Chapter 1440

Chapter 1440 - Killing Kings

This was a humanoid creature, but he was definitely not human. There was mist around his face, thick blood radiance surrounding his body, forming a divine ring, surrounding him within.

“Green Vine King, he also came!” The foreign creatures were all shocked. The kings actually gathered, this really could be considered mustering great forces!

Green Vine King was ranked fifth amongst the younger generation, right below Martial Heavenly King, an extremely powerful expert who could overlook his generation.

They understood that these young kings gathered to surround Huang, kill him. However, they didn’t end up encountering Huang today.

“It truly is a pity that Huang didn’t come. Otherwise, he would die without a burial ground! With so many kings here, if he appeared, there would definitely be no path into heaven, no door to earth!” The nearby foreign creatures all felt that it was extremely regretful.

Sigh, for all of them to gather just to deal with this nobody, it really is killing a chicken with a bull butchering knife. A nobody ended up attracting several kings.” Someone shook their head.

“Indeed. Good steel should be used on the blade, when used to deal with these types of people, wouldn’t just some random blade be enough?” Someone mocked loudly.

This was obviously done on purpose, because they felt that with four kings from the other side coming at once, it was definitely enough to kill Shi Hao. That was why all of the creatures from the other side relaxed.

Shi Hao was also smiling, feeling extremely happy, not minding what everyone was saying at all, only staring at the four kings. If he could get rid of all of them in one go, would the other side’s creatures go crazy?

He felt like this really was a rare opportunity. Wasn’t the other side always flaunting their bravery? Then he’ll just kill their ten great experts in succession. Just how great of a mental blow would this deal?


Martial Heavenly King had long taken action, exchanging a palm with Shi Hao.

Shi Hao narrowed his eyes, not beating the grass to scare the snake, intentionally holding back a bit. At the same time, he kept his eyes on the other three kings, ready to fight them at any time!

That was why this exchange was extremely ordinary, not all that spectacular, nothing to write home about. In the end, he avoided Martial Heavenly King’s vicious palm force, only facing the palm wind.

“I was still wondering how strong he might be, in the end, he could only avoid Martial Heavenly King’s attack, nothing more than this. I just knew that the creatures of the other side are unbearably weak, this really was the case after all, not daring to fight head-on!”

“Of course he wouldn’t dare attack head-on, why don’t you think about who he’s facing? That’s Wu Feng, an undying existence’s disciple, known as a Heavenly King. Who could confront him head-on?” Someone said with disdain.

The foreign creatures surrounded this place, extremely arrogant, nitpicking as they commented. They revealed sneers and disdain towards the creatures from Imperial Pass not far out.

“Before, I felt like I might be able to kill a dark horse, most likely someone with some fame, now, it seems like you are only a donkey, stupidly throwing your life away!” Someone ridiculed, triggering endless laughter from the creatures of the other side.

On the other side, the faces of the creatures from Imperial Pass all fell, but they still revealed a wave of powerlessness. Who could face the young kings of the other side alone? It was simply impossible.

After all, those were the ten great experts, every one of them having the power to massacre the masses, able to overlook their peers!

“Kill him!”

“Martial Heavenly King, just finish him quickly, kill him!”

The group of foreign creatures were noisy, wanting this nobody dead.

They didn’t know that this was precisely Huang, that he was already standing before their eyes, moreover about to raise his butcher’s knife!


Martial Heavenly King shouted, the silver patterns between his brows flickering, head of silver hair fluttering about, using great killing methods. His right eye was silvery-white, turning into a heavenly blade, hacking forward.

The blade radiance was tens of thousands of zhang long. It hacked apart heaven and earth, primal chaos surging, power unmatched!

This was what the undying existence passed onto him. It was known as Undying Heavenly Blade, able to cut through all enemies!

For the inheritance in Imperial pass, this could be considered an immortal dao method, the power naturally boundless, incomparable.

Shi Hao was extremely calm, to the extent where the corners of his lips tilted upwards, revealing a smile. The other party actually used the same move, the last time was also this move, he had already experienced it before.

This Undying Heavenly Blade was indeed frightening, but Shi Hao was well prepared. The Imperishable Scripture operated, True Primordial Record also displayed, bone texts interweaving. His fist immediately became resplendent.


He smashed forward just like that!


This strike erupted like lightning. Ten thousand streaks of light erupted between the two, the void collapsing, lightning rumbling, the scene horrifying.

“What is going on? That person didn’t die? Why was he able to stop Martial Heavenly King’s attack?” Many people cried out in shock.

Meanwhile, the worse had yet to come. Shi Hao didn’t hold back at all, starting to take action with full strength. Even though he didn’t clearly display the Kun Peng Technique and others, he merged several types of precious techniques together, preparing the killing blow.

Lightning Emperor Precious Technique, Reincarnation Divine Ability, Willow Deity Technique, and others all gathered in his right hand. He produced a magical imprint, complementing it with Imperishable Scripture, sending it smashing forward.

Martial Heavenly King immediately knew that he encountered trouble. This person was far from as terrifying as he imagined, this was a powerful enemy!

As a result, he operated his ancient scripture, stirring on the Undying Heavenly Blade. In addition, the silver patterns between his brows shone, all different parts of his body shining together. There were immediately many types of ancestral methods that were displayed, supporting the heavenly blade.

History was always shockingly similar. It was just like last time, the two of them using everything they learned, condensing a thousand moves into one to directly decide victory and defeat, life and death.

“What is going on? Martial Heavenly King encountered his match, actually having to go all out?” Even the Feather Snake Twin Kings were shocked!


This strike exceeded everyone’s imaginations. Light became eternal, drowning everything. Then, the void exploded, darkness emerging, devouring everything.

It went from extreme brilliance to pitch-black like ink. It was extremely astonishing, as if heaven was pierced through, the underground abyss exposed!

This was a confrontation at the peak, containing the greatest strength of both individuals, deciding victory and defeat here!


Martial Heavenly King coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, entire body covered in cracks, almost breaking apart. He directly flew out, this scene shocking everyone.

Regardless of whether it was the foreign side or Imperial Pass, everyone was petrified. The fourth ranked Martial Heavenly King of the ten great experts was defeated, seriously injured!

At the same time, Shi Hao turned into a void figure, quickly rushing over, about to kill him.

Martial Heavenly King roared in anger, doing everything he could, using all of his power. He released essence blood from his mouth, igniting his life source, wishing to resist Shi Hao no matter the cost. He didn’t want to die here.

He wanted to roar out, but SHi Hao’s unmatched fist imprint arrived, still not holding back, smashing straight at him with his greatest strength!


Martial Heavenly King did everything he could, but this fist imprint was too powerful, as if a great mountain was crushing down, striking his arms until they broke. Blood sprayed out from his mouth, he couldn’t roar out even if he wanted to.

He used his divine will, wishing to transmit sound. However, in the end, Shi Hao released a light shout, his voice like thunder, directly about to scatter his primordial spirit.

The other party was using soul force, interfering with this place, suppressing his primordial spirit!

“Martial Heavenly King, you have to hold on!” Right at this time, Green Vine King and the Feather Snake Twin Kings all rushed over, wishing to provide assistance. They were incredibly shocked, never expecting Martial Heavenly King to almost be killed here.

Only, they were too late. Shi Hao approached, his palms becoming half translucent, blood roiling, releasing thunderous noises. At the same time, endless light erupted, slapping over.


Martial Heavenly King screamed, only, his voice was drowned out. Shi Hao’s fist was deafening like wind and thunder, crushing the world as he approached.


Martial Heavenly King’s hands were blasted to pieces. In addition, his arms turned into a bloody mist inch by inch, also being destroyed.

The main reason was because his foundation had already been injured after exchanging an attack with all his strength with Shi Hao, losing his peak fighting ability. Right now, he wasn’t Shi Hao’s opponent at all.

Shi Hao laughed coldly. The fourth imprint descended. He condensed a fist imprint, entire body burning, releasing dazzling radiance.


This time, Martial Heavenly King was in despair. If he ran, Huang would chase after him, while the three kings in the back wouldn’t be able to help him in time.

If he didn’t run, even if the three kings rushed over, Huang would still definitely kill him!

“I’m going to stake it all!” He roared angrily, not running, hoping to drag down Shi Hao so the three kings could attack him from the back.

Only, he was destined for disappointment. Shi Hao’s speed was too fast, Earth to Inches, after rushing forward, his divine force erupted even more powerfully.


Even though Martial Heavenly King was resisting, the ancestral technique directly collapsed. Meanwhile, his entire body also exploded, blasted apart by Shi Hao’s fist!

Martial Heavenly King fell, body and spirit extinguished before everyone’s faces.

This left everyone stunned. All of them were trembling, especially those foreign creatures who mocked Shi Hao before. They felt as if they were experiencing a nightmare!

Their Martial Heavenly King actually fell in battle!

“Damn it, he is definitely the one who killed the Blue Eyes Golden Scaled Lion King!” One of the Feather Snake Clan’s Twin Kings shouted.

“It’s your turn now!” Shi Hao spoke coldly. In the time it took for sparks to fly off a flint, he avoided the three individuals’ attacks, rushing right past, directly slaughtering his way over. He moved powerfully, immediately raising his fist to attack!


The Feather Snake Twin Kings’ hair were all vipers, crazily dancing about. Their long hair immediately moved out, rushing forward.

Moreover, they each had a pair of golden wings behind them. They moved, resembling golden feather swords, terrifying beyond compare as they hacked outwards.


At the same time, Green Vine King displayed power, revealing part of its true body, a vine. Right now, green light flickered about, streak after streak of green gold growing in the void, about to ensnare Shi Hao. In addition, there were still many vines that were even sharper than spears, stabbing forward, about to pierce through him.

The three great kings shared tacit understanding, all of them attacking Shi Hao. It was because they knew this person was too terrifying, even killing Martial Heavenly King, so if they faced him alone, they would undoubtedly die.

The nearby foreign creatures all couldn’t help but feel shocked. This was too terrifying! The fourth ranked Martial Heavenly King was killed, and now, the fifth ranked Green Vine King, seventh and eighth ranked Feather Snake Twin Kings were all attacking a single person. Things actually developed to this extent!

Ten great experts, in their eyes, they should be unmatched, at the very least, no one in the younger generation should be able to stop them. They should be enough to sweep through all of Imperial Pass’ young cultivators.

However, today, a single person toppled everything they knew. This person killed Wu Feng first, and then he fought three great kings alone, moreover seemingly at an advantage!

Shi Hao didn’t hold back, using all of his strength. He wanted to kill them in the shortest amount of time to prevent anything unexpected from happening.


He grabbed the golden wings of one of the Feather Snake Twin Kings. These were originally unstoppable divine wings, yet in the end, a piece was forcibly torn off by him.

“You…” That individual cried out in alarm, entire body erupting with golden radiance, wishing to counterattack Shi Hao.


As a result, Shi Hao immediately tore off an entire wing, causing blood to gush outwards.


He screamed miserably, this type of pain was unbearable.

“Kill!” The other Feather Snake roared in fury, rushing forward and attacking.

Green Vine King didn’t say a word, also taking action with everything he had. This wasn’t the time to selfishly hold back, they had to work together, or else they would all die.

“Let’s attack together!” The other foreign creatures came to a realization, slaughtering their way forward.

“We will also take action!” When the cultivators of the Nine Heavens’ side saw this, their blood all began to boil, also roaring out, rushing over murderously.

“You can go on your way!” Shi Hao said coldly. It was because after he tore off that Feather Snake’s wing, he grabbed one of his arms immediately afterwards.

When one was grabbed in front of Shi Hao, how could anything good happen from it?

Shi Hao cultivated the Imperishable Scripture, his flesh incomparably powerful, there was no way these people could compare to him. As a result, Shi Hao took action bare-handedly, immediately hacking this Feather Snake King in half, this being the case for his primordial spirit as well!

“Brother! Ah! No!” The other Feather Snake King howled with grief.

“Kill!” The Green Vine King also cried out. Vines covered the skies, piercing towards Shi Hao.

“All of you can go on your way!” At this moment, Shi Hao was like an unequalled reincarnated demon king, cold and ruthless.

During the following battle, he blasted apart the space between the other Feather Snake King’s brows, smashing through his skull, killing him on the spot.

Then, he condensed a magical imprint, blasting Green Vine King’s body, making his entire body’s divine force surge, ignite into flames, moreover revealing the original Green Vine body.


In the end, Shi Hao condensed a magical imprint, rushing forward. He smashed him to pieces, bloody mist pervading the air.

The kings were all killed!

Everyone sucked in cold air. This was a major event! This human young expert killed four great experts in one go, this was definitely going to shake up Desolate Border!

If the dead Blue Eyes Golden Scaled Lion King was added, that was five great experts! Everyone had reason to doubt that it was the same person who did this!

Five of the foreign side’s ten great young experts were killed in one day, this was just too terrifying, definitely heaven piercing! This would definitely trigger a massive commotion.

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