Chapter 1429

Chapter 1429 - Restricted Region Son-In-Law

It was because by now, there weren’t that many creatures who could live until a million years old, all those who could top level experts. Even though there was still undying matter in the present world, allowing the prolonging of longevity, it still wasn’t without end.

Creatures all died one day, perhaps earlier, perhaps later. If they didn’t achieve immortality, the day would always come when they died of old age.

Even if one became an unmatched supreme being, reaching the level of Immortal Wang, Meng Tianzheng, and the few others like this, their vitality would still dry up eventually, enter the final stage of their lives.

This elder was less than three feet tall, but he was definitely an extremely powerful expert, actually living longer than a million five hundred thousand years!

Moreover, the most important thing was that his injury actually didn’t heal after all these years, still there, preventing his severed limb from healing, this even more terrifying.

It was clear that the one who wounded him possessed matchless divine force. Once an enemy was wounded, then it would be a bit difficult to struggle free from them.

It was clear that the cultivation of the one who injured the elder was far greater than his, and that was why the injury still couldn’t recover. Even after a million five hundred thousand years passed, it still bled.


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