Chapter 1446

Chapter 1446 - Group of Enemies


A bloody vine rushed out, wrapping around a foreign creature who entered the mountain range, and then it sucked the body dry, flesh immediately becoming withered. His essence blood completely flowed out.

With a pu sound, he immediately turned into dust, the scene a bit horrifying.

“Hurry and run!” Someone screamed out.

When entering the mountains, they made sure to avoid those Iron Blood Ancient Trees, but in the end, they never expected to provoke the even more mysterious Blood Vines. This type of thing was the most troublesome, extremely bloodthirsty.

The creatures in the mountains were all quite bizarre, their spiritual senses unclear, all of them hunting intruders through a type of instinct.

These clans, despite being muddle-headed, were still extremely strong, divine force profound, immediately intimidating everyone. If they truly tried to fight them, few people would stand a chance.

This group consisted of young experts from several dozen different clans. However, in the blink of an eye, four of them were killed.


The one who was most unlucky had the back of his head pierced by a Blood Vine when he was running as fast as he could, his primordial spirit killed, body exploding on the spot. It was extremely frightening and miserable.

“I really didn’t want to enter this blasted place, it’s too sinister!”

There were several Blood Vines here, all of them extremely powerful.

“Where are our Self Release Realm great cultivators? Did they enter? Why aren’t they taking action?”

“They are over there, they ended up drawing the Iron Blood Ancient Trees’ attention, escorting other people inside.”

There were Self Release Ream cultivators who hurried over, using ancient treasures to face the Iron Blood Ancient Trees, but they could only divert their attention, unable to deliver any real damage.

“Heavens, Old Ancestor Mo Teng[1] is still alive, hurry and run!” Someone suddenly released a cry of alarm.

It was because they saw that inside of a mountain valley, bloody mist was everywhere, heaven overflowing dark red mist surging. There was a giant that rushed out from the earth.

“Hurry and run!” Someone cried out.

“It is rumored that this was originally a creature from our side, just that for some reason, his spiritual core became hazy in Divine Medicine Mountain Range, spiritual awareness dying out, becoming a disaster.”

The group of youngsters quickly escaped, filled with fear. This blood-colored Devil Vine had existed for an extremely long amount of time, if it didn’t fall here back then, it might have already become an undying existence by now.

A vine rushed out of the earth, as thick as a mountain, crushing the mountains and valley, sending rocks flying into the sky. The blood-colored vine leaves released hua hua sounds, as if heavenly blades were dancing about, killing intent overflowing.


This time, its speed was too fast, a slender and unremarkable vine silently rushed out, turning into a blood-colored spear, piercing through a Self Release Realm cultivator.

That cultivator was rather decisive, immediately removing his left shoulder, a small half of his body separating out. He then quickly backed up.

One could see the left shoulder that left his body quickly shrivel up, immediately withering away, finally turning into powder, fluttering and scattering away in the air.

Old Ancestor Mo Teng was just this terrifying. If not for his spiritual awareness dying out, it would be a formidable great figure!

The expressions of this group of youngsters who entered the mountains changed, quickly escaping, rushing into the mountain range. Fortunately, they didn’t encounter any particular dangers.

Meanwhile, only one of the groups was even more unlucky than them, a small half of their numbers wiped out.

Of course, there were those who were extremely lucky, not losing anyone, these individuals long rushed into the mountain range depths, closing in on Shi Hao. They could see golden light even from the distance.

“What is that thing? Ecliptic Immortal Gold, such a large piece? Heavens! Even an undying existence would become shocked if they saw this. We have to bring away this supreme treasure!” Someone said with a trembling voice.

When they came closer and saw things more clearly, there were a few who were shocked. This piece of Ecliptic Immortal Gold turned into a creature, this was extremely terrifying.

“Huang was seriously injured by it, falling over there!” Someone said, quietly revealing a look of joy.

“We cannot get closer, let’s watch the situation first.” This was an extremely careful person.

“Are we going to watch just like this? Huang seems to have quite a few divine medicines on him. Are we not going to take action?” Someone revealed an expression of greed.

“I just feel like this golden bull is extremely strong, our group of several dozen not necessarily its opponent.”

“Impossible, Huang is even holding on by himself, not immediately killed, with so many from King Clans here surrounding this place, don’t tell me we can’t take this golden bull? You have to understand that the creatures in Divine Medicine Mountain Range normally don’t have a clear consciousness, could be taken advantage of!”

Just as they were discussing, another troop appeared, closing in on this place.

The golden bull was wandering about, not that fast, moving around Shi Hao. It didn’t immediately take action, because its golden bull eyes were staring at the Everlasting Sword Core, a bit shocked.

Haha, even Huang has a day like this, it truly is laughable. The glorious young supreme being of a generation has been subdued by a barbaric cow, almost killed here!”

In the distance, someone arrived, mocking him, confident that nothing could go wrong.

It was because the second group was an extremely exceptional one, with a Self Release Realm cultivator who followed them inside the mountain range. This was an extremely rare thing!

In the past, powerful cultivators weren’t willing to take risks, not willing to come here.

It was because this Divine Medicine Mountain Range was extremely strange. Those Iron Blood Ancient Trees, Devil Vine, and other terrifying existences mainly only targeted those with profound cultivations.

Once a powerful cultivator entered, then they would be crazily attacked.

It was to the extent where there was even a supreme being who fell after coming here!

This Self Release Realm great cultivator successfully entered, naturally making them much more relaxed, feeling like they had confidence, everything within their grasp.

Shi Hao didn’t say anything, only watching them coldly.

Wu, you came in for a few days already, yet still didn’t die, you definitely obtained great benefits. Hurry and offer your divine medicines already.” One of them said in an absent-minded manner.

“Hurry up, we are still waiting to remove your head to bring it back for everyone to see.  At that time, everyone will know that Huang is nothing more than this, dying in such a stupid manner!” A humanoid creature with a horn between his brows laughed loudly, ridiculing him.

There were others who were staring at this golden bull, reminding the others to be a bit more careful, that this creature might be extremely dangerous.

The horned humanoid creature didn’t seem to mind, saying, “You are thinking too much. This mountain region is so tattered, clearly experiencing a great battle, even Huang able to last such a long time, it can’t be that terrifying. With a Self Release Realm senior here, everything is already within our grasp!”

“Not only can we take Huang’s head, erase all of our previous shame and strengthen my side’s prestige, we can also collect this supreme treasure Immortal Gold. This truly is great natural luck!” Someone roared with laughter.

They were now completely relaxed, feeling like this golden bull wasn’t that strong. Moreover, its will was extremely frail, should not have gained sentience for that long.

Right now, this golden bull remained extremely quiet, not releasing boundless divine force, because it continuously stared at that Everlasting Sword Core, looking at it seriously.

“All of you were defeated by me, only now do you dare appear before me! If not for me fighting a great battle with this golden bull for a day and night, receiving serious injuries, as for you people, I would kill one if I see one!” Shi Hao finally spoke out.

The people in the distance also calmed down slightly, all of them laughing loudly, walking in this direction.

“Huang, even you have a day like today. You really don’t seem that strong? Why can’t you even defeat a small cow? It really is too unsightly.” The single-horned creature purposely mocked him.

“It is just a foot long calf, yet it already seriously injured you to this extent, how laughable, haha! When we go back, everyone will know that the so-called Huang was nothing more than this, seriously injured and dying after fighting against a calf for a day and night, haha! I believe this will definitely spread everywhere, and you will become a laughingstock!” A creature with long blue hair and a pair of azure divine wings behind him mocked and ridiculed Shi Hao.

Shi Hao’s expression was extremely cold, not saying anything, staring at them just like that.

“Huang, are you mad? Haha, this type of expression really makes me feel great. The glorious Huang was so valiant in the border, killing my side’s Pride of Heaven, but now, he is no different from a dying dog, only able to await your death.” Someone laughed in an extremely brash manner.

“Everyone, I must ask you all for a favor. I wish to take Huang’s head and bring it back to refine it into wine. Please don’t fight me over this!” That blue haired creature with azure divine wings shouted loudly.

“No, this cup of wine belongs to me, I discovered this place first!” Someone shouted.

The group fought with each other, laughing there in an unbridled manner.

“It is just a head, you all can have it. I am more fond of this golden calf.”

Wu, I don’t even want the divine medicines, just give me a portion of this little calf!”

Many people fought over the golden bull, all of their eyes burning with desire.

Shi Hao didn’t say anything, staring at them like he was staring at dead people. Even though these words were ear-piercing, he didn’t mind them too much, only calmly watching.

“Huang, you are so unsightly, not even able to deal with a foot long little calf. Just watch obediently from the side, watch how we deal with it.” Someone said with a smile.

“No, take Huang’s head first to avoid anything unexpected happening. Senior, please keep the law!” There was someone who was extremely careful, moreover asking the Self Release Realm great cultivator to prepare for action.

“Be a good little calf and stay off to the side. I will come to you soon. If you are willing to surrender, then we can bring you to see the undying existence.” Someone said to the golden bull.

Only, those creatures that had just walked forward suddenly felt their bodies going rigid, feeling horrified.

At this time, that foot long calf raised its head to look at them, no longer looking at the Everlasting Sword Core. At this moment, its pupils were incomparably resplendent, releasing an intimidating aura.

“It… it…” Someone couldn’t help but cry out, feeling as if they fell into an icehouse, frozen from head to toe. Everyone’s smiles froze.

“Huang, you actually dared to swindle us!” These creatures were shocked and furious, their expressions turning pale. Right now, they felt as if they fell straight to hell.

1. Mo=devil, Teng=vine

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