Chapter 1435

Chapter 1435 - God Refining Light

Perhaps in the eyes of some people, this thing was even more precious than the Lightning Pool!

However, the people who saw this streak of divine radiance could only feel envy, because it was too far from them. It was only because Huang was really too much of a freak, daring to steal food from the tiger’s mouth in lightning tribulation, that he happened to obtain it through coincidence.

Inside the crystal, that drop of immortal blood was sparkling and translucent, too brilliant, flowing with brilliant colors, one could tell that it was an unmatched treasure from a single look.

Meanwhile, inside the Lightning Pool, that streak of light really was extraordinary, continuously struggling about. Even though it was suppressed by Great Elder’s matchless magical force, it was still unwilling.

It struggled about, wishing to escape!

This thing seemed to have life, leaving one shocked. It was clearly a strand of essence energy left behind from the heavenly tribulation’s immortal killing guillotine after it scattered, so how could it have a will?

At this time, that drop of immortal blood and this streak...

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