Chapter 1432

Chapter 1432 - A Frightening Future

Origin Ancient Mine actually had these secrets!

Everyone could only sigh. No wonder they couldn’t figure out that place even after all these years, dying as soon as they entered. Turns out even the troops of a restricted region were all buried within. This place was terrifying after all.

The elder stared at Shi Hao, looking at him again and again, feeling more and more that this fella was special. They really shouldn’t leave him outside, they had to pull him into the Nine Heavens’ restricted region.

However, there was no way Shi Hao would follow him, he had too much to worry about. If this restricted region could join the war, fight against the other side, then he would join without any hesitation!

Only, he knew that this was impossible. The restricted regions were far above. Even though the world was ruined, they still existed. However, this was on the premise that they didn’t take the initiative to provoke the other side, and as a result, both sides felt restraining fear towards each other.

“You cannot act randomly with this Lightning Pool!” In the end, the elder warned him again and again, telling him that he couldn’t defile and waste it.

“Relax, I will control myself. Of course, if you all are worried, you can send me some good food, for example, some stored dragon or live phoenix marrow, that way,...

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