Chapter 1450

Chapter 1450 - Another Cave

What rested underground possessed fatal allure for Shi Hao. To even be able to nurture origin energy, moreover strengthen it, this really was unimaginable.

He took a deep breath. He absorbed the Immortal Gold Elixir to adjust himself to his best condition, but he discovered that a larger half of the essence was seized by the origin energy within his body.

However, this was still enough, because while sitting in this place for a long time, the injuries of his flesh and soul had already healed, there already weren’t many problems left.

An hour later, Shi Hao was still sitting in the golden pool. He reached out with a streak of divine consciousness again. This time, he had to investigate further no matter what.

The crack at the bottom of the pool was extremely small, but for his divine will, this wasn’t a hindrance. His divine senses extended down, seeping underground, just as if Shi Hao’s true body was exploring.

There was just too much Ecliptic Stone, this type of rock wall everywhere underground. As he went further down, tracing the golden elixir back to its source, he found a hidden space.

The underground world was profound and unfathomable. The rock walls, giant stones, and other things all became one body, the various places all connected like stalactites. It was extremely strange, the shape of this place...

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