Chapter 1420

Chapter 1420 - Revisiting

Lightning Spirits, they were like worms, the length of chopsticks. If one didn’t examine them too carefully, they were just like snakes. The one who approached was dark red colored, entire body as if cast from blood-colored Immortal Told, giving one a cold and hard feeling.

Shi Hao didn’t recognize this type of creature, but he felt that this bug was extremely dangerous, not normal.

Otherwise, when the heavenly tribulation struck its body, it would have directly been blasted to bloody chunks, how could it still coldly watch him? This was an extremely frightening creature.

“You actually dare do this!” 

Shi Hao’s breathing was hurried, inwardly shocked and furious. This was just too sinister, a strange creature appearing when he was crossing tribulation, wishing to harm him, it really was sinister.

The lightning ocean surged, lightning shooting out streak after streak. The noises here were earsplitting, normal people unable to look through it at all, unable to see the situation near the lightning pool.

It was because this place was full of electrical arcs, extremely dazzling, one would feel a stinging pain even if...

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