Chapter 1444

Chapter 1444 - Immortal Gold Creature

Shi Hao went inside. This was a dried-up land, apart from the life force in the distance and strong fragrance, there weren’t many plants, everything nearby dried-up and lonely.


A few bones were crushed under his feet. These were divine bones. Even though they had a bit of luster, they were already starting to decay, unable to take even a single blow, even normal weight on them would make them break.

Shi Hao was extremely careful, knowing how dangerous this place most likely was.

In the back, that bird lingered about this land of death, pacing about. Its zhang length body released waves of demonic light, its eyes malevolent, continuously watching Shi Hao.

The devil bird was looking forward to seeing what was going to happen, but also felt fear, its mood complicated, as if it wanted Shi Hao to touch something.

Shi Hao turned around and gave it a look, and then resolutely advanced. Since he didn’t have a choice, then he was just going to go forward!

Divine medicines were everywhere, too alluring. Shi Hao headed towards his target!

Nearby, the ground was level, as if it was a small prairie. Not a blade of grass grew here, the ground hard and stiff, a dark red color, as if it had been soaked in blood.

Meanwhile, in the distance, a mountain ridge cut across, verdant and lush. Those divine medicines ran back and forth like naughty children, roaming about the base of the mountain.

“Golden Ginseng Doll, Flying Phoenix Herb, Coiling Dragon Flower…”

Shi Hao’s saliva was even about to fall out. Even though he was still far away, there wasn’t much to hide after he activated his Heavenly Eyes. Those divine medicines were the real deal, their numbers not padded with spiritual medicines at all.

This was exactly the same as how the ancient records portrayed it, all of them legendary divine medicines, astonishingly valuable!

“One stalk, two stalks, three stalks…”

Just a rough scan, Shi Hao already counted nine stalks. It was because they moved in and out of the ground, running everywhere, it was hard to say just how many there were.

However, what he discovered so far was already astonishing enough. In other places, where would he be able to see nine stalks of divine medicines? A single stalk would be hard to find!

It was because a stalk of divine medicine would consume all of the essence of a sacred earth, so there was no way for one place to nurture two stalks. However, this place completely toppled normal reasoning.

“This is just one area of this boundless Divine Medicine Mountain Range. Don’t tell me that there are tens to over a hundred stalks of divine medicines here?” Shi Hao suspected. Otherwise, how could this mountain range have this type of name?

He began to slink forward, because the divine medicines had long developed intelligence, having their own consciousness. They were extremely vigilant, they would escape if there was danger.

He finally approached the boundary of this area, about to leave this barren place. He closed in on that verdant mountain ridge, those divine medicines still unaware, still playing around.

Shi Hao was a bit dizzy, to the extent where he almost couldn’t stop himself from taking action. It was because these divine medicines were like children, giggling and jumping around right before him.

There was a stalk of old ginseng that was entirely golden, extremely fat and aged, its face covered in a beard, on its head grass and leaves. This was a golden ginseng that had lived for who knew how many years, long becoming a divine medicine, running extremely quickly right now.

That type of fragrance penetrated one deeply into one’s heart, making one’s entire body feel comfortable, one’s mind clear and refreshed.

On the other side, there was a phoenix herb that was red like blood, looking like a phoenix that spread its wings, stirring a rain of divine light as it moved. When it ran, it moved lightly and gracefully, extremely beautiful.

Of course, its medicinal fragrance was also exceptionally rich!

“This truly leaves one full of desire!” Shi Hao grumbled. Then, he suddenly exerted force, rushing forward, moreover using divine force, preparing to take action and capture them.

How could he return from this precious mountain empty-handed?

He wouldn’t destroy the divine medicines, moreover, he wouldn’t damage their roots. Even when he needed them, he wouldn’t kill the chicken to get the eggs, as it was better to just raise the chicken itself!

Only, would he be able to catch these divine medicines?

Shi Hao was quite confident. With his strength, he should be able to suppress them. As a result, his eyes burned fiercely, as if he already saw the scene of those divine medicines entering his hands.

However, right at this time, a shocking change happened. For some reason, this region suddenly shone, producing a strange domain that twisted time and space, making Shi Hao’s body tremble greatly.

Then, from that completely barren dried-up earth, a stone mountain suddenly ruptured, and then magma surged, flowing outwards.

Moo… A cow cry sounded, shaking the heavens above and earth below, making the void collapse. This was an extremely terrifying creature.

Even someone as powerful as Shi Hao almost had his body broken apart. This type of sound wave was to intense, unimaginable. This barbaric bull’s roar was enough to shake up an expert directly to death!

This was a golden bull, not made of a flesh body, actually cast from Ecliptic Immortal Gold. it was entirely golden, brilliant to an unimaginable degree, moreover possessing a type of great prestige!

“Ecliptic Immortal Gold?” Shi Hao couldn’t help but cry out, moreover quickly backing off. He felt his scalp becoming numb. He actually ended up encountering this type of thing.

In reality, this golden bull really wasn’t that large, only a foot in size, but the power was too great, enough to make one overlook its size, mistaken it for being as heavy as a golden mountain!

In this world, there was Void Immortal Gold, Darkness Immortal Gold, Seven-Colored Multicolored Gold, and several other types of unmatched immortal materials. Ecliptic Immortal Gold was ranked with them, yet there was a such a large piece right here!

One had to understand that a fist-sized piece of Immortal Gold would already be enough for one to lose their heads over it, risk their lives to struggle over it. However, there was actually such a large piece here!

This golden bull was a foot in length, like something out of a fantasy. It was extremely large, enough for a True Immortal to refine an artifact out of without any fear of lacking materials!

Shi Hao quickly withdrew, but this golden bull was chasing after him, releasing killing intent.

“It is a living creature?” Shi Hao was alarmed. This wasn’t a man-made puppet, instead a creature with true life.

Immortal Gold developed sentience, turning into a creature, this was something that had only appeared before in legends, something only recorded in ancient texts!

However, he saw it here. This was definitely a terrifying creature, one who would make even peak level experts’ expression change, feel headaches.

In reality, this wasn’t the first time Shi Hao encountered an Immortal Gold creature, just that last time, he didn’t see it clearly before it directly fled.

Back then, when he was in the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, he had previously entered an ancient cave with Qi Daolin, discovering a Seven-Colored Immortal Gold creature.

However, that time, they escaped quickly, while that Immortal Gold creature didn’t pursue them into the outside world. Otherwise, they would have undoubtedly died.

Now, the situation was different. This creature clearly bore hostility, the foot length golden bull locking onto him. It released a barbaric bull cry, wishing to directly blast him to death.

Shi Hao continuously withdrew, each time he moved, he would always shift out who knew how many li. However, this golden bull’s speed was also extremely fast, wishing to completely eradicate him.


The golden bull roared, making the ground collapse! Moreover, the distant mountain rocks and other things all shattered, rubble rushing into the heavens.

Shi Hao immediately flew out. Right now, how could he be bothered to pick divine medicines? His life was the most important, currently in great danger.

This golden bull’s strength was immeasurably deep, just that his consciousness wasn’t that strong, a bit ignorant, not truly evolving into a mature organism.

Otherwise, Shi Hao would have undoubtedly died.

It was precisely because of this that its combat awareness wasn’t strong, only having a type of primitive instincts that made it want to kill Shi Hao, in this way protect its territory and the divine medicines.

If its combat technique and divine abilities were heaven-defying, what chance would Shi Hao have?

However, despite this being the case, it was still frightening, because this golden bull had existed for too long, possessing a sea of divine force. Just a random attack, even if it wasn’t a method, was enough to kill gods.

Dang! Shi Hao suddenly tried something out, releasing precious techniques against the golden bull’s body. However, it didn’t move at all, completely ineffective.

This was an Immortal Gold body, the sturdiest substance of this world, impervious to all disasters. Even if the world collapsed, it would still remain imperishable!

Shi Hao felt a headache. Even without a powerful consciousness, it was still not something he could deal with. This golden bull’s body was imperishable, innately inextinguishable. Even if it just stood there, others still couldn’t do anything to it.

“I will come back for these divine medicines. You… can just act vicious for now, I will come for revenge!” Shi Hao shouted.

He immediately ran, fleeing for his life, disregarding everything.

However, this Ecliptic Immortal Gold barbaric bull was too formidable. It gathered divine force, forming a great golden path, directly rushing at Shi Hao.

It was like a bridge, connected to the destination, allowing one to directly rush there.

“Escape in that direction!” There was unexpectedly someone who gave Shi Hao directions, leaving him stunned. At the same time, he was horrified, what kind of creature jumped out now? This Divine Medicine Mountain Range was too strange.

Soon afterwards, he calmed down. That was an ancient tree, incredibly brilliant, the radiance it released divine and auspicious. This was a Heavenly Deity Tree that took root in the mountain ridge, secretly conversing with him.

Shi Hao had previously heard the ‘White Tortoise Carrying Immortal’ long life medicine mention that there were four Heavenly Deity Trees in this world in total, that they were originally one body, but split up due to various reasons, becoming four individual bodies.

Once the four stalks combined together again, they would completely transform, recover their true body. At that time, they would become a type of long life medicine!

When that happened, its medicinal effects would be far more than just the additive effects of the four Heavenly Deity Trees alone, instead increasing many times, becoming an unmatched immortal medicine.

Moreover, it would be an immortal tree medicine!

One had to understand that long life medicines were extremely rare to begin with, from the past until now, they were practically nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, tree type immortal medicines were even rarer. These four Heavenly Deity Trees, after merging, would become this type of mother body!

Shi hao had previously obtained one Heavenly Deity Tree, always nurturing it in All Life Earth. It had long produced fruit, but Shi Hao never picked them, waiting for the day that he could combine the four into one, produce a long life immortal medicine tree!

At that time, the fruits it produced would also transform, becoming immortal medicine fruits!

There was a legend stating that that type of fruit might allow one to directly achieve immortality!

It was rumored that it was precisely because it was this heaven-defying, being even stranger than other long life medicines, that it was divided into four trees.

Of course, there was no proof of this, just some legend passed through history.

Shi Hao ran according to the Heavenly Deity Tree’s guidance, running in a certain direction, wishing to break free from the golden bull. In the end, he discovered that the ancient tree’s guidance could only temporarily free him from disaster.

It was because the barbaric bull was too sensitive, continuously chasing, actually directly following along.

In the following three days, Shi Hao ran with difficulty, almost dying several times, suffering serious injuries.

Meanwhile, a major event was happening in the foreign side!

“Someone from Imperial Pass came to my side, meeting with great figures?” This information circulated between some King Clans, triggering quite the commotion.

Someone was going to defect? Was this to open up Imperial Pass, or was it something else?

Soon afterwards, more news were released that made the younger generation excited, especially young experts at the peak like He Ziming. All of them revealed cruel cold laughs.

“Huang is in Divine Medicine Mountain Range, trapped inside!”

It was precisely the creature who crossed Desolate Border, entering the other side who informed them of this information.

“Set out, the younger generation’s chance to wash away our humiliation has come. We are going to gather in Divine Medicine Mountain Range and kill Huang, this person will no longer exist in this world from here on forth!”

Heh heh, someone sent a message informing us of Huang’s whereabouts, this truly is great. We are going to kill him!”

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