Chapter 1445

Chapter 1445 - Dangerous Situation

The foreign side was truly vast, many times larger than the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. This was precisely the reason why they had so many creatures, and as a result, the number of powerful individuals was also greater.

The spiritual essence was dense, great mountains powerful, many areas secret lands that couldn’t be stepped foot into. Legendary authoritative figures resided here, some remaining unmoved for a larger half of a great era, but there was still no one who dared intrude into these regions.

This was an undying land. Mist rose, making this place look mysterious and holy. However, there was a gray fog surging within, strange and sinister, releasing a bit of terrifying aura.

Heh heh, I wish you well, dao brother. We have received your sincerity, we will bid you goodbye in the elders’ place!” A powerful creature walked out, sending out a human formed creature!

“Please, there is no need to see me out, I will head back now, still need to cross Desolate Border.” That person responded politely.

“In the future, there will be many chances to work together, please properly stow away this tile. One of the generals from our side will stop you, this is Master Wu’s command tile.” The foreign creature said.

“Many thanks!” The other humanoid creature accepted this pitch-black iron tile, carefully stowing it away. It was because this was an article that belonged to an...

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