Chapter 1427

Chapter 1427 - Strange Object

“How about we fish one up and cook it?” The Heavenly Horned Ant muttered, completely drunk.

However, Shi Hao really was moved. He had eaten almost everything, just haven’t eaten dragon meat, and there had never been a chance to do so before either.

Now, he had the opportunity, moreover likely three of them in the Lightning Pool!

Of course, he could only think about such a thing, he knew that it wasn’t realistic. If he truly dared eat dragon meat, perhaps the group of elders in Imperial Pass would eat him first.

True Dragon, this was a type of unmatched fighting strength, ranked first among the Vicious Ten. If there really were heirs left behind, they would definitely be carefully protected and nurtured with everything they had.

At the same time, there was a seal on the Lightning Pool applied by Great Elder, perhaps he had long discovered something, fearing that others would act recklessly.

Now, it was impossible to fish up a dragon even if they wanted to!

At this moment, everyone felt a feeling of absurdity. These were but dragons, known to be high up above, True Dragons with unmatched fighting strength, yet they actually had a chance to be fished out! They were precisely inside a stone pool!

Everyone looked at Shi Hao strangely. Just how freakish was this fella? He...

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