huge problems. His body would explode, turn into a blast of bloody mist. This was unmatched power!

He could only look towards his surroundings. The stars there were extremely small, but they were just that real. The more he looked at them, the more it made his body tremble. Suddenly, they became larger, becoming a boundless star system.

Then, Shi Hao felt a wave of pressure. Great stars swirled about one after another, releasing rumbling sounds, crushing the ancient universe until it trembled in response.

Later on, Shi Hao was shaken, to the extent where he was horrified. It was because he heard shouts of killing.

There were countless creatures roaring on those stars, massive armies fighting each other, with no lack of Heavenly Deity, Void Dao, Self Release, and Supreme Being level creatures.

Every single star was like this. Meanwhile, all of these stars surrounded this old daoist as they moved.


Shi Hao’s body went rigid, not moving at all. It was because after he observed those stars, he would occasionally glance over at the elder as well, noticing that the old daoist also became different.

The old daoist was no longer short, but instead too massive, grand, towering between heaven and earth wasn’t even enough to describe this. He was currently sitting at the center of the entire ancient cosmos.

His body was just that terrifying, difficult to see the end. Countless starry rivers and even endless great stars swirled about. However, compared to even the hair on the old daoist’s body, they couldn’t be considered much.

The old daoist’s entire body already couldn’t be seen, because every part of it was endlessly large, even more vast than a starry sky.

Shi Hao was stunned. This was unimaginable, the massive body was extremely blurry. While sitting in the ancient cosmos, it filled the entire heavenly dome, horrifying to the extreme.

No matter what kind of creature it was who saw him, they would all bow down, kowtow before him!

After an unknown amount of time had passed, Shi Hao’s eyes were in intense pain, even his soul about to collapse, and only then did he shift his gaze with difficulty. Meanwhile, the boundless scene also disappeared.

Staring at those stars could actually produce this type of reaction!

After he calmed himself down, he discovered that there was still only that tattered carriage before him, seated within was an extremely short old daoist, releasing chaotic energy and many small stars.

Only, at this moment, Shi Hao no longer felt that he was short, instead feeling like if he displayed a magical projection, it would fill up the entire world, he would become an incomparably massive body within an ancient universe.

This was a formidable great figure. Shi Hao reached this conclusion even without needing to think that much.

He felt that this person was at the very least be a well-known figure among immortal dao figures. He might very well be… an Immortal King!

Otherwise, how could he accomplish all of this?

Of course, these were still all only his suspicions.

This place was too strange.

A tattered bull carriage previously took an old daoist here. In the end, they withered away, falling here.

The old daoist should have died, because he lacked life force, but he still had that type of majesticness and awe. This was enough to prove how terrifying and powerful he was.

“Even someone this powerful died?” Shi Hao said, rather moved.

To slaughter his way out of encirclement and enter this place meant that at that time, they were still alive. However, they still died in the end, so one could see just how serious the injuries were.

Otherwise, a single thought from existences on that level would regenerate the flesh.

If not for being wounded by an unmatched being, damaging their source, primordial spirit withering away, they definitely had a chance of reviving.

Shi Hao glanced backwards. That golden bull was in pieces, originally already stepping into the immortal dao domain, yet still met such a sorrowful end, making one sigh.

As for this old daoist, what kind of status did he have? According to the bits of Immortal Ancient secret history Shi Hao knew this far, there was not a trace of a clue, to the extent where he couldn’t even say if this was a creature from Immortal Ancient Great Era.

“Does this touch upon a battle on Anlan and Shutuo’s, this kind of level?” Shi Hao said softly.

He took a few steps back, because standing here made him feel extremely uncomfortable. He felt like he was suffocating even if he didn’t look at the old daoist, and as long as he gave him a few looks, there would be danger of his body exploding.

That immortal flame silently surrounded the old daoist.

Only, it was extremely prudent and careful, not as easy-going as the past, as if it might rouse awake a prehistoric sleeping giant beast!

This was precisely the reason why only with that flame blocking in front, did Shi Hao feel a bit of relief. He wanted to know how the old daoist died, where his fatal injury was.

The old daoist had quite a bit of blood on his body, some cracks, but the ultimate blow that ended his life was behind his head. This was something Shi Hao discovered from a hurried glance.

He already walked to the side, wishing to see that small hole behind the old daoist. As a result, he unexpectedly discovered that there was a bloody hole in the back of his head, currently releasing golden blood. The inside was empty, lacking a primordial spirit.

Shi Hao was extremely shocked. He couldn’t help but look towards the cave behind the old daoist!

One had to understand that the war chariot was blocking right in front, and the old daoist’s back was against the stone wall, blocking a large half of the pitch-black cavern. Meanwhile, the back of his head was perfectly facing this black hole.

Shi Hao discovered with a bit of shock, that even though he couldn’t see much, he just sensed a bad feeling that made him feel fear, making him shiver all over.

That flame was also like this, not flying into the stone cave’s black ancient hole, instead directly… backing off!

This left Shi Hao even more alarmed, his scalp feeling a wave of numbness. This was the first time he saw this flame display such restraining fear, not willing to approach something.


A gust of wind blew over from who knew where. The black hole behind the old daoist also released an absolutely horrifying sound that was like a sobbing noise, but also like the noise of wind blowing against stone.

Even though Shi Hao felt an itch, wishing to explore this to its end, he knew how serious it was. There were some places he could not step foot in right now!

He silently backed off, not taking a risk.

He carefully searched about here, discovering that all of the immortal elixir was formed from the wisps of golden mist rising from the Ecliptic Stone.

“Regardless of whether it is the golden bull of the old daoist, they are both made of Ecliptic Immortal Gold, could this be their place of birth?” Shi Hao began to suspect.

This had a high chance of being true. That was why when disaster descended, they chose to die here, their souls returning to their home!

At this same time, this much Ecliptic Stone indeed should be able to produce a tremendous amount of Ecliptic Immortal Gold. That was why the golden bull, carriage, and old daoist’s appearances could be justified.

Shi Hao returned to those dim golden bull remains. This was Ecliptic Immortal Gold. It was covered in dust after all this time, the bull passed away who knew how many tens of thousands of years ago.

Normally speaking, as long as Immortal Gold turned into a living creature, they would become valiant and unmatched, because their bodies were too hard, practically impossible to break through.

Meanwhile, this golden bull already became an immortal dao figure, yet it still died, its essence all flowing away.

“Something isn’t quite right, this golden bull is still an immortal dao existence in the end, so why isn’t it that intimidating? Its loss of spirituality is just too severe, right?”

Shi Hao recalled that there was another golden bull on the surface. Even though it couldn’t compare to an immortal dao creature, it was still ridiculously powerful, probably not existing in this world for that long.

“The two golden bulls are identical, don’t tell me that this is a coincidence?!” Shi Hao’s expression was serious.

He produced too many associations, his expression changing greatly, emotions rising and falling like great waves, difficult for him to calm down.

It was because those thoughts were too shocking.

“Could it be that the golden bull was reborn, using this place to achieve rebirth?” Shi Hao’s body trembled.

He thought back to the golden pool on the ground. There was clearly a type of mysterious pattern inside, was that what produced the golden creature?

“Was there someone else involved?” Shi Hao turned towards that old daoist who was already extremely blurry.

If the golden bull had a chance of reviving, with the old daoist’s heaven reaching, earth shaking matchless divine ability, would there really be no way of ensuring its survival?

“Could it be that the black ancient hole…”

Shi Hao’s expression changed. He felt like he couldn’t remain in this place. He quickly backed up, leaving the underground cave.

Immediately afterwards, his divine senses returned, his true body’s eyes opened. He was still sitting in the small pool.

“I cannot leave just like this, I’ll use this place for cultivation first!”

This was definitely an immortal cave, especially this type of golden liquid, which was even more so an unmatched precious liquid. If he missed out on this, he would regret it for his entire life!

It was because he felt that this might be liquid produced precisely for the birth of an immortal dao creature.

“No wonder the origin energy within my body appeared again, this is the result of unmatched immortal methods!” Shi Hao touched the patterns in the pool. Then, he returned to his cultivation, frantically absorbing the secret force within the elixir.

Even though there was a rumor that once origin energy appeared, it would signify great disaster, that it would end his life, Shi Hao didn’t believe in the supernatural. He actually wanted to see just what kind of transformations the origin energy would result in if he nurtured it.

This really was shocking, origin energy originally shouldn’t have appeared, but right now, it was becoming more real. It gradually became stronger, more and more pure white, mysterious and terrifying.

In the end, Shi Hao operated it with full force, making the origin energy fully take form, reside within his Sea of Reincarnation in his abdomen. It was real and clear, no longer faint.

Everything went just this smoothly!


Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao felt incomparable strength erupt within his body, surging from inside of him like a mountain flood. It erupted like a roaring sea, just too shocking.

That strand of origin energy was moving, as if it was overturning seas and rivers!

It actually possessed such great energy, extraordinary after all, worthy of being the mother body of the three strands of immortal energy!

Right at this moment, the three strands of immortal energy appeared, flowing within his body, displaying the three to all life profound mystery, filling his body with life force and ample vitality.

Then, the three strands of immortal energy surged, rushing out from the crown of Shi Hao’s head. They quickly blossomed, blooming there.

One of them had a little person seated on it. After the flower bud blossomed, the little figure fully formed, seated there, not moving, as if it lived in the past.


A shocking change happened. After the middle one bloomed, a kengqiang noise sounded, erupting with deafening noise.

Shi Hao was alarmed, feeling as if he himself went on a mental journey. This was a bit strange!

Immediately afterwards, the three great dao flowers’ central flower swayed, releasing chaotic energy. Then, he was completely shocked!

A little person sat on it, extremely indistinct, but it was still extremely shocking!

Today, the second great dao flower actually had a creature as well, producing this type of scene.

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