Chapter 1425

Chapter 1425 - Standpoint

Huang wanted to kill Wang Family’s five dragons, moreover not hiding it at all, stating it in front of everyone. Instead of saying that this was a type of resolution from Shi Hao, it was better to say that this was a type of attitude!

This time, Wang Family went too far, actually releasing Lightning Spirits to harm him. Those were a rare species who had only appeared in legends. They grasped heavenly tribulation, and if it was anyone else in his place, they would have undoubtedly died.

Even Shi Hao, if not for his senses being sharp, realizing it ahead of time, he might have been seriously injured.

Wang Family had tried to harm him to death many times, not considering the greater situation at all. There were countless foreign troops outside Imperial Pass, yet only for their selfish wishes, they wanted to get rid of him.

This time, Shi Hao was angered, completely furious. Wang Family wanted to harm him to death again and again, fearing that he would grow up and then threaten their clan, so they used all methods they had.

Now, he spoke out in public, not out of hopes that someone would go kill the five dragons, but rather as a type of declaration, to slap Wang Familys’ faces.

Originally, this was something Wang Family would normally try to cover up, so he wanted to expose it in front of everyone, let...

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