Chapter 1442

Chapter 1442 - Long Journey

In the great desert, there were still shouts of killing in the distance, battles still continuing. It was because the battlefield was too vast.

Only this region was a bit strange, abnormal, both sides confronting each other.

“Those from Emperor Clans can’t be invited out just because one wants to. When the time comes, they will naturally come out!” An ancient King Clan expert said with a sunken voice.

He was berating those younger generation. Emperor Clans were unimaginable, they were isolated from the rest of the world, remaining in those ancient lands, for a single person to come out from those places every tens of thousands of years was already not bad.

Shi Hao didn’t head to other places to kill the rest of the ten great foreign experts, he suspected that there was no way all ten would come, and even if they all came, he didn’t want to fight anymore. It was because he already took action again and again, if he pushed things further, he would likely be ambushed and killed.

“Even if those from emperor races don’t come, that youngster can still be subdued. I refuse to believe that the number one or number two of the ten great experts will lose!” Someone from the other side said.

“Indeed, brother He Ziming came out of seclusion to comprehend his dao! After crossing an unimaginable heavenly tribulation, he shares Ancestor He Wushuang’s brilliance. As number one among the ten great young experts, he can definitely defeat all in his way!” Someone said.

In the distance, Shi Hao was moved. As for the He Clan, he always had his own questions. Just how powerful were they? He now understood that it still belonged in the king race category.

He Wushuang’s descendant He Ziming was actually number one among the ten great king race experts, not simple, could be said to be an astonishing individual.

“One has to understand that He Wushuang great one has even defeated Emperor Clans in the later stages of his life, becoming an unmatched existence!” Someone said quietly.

Wu, from a certain perspective, the He Family really is powerful. If He Wushuang great one takes half a step forward, he can lead this family into becoming this great era’s newly advanced Emperor Clan!” Someone said.

In the distance, when Shi Hao heard their discussions, he was shaken up. He was underestimating the He Clan, turns out they were already not far from Emperor Clans.

Of course, as for whether or not this clan can become an Emperor Clan, it didn’t have anything to do with the current later generation, but rather He Wushuang himself. He needed to break through, become an existence on the level of Anlan,and Shutuo, these types of beings.

Currently, he was only half a step away!

“If He Ziming continues to develop like this, perhaps he really will possess his ancestor’s bearing, able to transcend, enter an unmatched domain, becoming not weaker than Emperor Clans!”

When He Clan was mentioned, the youngsters gradually became excited, feeling like they should invite He Ziming out, have him take action. Perhaps he was enough to defeat all of his peers from Imperial Pass.

Only, a few people were worried. It was rumored that currently, inside Imperial Pass, aside from Huang, there was likely more mysterious powerful reinforcements.

In their eyes, the creatures of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths weren’t that powerful. It was very likely that the creatures who interfered with the two sides’ great battle in the past appeared again.

Everyone believed that it was this group of descendants who entered Imperial Pass, and that was why they were this powerful.

It was to the extent where everyone believed that Huang might be one of those people’s descendants, coming from the mysterious lands!

“Do those people really exist? Wasn’t it said to have just been a rumor, that there was no way to confirm this?” A youngster asked.

Only, no one paid him any attention. The older generation king race individuals’ eyes were all deep like an abyss, extremely intimidating.

Wu… Right at this time, a conch bugle horn sounded, calling for the foreign side to withdraw. Today’s great battle came to an end.

It was originally extremely tense, in a state of mutual hostility, both sides going to fight to the end. However, now that the foreign side backed off, the creatures of Imperial Pass released a breath of relief.

“Who is he exactly, the one who killed five great kings? Truly formidable!” The cultivators of the Nine Heavens began to discuss amongst themselves.

“Do you even need to think about this? It’s definitely Huang!”

“Not necessarily, I cultivated the Heavenly Ears skill, just now, I heard that there seemed to be a cultivator from the mysterious ancient land that entered my Imperial Pass. Don’t tell me that it is a creature from the restricted region?”

This day was destined to not remain calm. Even though they already withdrew from the battlefield, both sides were discussing on their own as they returned.

For the other side, this day was too shocking. It was like absolute darkness, terrible to the extreme.

In reality, this day, there was a storm that erupted within the foreign side after all. After He Ziming learned of this, he immediately left the pass, wishing to fight.

Moreover, the deaths of the five great young experts left the five clans furious, all of them sending out experts, preparing to kill the offender in the next great battle.

“Huang, I am waiting for you to appear in the great desert to cut you down!” There were people who shouted.

In the other side, there were a few people who suspected that it might be Huang who took action.

Of course, there were many people who held different opinions, feeling like it was someone else.

Regardless, the other side couldn’t calm down, discussions carried out everywhere. The young generation were even more sullen, all of them wishing for someone to rush over powerfully, kill that bastard from Imperial Pass.

However, all of this had nothing to do with Shi Hao right now.

It was because along the way, he quietly left, not returning to Emperor City, instead heading to the great desert side. He turned into a wisp of smoke, quickly leaving into the distance.

It was because after the battle ended, there were too many corpses. There were people who were cleaning up, raising coffins, and those who directly buried them, so it was quite noisy. Even if someone saw Shi Hao, they wouldn’t pay too much attention to him.

Moreover, with how fast his speed was, few people could see him to begin with.

It was because right now, three types of extreme methods were supporting him, he stirred on lightning, Kung Peng Wings, and Earth to Inches, his speed incomparably fast.

This great desert was too vast. No matter how fast Shi Hao’s speed was, even after speeding along on the ground for who knew how many tens of thousands of li, he still didn’t free himself from this region.

En?” Suddenly, he was alarmed, feeling like something wasn’t quite right. He was being followed. Even though he didn’t see anyone, his intuition told him that he had been caught up to.

This situation was extremely bad, there were no great knights and others protecting this place, so it was completely desolate. It was difficult to separate friend and foe, there was most likely going to be danger.

Someone who dared to chase after him was definitely not simple.

Moreover, for this person to not show himself even now meant that he most likely carried bad intentions. Otherwise, the other party would have directly greeted him.

Was it someone from the other side, or was it a creature from Imperial Pass?

Shi Hao felt that this person should have came from Imperial Pass, after all, he left from his own camp. If someone followed him, then that person came from Imperial Pass’ army.

“This type of uneasiness really doesn’t feel good. He definitely carries bad intentions!” Shi Hao increased speed, becoming as fast as lightning, rushing towards the edge of the great desert.

Finally, he arrived at the border of the great desert. A verdant horizon appeared ahead, exuberant vitality spilling out, plants luxuriant, wild beasts roaring. He was about to leave the desert.


Right at this time, a large hand reached out from behind, fast to the extreme.

The skies directly ruptured, crushed by that earthen large hand. This was unexpectedly a Self Release Realm powerful cultivator, one who was extremely terrifying, wishing to suppress and kill Shi Hao.

He had always followed behind, wishing to see where Shi Hao was going, if there would be any great opportunities. Later on, when he saw that Shi Hao was going to leave the desert and enter this region, his expression immediately changed, hurriedly taking action.

Otherwise, he might not be able to catch Shi Hao, because this region was extremely strange, easy for unexpected things to happen.

“Break!” Shi Hao roared out. At the crucial time, he produced the Everlasting Sword Core, preparing to stake it all. The more pressure this sword core endured, the greater the power it released.


As expected, when that boundless great hand descended, the sword core shone with incomparable brilliance, releasing dazzling light, as if someone was ascending to immortality. A rain of light descended, surrounding the sword core.


When that large hand descended, it actually hesitated, not directly slapping down, wishing to seize this sword.

However, right at this time, a shocking change happened. At the limits of the horizon, there was a mountain ridge. There was a giant ancient tree branch that extended out, similarly covering heaven and earth, immediately rushing into the heavens. It smashed into that large hand with a hong noise.

When Shi Hao saw this, he quickly put away the Everlasting Sword Core. He didn’t want anything unexpected to happen.

It was because before coming, he already learned some things about this area, knowing some things about these restricted areas.

“Unlucky, actually startled the Iron Blood Ancient Tree!” The one who chased over said with a cold voice.

This was a Divine Medicine Mountain Range, a place with too many incomprehensible mysteries. There were several ancient trees at the front of the mountain that were as tall as the sky, protecting this place.

They were Iron Blood Ancient Trees, originally having spiritual awareness, an extremely powerful race. Moreover, those trees had existed for an incredibly long time, almost reaching a great era.

However, for some unknown reason, these Iron Blood Ancient Trees’ spiritual awareness was uncivilized, only having a type of instincts, different from other Iron Blood Ancient Trees who developed intelligence.

However, there was no need to doubt their power. Not even powerful Self Release Realm cultivators dared to rashly face them!


That large hand was blasted aside. The Iron Blood Ancient Tree split the heavens, the verdant and luxuriant colors carrying a dark red radiance. It was as if even the heavens could be supported by its power.

That person stood in the horizon, face incredibly overcast, watching as Shi Hao entered the mountain range. He didn’t dare follow him in.

It was because this place was too sinister, even supreme beings previously dying inside. He didn’t dare act recklessly.

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