Chapter 1433

Chapter 1433 - Small Gathering

Everyone was momentarily stupefied, becoming quiet for quite some time. 

What they heard today was just too shocking. There were some secrets the elder revealed that they had never heard of before, shaking them down to their souls!

Imperial Pass’ higher levels might know about some of these things, but they never talked about this before. It was because doing so would be completely useless, just like right now, only triggering panic and alarm.

Many youngsters had absent-minded expressions on their faces, feeling like the future was too bleak, that this wasn’t real. Compared to that, what was their current situation like? The future was even more terrifying!

Even the master of a restricted region had to go into hiding, not daring to be affected by karma out of fear of being killed! Just the thought of this alone made one’s scalp go numb!

Many people felt their breathing become rushed, feeling stifled inside. When that day came, where would they be? Would they still be alive? Just how dark of an age would that be?

“I have already seen quite a bit, it is time for me to return and give a report.” The elder said. He already engraved that map deep within his memories, remembering it.

This thing was extremely special, very likely exactly what the restricted region was searching for. Whether or not someone would come to Imperial Pass after he brought it back was not something he could decide.

“It’s time to leave!”

His single foot landed on the ground. An expanse of white energy radiance emerged from below, gushing outwards. That balding rooster was waiting right outside the palace.

“Senior, please wait, let us properly send you off!” The owner of the Five Spirits War Chariot Qi Hong said.

The others all rushed over together, all of them urging him to stay. Even though this elder did reveal killing intent, in the end, he was still quite amiable, different from the restricted region guest they had imagined.

They really wished to consult him for further guidance, learn more.

At the same time, there were others who went out to deliver messages, hoping for the great figures in Imperial pass to come out and make this elder stay before, remain here for a few more days.

“Dao brothers, there is no need for you all to come over here, this old one will head over!” The elder was straightforward and rather decisive. He sensed that there were great figures in the surroundings, and as such, directly spoke like this.

He jumped onto the rooster’s back, and then it treaded on Jadefall Lake’s ripples, thus disappearing, no one able to stop him.

He came in a hurry, also leaving in a hurry!

On Jadefall Island, everyone found it hard to calm down, their hearts rising and falling, discussing spiritedly here.

It was just too unexpected this time, someone actually coming here from the restricted region, moreover talking to them for such a long time.

“Little friend, take good care of the Lightning Pool, don’t lose it.” The elder’s voice sounded from the horizon, warning once more.

The gathering came to an end just like this. It was already approaching its conclusion anyway, without much more to discuss.

The main reason was because the things the guest from the restricted region told them were too shocking, needing time to digest. They also had to return and report to their elders.

“We’ll separate here then! Dao brothers, we will meet again on the battlefield, at that time, we’ll see who can kill more enemies, haha!” Someone said rather boldly.

“It’s time to leave and cultivate in seclusion. If there really is great turmoil and darkness waiting for us, the darkest age, then I will definitely live until that day. I won’t participate in the power struggle, only wish to experience the cruelty and brilliance of that era, see which matchless figures there are, how things truly develop!” Someone also spoke like this with a sigh.

The gathering came to an end just like that, everyone departing.

“Shi Hao, let’s go drink here. Haha, the Lightning Tribulation liquid’s taste is too good, let us drink our fill!” Cao Yusheng was completely shameless, moving his way over.

Shi Hao smiled, nodding in agreement. There were two other drunkards thinking about this, one of them being the Lunar Jade Rabbit, the other the Heavenly Horned Ant.

At the same time, the Emperor Butterfly also flapped its wings, producing waves of ripples, seemingly also wishing to drink.

“The Emperor Butterfly’s emergence is worth celebrating. Let’s go!” Shi Hao said.

The Emperor Butterfly being powerful was not something Shi Hao didn’t expect, he knew a long time ago about its heaven-defying skills. This was an existence known as the emperors of bugs, able to command all bugs.

Haha, this is too great! Let’s drink until we’re satisfied. Also, I like eating vegetables!” The Lunar Jade Rabbit laughed.

“Yeah, right! Do you still not understand yourself? You’ve been staring at the ten kings Shi Hao killed this whole time. When we just had the barbecue, you were eating until your entire mouth was greasy, yet you still have the nerve to constantly say you are a vegetarian!” Cao Yusheng directly exposed her.


The Lunar Jade Rabbit took action, throwing the sleeping little Qilin in her arms at Fatty Cao’s face. As a result, two miserable cries sounded at the same time.

“What a pity, there are still some people missing, our old friends are not all here.” Shi Hao said with a sigh.

“They are cultivating in seclusio, because the pressure is too great, all of them wishing to break through, increase their strength a step further.” Cao Yusheng said.

Witch, Chang Gongyan, Dragon Girl, and others were all in seclusion. They hadn’t seen them for a long time. When they felt like they reached the most perfect state themselves, they will leave the pass in search of opportunities.

It was because doing so was extremely risky, that had to treat it seriously.

Outside the pass was a massive battlefield, even more so having a divine medicine mountain ranges, immortal ancient lands and other places. There were great dangers, but also unimaginable opportunities.

Heh heh, I know you’re thinking about big sis Qing Yi, right?” The Lunar Jade Rabbit’s smile was extremely evil. Even though she looked like she was sculpted from jade, like a porcelain doll, her smile was a bit like a small fiend’s.

“What does a kid like you know? What nonsense are you saying?” Shi Hao rubbed her silvery-white long hair, messing it up.

“Little Stone, I’m going to fight you to the death!” The Lunar Jade Rabbit brandished her claws.

Shi Hao learned from them that Qing Yi was brought to the Ancestral Altar together with Yue Chan. This made him tremble inwardly!

What were they going to do?

“By now, many people know that older sis Qing Yi is special, merging with the Green Lunar Flame Seed. There are some who suspect that she might have a great connection to Immortal Ancient’s Immortal Qing Yue!” The Lunar Jade Rabbit said.

Cao Yusheng nodded and said, “This is indeed the case. However, you don’t need to worry, Great Elder Meng Tianzheng is also by the ancestral altar, so there definitely won’t be any danger for Qing Yi!”

Shi Hao’s eyes flickered with radiance, but he didn’t say anything. He wasn’t really worried for Qing Yi’s safety, feeling like there wouldn’t be any issues.

What he was worried was that Yue Chan also wen theret. This made his mind fall, because Qing Yi and Yue Chan were one to begin with. If those by the ancestral altar interfered, making them fuse into one, then…

“Don’t worry, older sis Qing Yi is suspected to be related to Immortal Qing Yue, no one will make things difficult for her, everything will be voluntary.” The Lunar Jade Rabbit said.

“Let’s hope that’s the case!” Shi Hao said. 

In the end, they returned to the tribe Stone Clan was located at. A few people surrounded a bonfire, controlling a dao flame in an extremely familiar manner, starting to cook good food.

Wow, so this is a Golden Devil Bird, one of the foreign King Clans? The wings are mine, don’t fight me!” The little rabbit shouted. After cleaning, she began to carefully roast it. It was golden and glossy, oil falling into the bonfire, releasing chi chi sounds, the fragrance wafting about.

“This is a centipede, its appearance really is a bit frightening… However, after the shell is removed, there isn’t much difference between this and lobster meat.” Fatty Cao was quite daring, not scared off at all, directly throwing it into a cauldron to cook.

“What a pity, there is no He Wushuang or He Ziming. I really want to eat them!” The Heavenly Horned Ant grinded his teeth, filled with hatred, wishing to get revenge in his older siblings’ place.

They surrounded the bonfire, enjoying delicacies, attracting some of the tribe’s children.

“Take it, don’t be too greedy. For you all, this stuff is just too strong. Bring it to your elders and tell them to digest it slowly.” Shi Hao warned.

These children really couldn’t enjoy this stuff.

“I want to drink lightning tribulation wine!” The usually sleepy little snow-white Qilin opened its eyes, drooling.

The Emperor Butterfly also flew over, flapping its wings around a wine cup.

“Alright, let’s enjoy it together!”

Shi Hao produced that cauldron, distributing it generously here, enjoying it together with everyone.

“I also want to cross tribulation!” This was the Emperor Butterfly’s divine will. It was extremely happy, finally coming out of seclusion. Its strength was now extremely great.

Sigh, when is this rock going to wake up?” Shi Hao rubbed that ornament on his hair, a sparkling stone.

“If you place the Lightning Pool next to it, this fella will definitely wake up, chew it with great joy!” Fatty Cao said.

Next to him, the Emperor Butterfly nodded continuously, expressing its agreement.

Shi Hao was speechless. It was those who were at one’s side that understood each other best after all.

“I can’t let it ruin this Lightning Pool yet. Even though I believe that this pool is sturdy and unbreaking, there is no guarantee. That stone is something else.” Shi Hao said.

This thing was too important, he couldn’t afford to lose it for now.

“Let’s wait until Great Elder comes back to see what is so strange about this Lightning Pool, if there really are three dragons in this pool.” The Lunar Jade Rabbit said.

Right now, the Lightning Pool was sealed, they couldn’t undo the seal. They had to wait until Great Elder took action.

In reality, they didn’t have to wait long. Great Elder came out of Ancestral Altar, following a five-colored divine light path, directly descending in Stone Clan’s tribe.

It was unknown just how many tens of thousands of li long this path was. It stretched across the void, arriving instantly.

“Great Elder!” Shi Hao and the others hurriedly got up, greeting him respectfully.

“Don’t mind me and be seated, you don’t need to treat me with this much politeness like an outsider.” Great Elder smiled. When he saw the Lightning Pool on the grass, he directly waved his hand, and then it entered his hands.


Multicolored clouds erupted, divine light rushing into the heavens, he undid the seal. At the same time, there was another streak of light in the Lightning Pool, precisely that streak of divine radiance that fled after the immortal killing guillotine scattered.

Right now, it moved again, wishing to escape.

Great Elder used his matchless great divine force, suppressing it, preventing it from fleeing.

Great Elder stared at the bottom of the Lightning Pool. Occasionally, one could see three living creatures within the abyss-like depths, resembling True Dragons.

“Release the Lightning Spirits, throw one into the Lightning Pool.” Great Elder said.

Ah…” Not only was Shi Hao shocked, even Cao Yusheng, Heavenly Horned Ant and others were stunned.

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