Chapter 1444

Chapter 1444 - Immortal Gold Creature

Shi Hao went inside. This was a dried-up land, apart from the life force in the distance and strong fragrance, there weren’t many plants, everything nearby dried-up and lonely.


A few bones were crushed under his feet. These were divine bones. Even though they had a bit of luster, they were already starting to decay, unable to take even a single blow, even normal weight on them would make them break.

Shi Hao was extremely careful, knowing how dangerous this place most likely was.

In the back, that bird lingered about this land of death, pacing about. Its zhang length body released waves of demonic light, its eyes malevolent, continuously watching Shi Hao.

The devil bird was looking forward to seeing what was going to happen, but also felt fear, its mood complicated, as if it wanted Shi Hao to touch something.

Shi Hao turned around and gave it a look, and then resolutely advanced. Since he didn’t have a choice, then he was just going to go forward!

Divine medicines were everywhere, too alluring. Shi Hao headed towards his target!

Nearby, the ground was level, as if it was a small prairie. Not a blade of grass grew here, the ground hard and stiff, a dark red color, as if it had been soaked in blood.

Meanwhile, in the distance, a mountain ridge cut across, verdant and lush. Those divine medicines ran back and...

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