Chapter 1449

Chapter 1449 - Immortal Golden Elixir

The Ecliptic Stone wall was full of holes. A mysterious small pool rested before him, as if the sun itself melted, becoming liquid. It was dazzling gold, auspicious and warm.

What was this? It contained endless life force!

Shi Hao immediately rushed forward to carefully examine it. He was now sure that this was the birthplace of Ecliptic Immortal God, and if his suspicions were correct, the golden bull was born here.

This elixir’s spiritual nature was too rich, actually releasing immortal dao energy. As he stood here, he felt as if he was going to ascend to immortality within surging multicolored light, even making Shi Hao’s flesh and soul tremble.

“This is the place of origin!” Shi Hao was stirred up, even his breathing rushed. Normally speaking, after this type of natural luck produced a living creature, it would dry up, so how did it still release such overflowing life force?

One had to understand that this was the place where Immortal Gold creatures were produced, the life force dried-up. How was this place still able to possess such exuberant life force?

One had to understand that this was the place where the Immortal Gold creature was produced, the life force within it unimaginable, otherwise, how could it turn the toughest metal body into a living creature?!

There were some ancient people who said that the value...

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