Chapter 1423

Chapter 1423 - Extreme Recklessness


Nine thousand streaks of lightning hacked down at the same time, blasting Shi Hao until his entire body was jerking randomly, some areas even becoming badly mangled, bones visible.

The lightning in the Tenth Heaven was originally peaceful, even if it was going crazy because he was trying to seize lightning tribulation liquid, it shouldn’t be like this. All of this was because he wanted to bring the lightning pool itself away.


Shi Hao used his great divine abilities. His Sea of Reincarnation shone, moreover activating Kun Peng technique, Willow Deity methods, and other things, going all out to seize this ancient pool.

Everyone was stupefied, really not knowing what to say. Not long ago, they still saw him display heaven reaching divine might, forcing back all lightning tribulation, incredibly heroic.

But now, it actually became like this.

“Just now, Huang killed Wang Family and Jin Family’s elders, appearing so dashing and handsome, but now he… is stealing the lightning pool, something doesn’t seem right…” A beautiful young lady muttered quietly.

What something doesn’t seem right? They are basically two different people! Shi Hao had the appearance of a money grubber, carrying the lightning pool, not willing to let go no matter what, using...

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