Chapter 1450

Chapter 1450 - Another Cave

What rested underground possessed fatal allure for Shi Hao. To even be able to nurture origin energy, moreover strengthen it, this really was unimaginable.

He took a deep breath. He absorbed the Immortal Gold Elixir to adjust himself to his best condition, but he discovered that a larger half of the essence was seized by the origin energy within his body.

However, this was still enough, because while sitting in this place for a long time, the injuries of his flesh and soul had already healed, there already weren’t many problems left.

An hour later, Shi Hao was still sitting in the golden pool. He reached out with a streak of divine consciousness again. This time, he had to investigate further no matter what.

The crack at the bottom of the pool was extremely small, but for his divine will, this wasn’t a hindrance. His divine senses extended down, seeping underground, just as if Shi Hao’s true body was exploring.

There was just too much Ecliptic Stone, this type of rock wall everywhere underground. As he went further down, tracing the golden elixir back to its source, he found a hidden space.

The underground world was profound and unfathomable. The rock walls, giant stones, and other things all became one body, the various places all connected like stalactites. It was extremely strange, the shape of this place unusual.

This place wasn’t that wide, especially when he followed the crack down to where the golden elixir flowed, it was even more narrow. Dense golden mist pervaded the air, divine and transcendent.

Shi Hao felt his heart pound intensely. He was actually a bit nervous, because he felt immortal energy. He approached that brilliant place again.

This time, the space in his brows felt intense pain, even greater than the last time, as if he was burned by immortal flames, injured as a result. It really was piercingly painful.

However, Shi Hao endured it, still proceeding, his divine senses like water, slowly and steadily moving forward. He wanted to touch that dazzling golden light.


Shi Hao’s true body swayed, everything before his eyes going dark. He almost went unconscious, his divine senses in incomparable pain, as if he was hacked by a blade. There was a mysterious power corroding him, wishing to cut down his primordial spirit.

His breathing was a bit hurried, having no choice but to pull back that strand of divine will. It was because if he forcefully charged forward, he might have to pay a tremendous price himself, his primordial spirit might even be hacked apart!

Even though he was curious, wishing to know what exactly there was underneath, there was no way he would throw his own life away. Even if there was an immortal treasury, he couldn’t use his life to exchange for it.

After taking a moment to calm down, Shi Hao produced the True Dragon Defying Scale, supporting it with his divine senses, using it like a shield, testing things out again. If he still failed, then he would give up.

He felt like the chances of success weren’t great, because this scale was lacked spirit, there was no way it could protect him from all sides. Meanwhile, that radiance was spread out underground, so if he truly approached it, it would cover everything.


As expected, the True Dragon Defying Scale trembled, Shi Hao felt as if he was struck my thunder. His divine senses were injured, it still ended in failure. A drop of blood flowed out from the space between his true body’s brows.

However, the moment the Defying Dragon Scale was blasted aside, he still saw a vague scene through the hazy radiance.

There was a war chariot that rested inside!

It was extremely tattered, moreover rather old-fashioned, as if it had fallen apart. Unfortunately, he couldn’t see it too clearly.

Apart from this, he also saw a living creature that was even more blurry. It was laying there, some light released from it.

“It isn’t living, it is dead!” Now, Shi Hao completely relaxed, no longer worrying. He decided that he was going to find a way to take a gamble and struggle his way in.

Needless to say, there were definitely good things inside. It was just a tattered war chariot, yet it could actually release this type of light. It was definitely extraordinary and transcendent.

The Everlasting Sword Core, Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, True Dragon Defying Scale, everything was used by Shi Hao, however… he discovered helplessly that these things were all defensive in nature, normally wouldn’t take the initiative to attack.

Blood trickled out from his forehead several more times, all attempts resulting in failure.

“Going to risk it all!”

Shi Hao clenched his teeth. He was not going to give up until he achieved his goal! As long as he was sure that there were no living creatures inside, then that meant that this type of cave was great natural luck. If he obtained what was inside, the benefits would be unimaginable.

Only, even though his ambitions were great, his strength was insufficient. He had no way of approaching that place.

This was still luckily because that hazy golden light wasn’t a great killing weapon, not taking the initiative to attack, only surrounded by a barrier of light. Otherwise, the consequences would be hard to predict.

Even Shi Hao was left helpless. When he was left with no methods, he felt a strange feeling. A hazy flame appeared, emerging from his true body, entering the ground.

That mysterious flame could turn into a mirror, engrave and reflect great dao traces. It actually appeared at this time!

It silently passed through the golden light, entering just like that!

Shi Hao was stunned. This was something impossible for him, yet this flame could move down there. He didn’t hesitate anymore either, a strand of divine will also following that flame inside.

When he entered, the hole in the barrier that was burned through was repaired again.

He finally made it inside! Inside the brilliant divine light, there was a war chariot after all. It was incredibly tattered, only half of it left. The war chariot was a faint golden color, covered in a bit of dust.

This made him reveal a surprised expression. It wasn’t tall, only a foot in size, could be said that it really wasn’t large. What kind of creature was this prepared for?

However, when he thought of the golden bull, he became stunned. That bull wasn’t large either, but its strength was terrifyingly high. No race’s power could be judged based on their size.

“This is…” Suddenly, his expression became rigid, a bit sluggish. It was because when he carefully sensed his surroundings, he recognized the material of this ancient yet small war chariot.

It… was actually Ecliptic Immortal Gold!

Even though this was an extraordinary cave, refining a war chariot out of Immortal Gold was just too extravagant! Even undying existences and True Immortals’ eyes would go red from jealousy, go crazy after seeing this, right?

It was because not every immortal expert had a magical artifact matching their strength, the reason precisely because they couldn’t find Immortal Gold, unable to refine an immortal artifact.

At that cultivation realm, ordinary materials couldn’t store their power at all. Forcefully tempering them or carving great dao patterns would only destroy the weapon.

This was too extravagant, only… it was actually smashed into pieces, laying there, moreover losing half of its carriage.

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao squatted down, using his hand to dig into the ground. Apart from sand and other things, there was another object.

“Golden horn, and a bull head…”

Shi Hao was greatly shocked. There was this discovery as soon as he entered! There was this creature not far from the war chariot, only, it was buried by Ecliptic Stone fragments and other things.

After he removed them, he immediately saw a broken bull horn, and then immediately afterwards, he saw a bull head. Both of them were dim, only carrying a weak golden glow.

They were corroded by the passage of time, covered in dust, looking quite unremarkable.

However, great waves surged within Shi Hao’s heart, this was just too shocking! This was also Ecliptic Immortal Gold material, an unmatched heavenly material!

“Why is there another bull?” Shi Hao was stunned.

There was a foot long golden bull that chased after him outside, now, he actually discovered another one underground. Was this a bull nest?!

This one was also a foot or so long, only, it was broken in pieces. Its head, horn, and limbs were all separated, scattered in this region. One could only find them after carefully examining this place. Its ruined body was covered in arrow holes, hatchet marks, blade imprints and other things. It had previously fought an intense battle, dying in the end.

The fist-sized immortal flame flew over, floated above the golden bull remains, engraving all of the blade and axe marks’ great dao true meanings.

Shi Hao was shocked. He had a type of feeling that those sword holes were like abysses, those axe marks like valleys, simply about to suck one’s soul in. They carried magnificent dao auras.

“This.. is not mortal power, touching upon the immortal dao domain?!” Shi Hao sucked in a cold breath.

Just how great was this golden bull’s cultivation realm? The injuries on its body all had immortal aura, it truly was unimaginable. Was this an immortal bull?

However, it was used to pull the chariot!

Shi Hao was a bit speechless. Just how great of an expense was this? It really was a bit unimaginable!

“Immortal Ancient is full of mysteries. No wonder the foreign creatures all retreated in the end, there are some secret powers that truly cannot be surmised!” Shi Hao sighed.

He actually saw this scene in Desolate Border in an underground cave!

The foot long Ecliptic Immortal Gold Chariot, foot long immortal golden bull… this combination shook one’s mind, made one’s body tremble.

There was definitely no mistake, this small chariot perfectly matched the golden bull, one set. It seemed like it took serious damage, escaping here with difficulty, but still ended up becoming a corpse, ultimately returning to dust.

Where was its owner? The mount even became like this back then, the owner definitely wouldn’t just watch without doing anything. Were there no clues left behind?

Right when Shi Hao let his imagination run wild, that immortal flame moved. It was like a hazy lamp, floating about, moving forward, entering the depths of the underground world.

Shi Hao was moved, following it.

Even though the underground world was completely made of precious Ecliptic Stone, it was full of holes, as if it was a cave made of stalactites, the stone material in all different types of shapes.


Shi Hao’s body went taut. He immediately stopped, staring forward.

He saw the other half of the broken chariot. It was resting before a stone wall, long covered in dust as well, carrying an incomparably ancient aura of time.

Only… what was that? Shi Hao immediately became nervous, because he saw that there was something seated in that half of the chariot carriage.

However, no matter how he looked, it was not clear, extremely blurry, this remained true even when he opened his Heavenly Eyes. He immediately knew that this was the result of a dense great dao.

Shi Hao’s mind trembled, his palms covered in sweat. He knew that the one who was sitting in the carriage might be the owner of the immortal bull!

When that fist-sized immortal flame approached, only then did that place become clear, no longer hazy and indistinct. The flame could illuminate everything, great dao patterns couldn’t hide the mysteries of heaven here.

Sure enough, there really was a creature in the damaged carriage!

It was less than a foot tall, when it sat inside, it looked even shorter. Only, when one continuously stared at it, they would start trembling, couldn’t help but feel an urge to bow down.

Shi Hao was horrified. This creature was too extraordinary! Even if all of the aura was restrained, it was still hard for others to bear. It seemed like it was going to make the Nine Heavens Ten Earths collapse, destroy the universe!

Just how terrifying was this?

When Shi Hao shifted his gaze, that type of heaven collapsing, earth caving feeling disappeared, everything returning to normal.

It was a daoist, one who was extremely old, as if he had sat here since prehistoric times. His eyes were closed, not moving at all, on his body golden blood that hadn’t dried even now.

He wore golden daoist robes, but they had long become tattered, about to disintegrate.

Only, Shi Hao knew that there was no way it would rot, because the clothes were woven out of Ecliptic Immortal Gold.

This daoist had golden hair and a golden beard, quiet and peaceful. His body was hazy, chaotic energy spreading. There were stars that adorned that place, looking as if it was part of the cosmos, as if that daoist was seated before the establishment of the world!

Shi Hao’s blood was surginh frantically just by looking at him, his body feeling as if it was going to explode. He simply couldn’t imagine how powerful and terrifying this existence was.

One had to understand that all life energy should have been severed from his existence, yet his body could still produce this scene, moreover this powerful. It was just too inconceivable!

Upon closer inspection, his body looked like it already dried up, lacking vitality, but it could still suppress the past and present!

On the broken half of the carriage, the old daoist was seated, leaning against the stone wall. There was a pitch-black ancient cave there, extremely small, most of it perfectly covered by his body.

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