Chapter 143 - Historical Ruins' Precious Treasure (Teaser)

Chapter 143 - Historical Ruins' Precious Treasure

The emperor carriage emitted light. This was both an ordinary carriage for the purpose of traveling, as well as an ancient war chariot. Currently, symbols were interweaving together, forming a curtain of light as it carried the people within it. Large amounts of densely packed symbols scattered down, almost as if they were going to completely fill in the mountain valley. The walls of the valley began to split from all sides, causing giant boulders to tumble down and dust to rise into the sky.

The little guy was constantly dodging while using his precious artifact to fight back; he was facing a crisis. A streak of divine radiance shot towards him, smashing apart the ground where he previously stood as earth and stones splashed outwards.

The valley rumbled as its walls crumbled down. Chunks after chunks of giant rock were struck until they flew high up into the sky. The valley was beaten and ruined; smoke and dust filled the air, revealing a scenery of destruction!

“White Tiger, you are making me angry! I am going to eat you!” The little guy was angry, and his eyebrows were pinched together. He tried his hardest to take away that sparkling bone pagoda, but he never thought that the White Tiger would rush over and completely ruining everything.

This spotlessly white bone pagoda was truly unique. It continued to bob up and down, and with a gentle shake, propitious vapors began to rise. It pushed apart the bone shears and precious mirror, making it difficult to approach.

You have to understand that it didn’t truly attack yet! This was merely the divine fluctuations naturally being emitted by it!

In the end, the little guy used the ancient methods carved within the ‘True Primordial Record’ in an attempt to communicate with it. He used the power of symbols to to resonate with the pagoda, however, right as soon as he succeeded a bit, the White Tiger interrupted, immediately startling the divine bone pagoda.

The White Tiger stood upright on the carriage. Its body could not be considered that large, yet it still had a threatening demeanor. Its eyes emitted a faint golden color, and it was as if they were shooting out daggers as it stared at him.

‘You are talking to me?” It finally spoke in human speech. Its face was callous and cold, and cold light flickered within its pupils; they were like tail feathers ready to shoot out.

“You don’t say? Fat cat, you are bringing about your own destruction!” The little guy yelled in anger. Currently, he was trying...

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