Chapter 1438

Chapter 1438 - Destruction

Crazy winds roared about, sand and rock flying everywhere. The experts of this battlefield were all blown flying, unable to stand still at all. The great winds severed heaven and earth, cutting apart the skies.

Ah… Many creatures released miserable screams.

Their bodies were breaking apart, exploding. There were a few creatures whose limbs, skull, and other parts broke apart, all of this created by this powerful wind.

A golden lion that was the size of a mountain was currently running. This was the might it brought with it, aura surging, heavily injuring the creatures nearby.

Just like its name, it had a pair of blue eyes that were extremely deep, and also extremely fierce. Right now, they blossomed with green multicolored light, sinister and frightening.

Its body was covered in golden scales, mane made up of extremely concentrated golden bone spurs, ferocious and savage. It ran over just like that, shaking up mountains and rivers.

According to legend, when this clan fought a great battle in the cosmos, it was the most terrifying. A single roar from this clan would make many stars explode.

The Blue Eyes Golden Scaled Lion King roared, saying, “Who killed my younger brother? I am going to pull out your tendons, peel your skin, dig out your bone marro...

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