Chapter 1449

Chapter 1449 - Immortal Golden Elixir

The Ecliptic Stone wall was full of holes. A mysterious small pool rested before him, as if the sun itself melted, becoming liquid. It was dazzling gold, auspicious and warm.

What was this? It contained endless life force!

Shi Hao immediately rushed forward to carefully examine it. He was now sure that this was the birthplace of Ecliptic Immortal God, and if his suspicions were correct, the golden bull was born here.

This elixir’s spiritual nature was too rich, actually releasing immortal dao energy. As he stood here, he felt as if he was going to ascend to immortality within surging multicolored light, even making Shi Hao’s flesh and soul tremble.

“This is the place of origin!” Shi Hao was stirred up, even his breathing rushed. Normally speaking, after this type of natural luck produced a living creature, it would dry up, so how did it still release such overflowing life force?

One had to understand that this was the place where Immortal Gold creatures were produced, the life force dried-up. How was this place still able to possess such exuberant life force?

One had to understand that this was the place where the Immortal Gold creature was produced, the life force within it unimaginable, otherwise, how could it turn the toughest metal body into a living creature?!

There were some ancient people who said that the value of this type of place might be even higher than Immortal Gold itself!

As a result, Shi Hao was overwhelmed by emotions, feeling like he discovered a heavenly treasure. This little pool was comparable to an immortal treasury, just too mysterious, its value endless for him!

Shi Hao carefully studied it, examining it. He was incredibly shocked, this place might very well be extremely extraordinary.

It was because after he carefully touched it, he discovered that within the pool formed from Ecliptic Stone, there were some patterns that were extremely mysterious, not looking like they were naturally formed, instead looking like immortal methods.

“The reason why a golden bull could be produced wasn’t because of natural evolution, but rather produced because of the patterns carved by an immortal?” Shi Hao became doubtful.

Perhaps this underground region previously had a True Immortal residing within, leaving behind some things, turning this into a land of natural luck.

Under ka ka sounds, Shi Hao’s body shrunk for the sake of entering the small pool.

It was because this pool was too small, only a square foot in size. The golden bull laying inside was fine, but if he went inside himself, it was definitely too narrow.


Shi Hao’s figure became smaller, and then he entered the pool, immediately feeling an exuberant life source, as well as a wave of great dao aura pervading the air.

“Just what kind of ancient people carved these patterns? Or were they naturally formed?” Shi Hao said to himself. He caressed it again and again, but just couldn’t be sure.

However, now wasn’t the time to think too much. He unexpectedly saw this place of natural luck, if he didn’t seize this chance to treat his injuries, he would be letting this immortal cave down.

Shi Hao no longer remained distracted, sitting down in the middle. This type of feeling was extremely wonderful, his injured body’s condition no longer worsening.

His great dao source was wounded, continuously hacking at his flesh, injuring his soul. Even though it wasn’t extremely intense, it was still heading in a bad direction. However, now, it was stopped.

It wasn’t that this golden elixir could heal his great dao injuries, but rather that the essence it contained was too rich, able to nurture the flesh and soul, counteract the damage transmitted from his source.

Injuries to one’s foundation still needed to be dealt with from the dao core!

Hu! A blast of essence was released from Shi Hao’s mouth and nose, carrying immortal dao aura. He became more and more shocked, this pool really was formidable! It wasn’t an illusion but truly unimaginable.

If he wasn’t injured and cultivated here, it would definitely be half the effort with twice the results. This really was a source of natural luck!


After who knew how much time had passed, Shi Hao felt his mind become clear and refreshed. The damage brought by the corrosion of his flesh and soul was smoothed out, moreover, he felt like his current condition was excellent.

Of course, if he left this place, his source would still continue to bring harm.

Meanwhile, right at this moment, he sensed something strange. There was a small crack at the bottom of the pool, the golden liquid originating precisely from there.

“This is…” Shi Hao was shocked, finding this inconceivable.

He thought that this pool was the place of origin, but only now did he find that the source was underground, even deeper, that the golden elixir came from below.

Shi Hao felt an urge to dig up this place, explore all the way down, see just what the source was like, just how much golden liquid there was!

In his opinion, this thing wasn’t inferior to an immortal elixir, because it contained immortal dao energy to begin with, the life force unimaginable. It could enchant ordinary steel, turn stones into living creatures.

Only, when his divine senses followed the fine crack down, he felt a sharp pain, as if he encountered the most powerful flame, as if he was burned.

Underneath the ground, at first, everything was hazy, but when he approached closer, there was immediately dazzling light released. It was too resplendent!

Shi Hao was shocked. Just what kind of place was this? What was there inside there? Why couldn’t he get closer? It actually stopped his divine senses, piercing and injuring him.

Shi Hao quickly backed up, carefully experiencing everything. He sensed that the great dao aura he felt previously originated precisely from under the ground, located in the underground depths.

He broke out into a cold shiver, on guard against that wave of power, full of precaution.

“Is this a dangerous place or not? What if there is a creature underneath as well? That would be extremely troublesome!” This was what Shi Hao thought. He was a bit worried.

It was because even if the golden bull left, no other creatures invaded this place, trying to occupy its nest. It was clear that this place was unordinary, having the power to intimidate all of the other creatures.

However, after Shi Hao entered, obtaining this golden liquid’s life energy, he still didn’t encounter danger, and there wasn’t any power that attacked him either.

“Forget it, opportunities are rare. I’ll recover first!” Shi Hao began to focus on absorbing the secret force the golden liquid underground contained.


Every inch of his flesh was trembling, because the vital power was too rich. This golden elixir was one of the main factors in producing that golden bull.

Shi Hao felt the three strands of immortal energy within his body begin to operate because of this, appearing on their own. Perhaps it was due to the fact that this little pool was rich with immortal dao energy.

“It really is strange!”

Shi Hao hesitated. When he didn’t use the three strands of immortal energy, they were scattered to nurture his flesh, allowing them to grow roots, gradually strengthen.

In this place, the three strands of immortal energy actually condensed on their own. Then, they scattered again, this cycle continuing. They became endless strands of even finer light, rushing about within his body.

“This golden elixir really is this heaven-defying?” Shi Hao was bewildered. It was because he had tried many different methods to try and nurture immortal energy, but in the end, they all failed, yet the immortal energy strands actually became this lively here.


Suddenly, the inside of his body trembled intensely. The three strands of immortal energy were scattered by the impact, the fine light within all escaping, entering his flesh and bones again.

A streak of extremely blurry white energy appeared, rising within his abdomen. It was extremely faint, almost as if there wasn’t anything there!

However, Shi Hao knew that it really existed, just that it was too faint, not clear, almost being overlooked.

Then, he saw the golden elixir surge in the little pool, the immortal dao aura within continuously extracted, quickly entering his abdomen.

This extremely faint, almost nonexistent white energy replaced the three strands of immortal energy, absorbing the mysterious power. A subtle transformation had taken place.

Shi Hao was still confused at first, a bit dumbstruck, what was this? Could it be that even the three strands of immortal energy were pushed aside? He actually didn’t even know when this ‘monster’ took up residence within him!

However, as he observed this process, he gradually developed a bit of a familiar feeling. This thing couldn’t be considered unfamiliar, of the same origin as the three strands of immortal energy!

“When did I obtain another strand of immortal energy?” He was a bit confused.

As the secret force of the Immortal Gold Elixir was absorbed into his body, this streak of white energy became a bit more real. Shi Hao was as bit stunned, this was just like a fourth strand of immortal energy!

Suddenly, Shi Hao was shocked, waking up. It was because he recalled something from the past, understanding a bit.

Back then, when he was breaking through with difficulty, almost dying in the process, there was a streak of immortal energy that was produced. It really was too difficult, he almost died right there and then.

Shi Hao clearly remembered that there was one time where he succeeded, producing a streak of immortal energy, but in the final moments, something unexpected happened, failing at the last hurdle. The immortal energy scattered, entering his body, not appearing again.

Could this be that streak?

It… actually appeared again today!

However, immediately afterwards, Shi Hao broke into a cold shiver once more, because after recalling this matter, he thought of many things, feeling like the situation wasn’t too good.

It was because back then, he missed out on that first streak of immortal energy, even grumbling to Great Elder about this. If that streak of immortal energy didn’t disappear, wouldn’t he have four strands of immortal energy?

As a result, at that time, Great Elder Meng Tianzheng was extremely shocked, telling him some things.

In reality, no matter who wanted to cultivate immortal energy, they would always lose the first streak, just not no one was truly able to see that strand.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao actually saw the first strand, this was a bit inconceivable. According to what Great Elder said, that strand was normally extremely faint, formless, it wouldn’t appear.

Everyone would lose it after obtaining it, wouldn’t know of its existence. This was an inevitable secret process.

It was precisely because there was this process that one could truly acquire immortal energy after.

According to what Great Elder said, that was a streak of source energy that would escape sooner or later, just temporarily remaining within the body so that other immortal energy imprints could be produced. It was just like the so-called dao brings one, this was precisely that ‘one’, it couldn’t be grasped.

One to two, two to three, three to all things. One could hope for three strands of immortal energy, but in the end, it would depend on whether one could successfully seize them.

Even so, the three strands of immortal energy were all produced by the imprints left by the source energy.

According to normal reasoning, that streak of source energy was impossible to see, difficult to perceive. Meanwhile, Shi Hao was actually able to perceive it back then, moreover making it completely solidify, make it remain, this left Great Elder extremely shocked.

If Great Elder was here right now, seeing Shi Hao make it appear once more, he would definitely be stupefied, and then become terrified.

“Great Elder previously told me that it was good if this thing was lost, because if this thing is left behind, that would be what is terrifying, it would cut me down in the end.” Shi Hao said to himself.

This was the warning Great Elder gave him, previously informing him of this terrifying thing.

According to what Great Elder said, this streak of source energy shouldn’t have been acquired, because it was something that should have ran. Once one was too greedy, forcefully keeping it behind, vainly trying to obtain it, then there would definitely be consequences in the future, one would be tangled together with it.

“That streak of immortal energy can be called origin energy, if one truly wishes to obtain it, nurture it, it will most likely become a chain that strangles oneself, it will kill oneself!” Great Elder said this before in an extremely serious manner.

This wasn’t natural luck, instead more so a death symbol, something that took lives!

It was because there was some natural luck that shouldn’t be obtained, some karma that shouldn’t be taken on, couldn’t be withstood!

Shi Hao was a bit speechless. That origin energy from back then actually appeared again, not scattering. It didn’t run away?

At the same time, he became even more doubtful. Just what kind of thing was there underground, actually able to produce this type of golden liquid, making this streak of white energy appear again?!

“My source was seriously damaged to begin with, and now, there’s this damn origin energy…” Shi Hao felt a headache. However, soon afterwards, the expression in his eyes became firm. Since it appeared, then he’ll just keep it!

“What is there underground that can actually nurture origin energy?” Shi Hao really was curious. He decided he was going to investigate further, get to the bottom of this, see just what was hidden here.

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