Chapter 1432

Chapter 1432 - A Frightening Future

Origin Ancient Mine actually had these secrets!

Everyone could only sigh. No wonder they couldn’t figure out that place even after all these years, dying as soon as they entered. Turns out even the troops of a restricted region were all buried within. This place was terrifying after all.

The elder stared at Shi Hao, looking at him again and again, feeling more and more that this fella was special. They really shouldn’t leave him outside, they had to pull him into the Nine Heavens’ restricted region.

However, there was no way Shi Hao would follow him, he had too much to worry about. If this restricted region could join the war, fight against the other side, then he would join without any hesitation!

Only, he knew that this was impossible. The restricted regions were far above. Even though the world was ruined, they still existed. However, this was on the premise that they didn’t take the initiative to provoke the other side, and as a result, both sides felt restraining fear towards each other.

“You cannot act randomly with this Lightning Pool!” In the end, the elder warned him again and again, telling him that he couldn’t defile and waste it.

“Relax, I will control myself. Of course, if you all are worried, you can send me some good food, for example, some stored dragon or live phoenix marrow, that way, I promise I won’t have any interest in this Lightning Pool, won’t cook it.” Shi Hao was all smiles, joking around.

The elder released a chuckle. Only this youngster dared speak to him like this here.

The others were relatively taciturn, yet Huang really was easygoing, not really watching himself that much. He acted calmly even before the restricted region guest, even half jokingly messing around.

Sigh, this world’s environment has changed, worsening by the year.” The elder gave that piece of Immortal Spring a look, and then said, “I reckon that one day, even this type of thing would dry up. Even though it still exists, the long life matter will have completely died out.”

According to his suspicions, in the later era, the treasures and heavenly materials of this world were all inferior to the past. It couldn’t be compared at all.

From what he said, the later era, after endless time passed, a great era elapsing, the so-called Immortal Spring might only equate to the present Divine Spring.

As for the Divine Spring, it will likely become an even more inferior good.

“The best of Origin Ancient Mine’s Life Stones have already dried up, cannot be found anymore. I believe that the creatures of the later world would treat even bits and pieces as supreme treasures.” He said with a sigh.

“Will our inheritance be cut short because of this?” Someone asked.

Many people revealed grave expressions, because if the later era truly developed to that state, it might become a final phase era, the natural laws might no longer exist!

“At that time, all creatures’ lifespans would decrease, those who could live for millions of years would never appear again unless they are sealed through special methods. Normally speaking, those at the peak of the mortal dao could only live ten thousand or so years!”

When they heard the elder’s saying, everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. Even if they already knew this, hearing from other seniors, they still trembled now, feeling like it was too terrifying.

One had to understand that there were many experts who lived over hundreds of thousands of years, this wasn’t all that strange of a thing.

In the future, it would be that difficult to live even past ten thousand years?

“Will it really be that cruel?” Someone said with a soft voice, not really believing that the environment of the world would worsen to this extent.

“It will, it will only be worse than what you can imagine. Perhaps, in that era, only a few could live past ten thousand years. Once they attain enlightenment and reach the peak of mortal dao, even if others are just as stunning, if they are just half a step late, they would be destined to be left behind. It is because once one obtains natural luck, the consumption would be too great, and this world is a balanced one!” The elder said.

“Since the environment would be this horrible, at that time, can one even smoothly cultivate? Perhaps no one can reach the peak anymore, right?” Someone expressed their doubts.

Many people felt like if the environment really was that bad, perhaps all inheritances would be cut short, unable to produce any more cultivators.

“What are cultivators? We compete with the heavens, with the earth, defying the world. It will not end there.” The elder shook his head.

“Moreover, even if it will no longer be the golden age, the cultivation environment changing greatly, the dao is eternal. If one can sense the great dao, then one can still cultivate. It is to the extent where the heavenly tribulation that has now disappeared might reappear.” The elder said.

“At the same time, this world’s environment would return. Even though as a whole, it is worsening, becoming more and more withered up, there will still be a final brilliance. For example, in some special era, the earth would surge with a sweet spring, heavens releasing essence energy, low grade divine springs and other things appearing. Of course, these are my master’s speculations, I cannot predict what later generations will be like.” The elder sighed.

According to the most powerful figure of the restricted region’s suspicions, no matter how bad the environment is, cultivators would still exist.

The elder added, “Only, at that time, no one would achieve immortality, the most powerful only able to live for ten thousand or so years, those who are might be able to live a second life, and then that is already quite good.”

Everyone’s expressions changed. In the future, no one could achieve immortality. Is all hope completely severed?

This was difficult for everyone to accept!

This great era, currently, it seemed like even though no one could achieve immortality, there was still hope. Everyone felt like when the other side merged with this one, the environment would definitely change greatly! At that time, there would be people who would seize heavenly opportunities, fight over natural luck, take the chance to achieve immortality!

In later eras, if the world dried up, long life matter completely scattered, then that would truly end the path of immortality!

“According to my master’s suspicions, if we truly reach that state of world environment, if there are creatures who could attain perfection every step of the way along the path of cultivation, without the slightest flaw, then there might be some who can touch upon the immortal dao domain. However, there is only that bit of hope! Moreover, for a great era to have one person like that is already not bad!”

The elder spoke, a bit moved.

It was because he didn’t achieve immortality either, and his lifespan was quickly reaching its end as well. That was why he felt a bit of sympathy towards this, feeling pity for future creatures.

“Why will the world’s environment change so drastically?” Someone asked. This was the root of the problem, he wanted to understand it.

“This type of thing isn’t something you or me can understand, only those at the very top can.” The elder looked profoundly into the heavens.

Sigh, senior, why don’t the people from restricted regions come out? You all are just going to watch as the Nine Heavens Ten Earths fall to the other side, be massacred by them, do you all really have the heart to do this?” Finally, a youngster asked a comparatively more sharp question.

He was quite dissatisfied towards the restricted regions. They also lived in this world, why did they only watch as fiends slaughtered their way over, not pay any attention? They didn’t show any intention of bearing any duty of protecting the mountains and rivers.

When he heard this question, the elder laughed coldly, acting this coldly for the first time. “Youngster, you think too much. There are some things that you will never understand, some origins of the restricted regions you will forever never guess at.”


Everyone was surprised. This was the first time he revealed a bit of killing intent.

“Senior, please explain!”

“The restricted regions do not belong to the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, there are some whose origins are terrifyingly ancient, their backgrounds unimaginable.” The elder said.

Then, he laughed coldly, saying, “Moreover, there are some creatures inside the restricted regions who, back then, did protect this world. However, in the end, heh!

He didn’t continue, but it made many people think deeply.

Shi Hao immediately thought of the matters in Great Scarlet Sky. Back then, he followed into the primal chaos, discovering a mysterious small world that was completely isolated.

There was a young True Phoenix there, a snow-white skeleton, as well as a woman’s coffin. The person in the coffin had previously said that she wishes to be secluded from the outside world, to turn that place into a restricted region.

Meanwhile, back then, she had also protected the Nine Heavens, but in the end withdrew, no longer interfering.

This really was mind-opening, making everyone can’t help but reconsider things.

“Regardless, you can’t just watch the creatures of this world be massacred, completely wiped out, right?” That person was discontent, speaking like this.

“Of course, there is one more reason that is the most important.” The elder said, not too worried about giving out a few more secrets.

“My master deduced a few terrifying mysteries of heaven, which is why he is not willing to be tainted by the karma of the mortal world. I believe the other restricted regions are also like this, not willing to take action.”

“What mysteries of heaven?” Everyone was shocked.

“My unsurpassed master, after learning some secrets, for this, previously meditated for many years, not moving, some hair even becoming white, worrying and thinking.” The elder said.

This only made them even more curious. For even the unsurpassed restricted region lord to be like this, just how terrifying of a thing was this?!

“Just what exactly is it?” Tuogu Yulong couldn’t help but ask.

“In the following years, if someone takes action, affected by karma, they would all die, no one able to live!” The elder said with a grave expression.

Everyone became stunned. Then, their bodies went ice-cold, even the lord of the restricted region was going to die, if he took action, he would disappear?

“As long as one is contaminated by karma, then there is only death!” The elder reemphasized.

At this moment, everyone felt a chill run down their bodies from head to toe, feeling a deep sense of unease. What was the future going to be like? Even these types of unmatched figures, existences who had lived through great eras came to this conclusion, it was too terrifying.

“Why is it like this?” Someone asked.

“This great era is about to end, and then the darkest age will begin. Moreover, that age is destined to be erased from history, forgotten by later generations, blood and chaos becoming the main theme. In that era, the most terrifying great battle of all of history will erupt. The figures involved will not be limited to those born within a single great era, there will be one final clash!”

The elder’s breathing was a bit rough, chest rising and falling. While speaking these things, even he couldn’t help but feel a bit moved, his heart beating a bit faster.

“Why? What is going to happen? What is the reason for all of this?” The youngsters here were all confused, even Shi Hao feeling a bit alarmed.

“I remember that the master was full of worry because of that terrifying scene, half of his hair becoming white because of this. There were unmatched figures who asked him, yet he responded with silence, only in the end did he say a single line.”

“What did he say?”

“It… will return!”

Everyone was stunned. What kind of information did this statement imply?

They all shivered inwardly, feeling their scalps turn cold. Just a simple sentence seemed to contain unmatched terror!

“The unmatched existence inside the restricted region, did he not speak in further detail?” Someone asked quietly.

“He didn’t. My master can cut down enemies of countless generations, sweep through the world, flatten everything under the sky, never fearing anything, but that time, after understanding some of the truth, he developed white hair. What do you all think? Just how terrifying is this matter? He never mentioned this thing again.”

Based on what the elder said, Immortal Ancient Great Era’s battle was far from being enough, destined to disappear together with the next segment, not left behind. Compared to all of history, it wasn’t much.

“That will definitely be the most chaotic, terrifying, and dark age. There will be so much killing that no one in the world would dare to claim to be supreme, so much killing the legendary gates will open at the same time, so much killing there will be no more immortals. The creatures of several great eras would emerge to settle things. Meanwhile, all of these, are merely what will happen on the surface!” The elder muttered, even he was becoming a bit absent-minded.

Everyone’s fine hairs stood on end, finding this hard to accept. They wanted to know more, all of them staring at the elder, hoping that he could tell them more.

“Was there not even a bit of enlightenment?” Someone asked resentfully.

“After many years passed, my master’s mood calmed. He seemed to have said a few words: All of time decided by one.” The elder spoke in a heavy tone.

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