Chapter 1441

Chapter 1441 - Day of Darkness

The foreign ten great young experts’ Blue Eyes Golden Scaled Lion King, Martial Heavenly King, Green Vine King, and Feather Snake Twin Kings were killed one after another, their lives ended just like that.

This region was in complete chaos!


The heavens fell and earth split apart, Shi Hao unleashed a massacre here. He condensed a fist imprint, entire body becoming like a humanoid True Dragon, bashing left and right. Wherever he went, corpses fell in large amounts.

Soon afterwards, blood splashed everywhere in this place, dyeing the great desert red. Shi Hao slaughtered his way through this place, not giving these creatures any chance.

Not long ago, these people were still ridiculing Shi Hao, believing that this human didn’t know the height and depth of heaven and earth, actually daring to challenge Martial Heavenly King, but now, this was the result.

Shi Hao not only killed Wu Feng, he killed three more King Clan youths!

Yet now, it was precisely these people who weren’t able to run, being chased down. Every one of them was scared. Even though they were warlike races, when faced with an enemy they had no chance of winning against, knowing that they would inevitably die, they would still feel fear.

In the back, the people of Imperial Pass were overwhelmed by emotions as they watched, completely stirred up, shouting out together, slaughtering their way over.

“Kill! Kill all of them! Don’t leave a single one behind!” Someone roared.

Even the robust male whose entire body had weapons stabbed all over, as well as the elder who even coughed out parts of his inner organs recovered a bit of vitality now, once again rushing forward.

“All of you back off, don’t stay here. There will definitely be great figures from the other side who will come here for revenge!” Shi Hao released a shout, not letting them stay here.

Moreover, at this time, he used an extreme art, his entire body shining. All types of precious techniques merged together; he unleashed a great massacre.

Pu pu pu...

Corpses fell one after another, some having the space between their brows pierced through, some cleaved in half, all of them dying quickly.

Wherever Shi Hao passed, blood continuously splashed out, heads tumbled, broken arms and limbs fell. This was a bloody scene, as well as a cruel one filled with blood and chaos.

It was because this was a battlefield that lacked benevolence, even more so lacking mercy. There was only fighting and slaughter here, only the victor allowed to live.

Shi Hao killed several hundred creatures with just this attack alone. These were all powerful individuals, not a single ordinary individual among them!

The people watching from the back were all stunned. Just how much time had passed, yet this youngster already achieved such a terrifying battle result! He truly was like a demon king who struggled free from hell, possessing unmatched might!

“We’re leaving!” The cultivators from Imperial Pass were decisive as well. They knew that what Shi Hao said was the truth. Now that several great kings were killed, this was sky shattering news, it would definitely startle the higher levels.

Shi Hao watched as these people left, and then he entered a berserk murderous state again, reaping lives like wheat. Large amounts of corpses fell.

Even if the creatures of the other side didn’t fear death, they were now still scared, every one of them shivering coldly, turning around to leave. Corpses covered the ground, this place as if ravaged by an asura. It was full of bloodiness, truly shocking.

Then, he left into the distance, not staying behind. It was because this place was going to become the eye of the storm, produce a great disturbance.

Along the way, he made his way into the desert, continuously changed his appearance, to the extent where he even put on the armors of corpses on before returning to the area the great experts of Imperial Pass overlooked.

He hid within the crowd, becoming quiet.

After killing the five great experts, he cast aside his old clothes, not leaving behind many clues!

Ah…” In the area where the great kings’ corpses rested, a world-shaking roar of anger sounded. There were Self Release Realm creatures who rushed over, erupting with anger.

As for creatures of other cultivation realms, they had long surrounded this place, all of them standing there, incomparably shocked.

“What happened? In one day, our side lost five great experts, four of them done in by one person, are the heavens going to change?”

Someone said with a trembling voice. These were but the most outstanding geniuses of the other side, powerful king races, yet they were all killed by a single person. This triggered great alarm.

“I believe that the Blue Eyes Golden Scaled Lion King was also killed by him, because the one who took action was also a young human. This is too terrifying!” Another person said quietly, feeling a chill run through his entire body.

This left them extremely dejected. The foreign side was warlike, known to be an aggressive species, always domineering and unstoppable. However, today, they encountered such a serious blow.

In their eyes, this was some type of ominous sign!

“Could it be that many exceptional creatures were produced in Imperial Pass this generation, allowing them to fight back? Don’t tell me that this will bring about blood and chaos…”

There were some who became doubtful, feeling a wave of worry. This was especially the case when they raised their heads and saw that boundless Heaven Abyss covering everything above, protecting this world, making them feel even more uneasy.

After all these years had passed, they still couldn’t capture Imperial Pass, this fact long making them nervous. Now, some more setbacks appeared, a few signs, this immediately made some people anxious.

“This shouldn’t be, did those creatures take action and interfere again? Otherwise, how could Imperial Pass have such a stunning genius? Only that Huang can be considered barely passable. I suspect that the one who took action is the descendant of those creatures, perhaps that place has been opened, and they are coming again!” There was a powerful ancient king race individual who arrived, speaking quietly like this, his worlds leaving everyone shocked.

“Is there really that type of place? It opened again, and there are people who are coming over?” Another ancient king race individual was a bit doubtful.

Ah, my Feng’er, how could you have died?” A silver-haired middle-aged man rushed over, eyes red. He roared out, already going crazy.

This was Martial Heavenly King’s grandfather, a Self Release Realm great expert, a great roar released from his mouth. He was a well-known heaven warping figure from their clan.

Meanwhile, he was also the ruler of an area, someone who had killed how knew how many experts in Imperial Pass, to the extent where he even killed three great knights from Imperial Pass’ side.

This silver-haired individual was extremely terrifying. He gave out the order that they had to find the one who did this no matter what, but of course, they had to recognize that person’s traits first.


Golden light surged, as if a blazing sun descended from the heavens. This was an entirely golden Feather Snake. It wasn’t in human form, but rather revealed its original body. It was like a great golden python, but it had a pair of peng wings, exceptionally bold and powerful.

“My children, you two were actually killed here. I still wanted to wait until you two rose to the peak, but you two died an untimely death. I will get revenge for you two!”

This was the mysterious ancestor of the Feather Snake Twin Kings, an old python with a heaven-defying cultivation. He was also in the Self Release Realm, a fierce individual who was difficult to deal with for anyone under the Supreme Being Realm. It was extremely well-known in the great desert, because it had killed too many cultivators from Imperial Pass.

The foreign side’s people went crazy, because five great young experts fell in succession. This was just too much of a disaster, the situation difficult to redeem.

This was even worse than the events a year ago in Great Scarlet Sky Border.

At that time, Huang killed ten king race youths alone, but there were only one or two who were close to the ten great experts. The others were still quite a bit off.

Now, five of the ten Prides of Heaven were killed at once, this was simply earth-shattering! Even the older generation figures were startled, unable to sit still anymore.

For the other creatures of the foreign region, especially the younger generation, today was simply like a day of darkness!

The ones who they recognized as unrivaled, five of these Pride of Heaven were killed by a single person, this truly made one shiver with coldness. There was nothing more terrible than this.

This region erupted with commotion. Large amounts of foreign experts gathered here, the clansmen of the five great kings all rushing here. Killing intent immediately overflowed into the heavens, streak after streak of sword light rushing into the clouds, splitting the sky dome.

This place immediately became chaotic!

In the distance, Imperial Pass’ cultivators faced this seriously, especially those great knights. They all stood at the very front, on guard against the foreign side going crazy.

Meanwhile, at this time, even the auras of supreme beings pervaded outwards. There were people in confrontation, about to descend from beyond the sky!

“Your foreign side really is weak. Just a few youngsters were killed, moreover by a single person, yet you all are already so irritable, not knowing how to take a defeat!” Someone shouted from Imperial Pass’ side.

“What warlike races? Nothing more than this! If you have the skills, then send over one or two young supreme beings, they’ll be similarly killed without exception! In competitions of the same generation, you all are already lacking!” Someone ridiculed.

When they heard these worlds, the eyes of the foreign side’s experts all became deep, revealing killing intent, as well as a wave of bone chilling coldness.

Even though they really wanted to kill the culprit, they had to admit that these words carried some reasoning. They were warlike races, prideful down to their bones, always enjoying defeating their opponents on the battlefield.

“Old ancestors, please head to the ancient lands and invite those Emperor Clans to take action! If just a single youngster comes, then he can defeat everyone!” There were foreign youngsters who kowtowed, pleading like this.

It was because they were just too sullen. They were aggressive races, so how could they be willing to yield before others of the same generation?

Previously, they didn’t want Emperor Clans to come out, because when a single one of those creatures came out, then the youngsters from other clans in this world could only bow down in respect, completely unable to stop them.

However, right now, they couldn’t hold back anymore, urgently wishing for the Emperor Clans to take action, and then completely destroy the other side. They wanted the Emperor Clan youth to crush the most powerful youngsters from Imperial Pass under his feet, kill them all!

“Please ask the Emperor Clans to appear in this world, this is a battle that belongs to the younger generation, I hope someone of the same generation can stand out, directly defeat that provocator from Imperial Pass!”

The foreign younger generation all spoke out, bowing and pleading.

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