Chapter 1419

Chapter 1419 - Lightning Spirit

Wang Family’s experts opposed Shi Hao, they couldn’t tolerate him rising up!

Wang Family’s five dragons were banished to Imperial Pass precisely because of Shi Hao. This was a great grudge, if nothing unexpected happened, they couldn’t leave and would end up dying here.

That was why Wang Family’s people in Imperial Pass hated Shi Hao, the hatred they felt even stronger than that of those in the Nine Heavens.

After Shi Hao crossed tribulation, the first thing Wang Xi’s grandfather did was contact the important people from Imperial Pass, even the five dragons who lived from the archaic times learned of this!

Wang Xi’s grandfather swung his sleeve, examining it closely. That was a stone case, within it a few small characters that left him inwardly shaken, incredibly shocked.

This a sacred object bestowed by Wang Da, an unimaginable item, within it was a creature.

“Heavens, there really is this type of thing in the world, having this type of creature?” Wang Xi’s grandfather trembled, feeling a wave of fear. Immediately afterwards, he became overjoyed.

Regardless, this thing would be used to kill Shi Hao, so he didn’t have to worry about his own safety. Moreover, if it was cultivated properly and used well, it would become something Wang Family could rely on, becoming an unmatched servant.

Only, it was hard for him to not be moved. His fingers were even trembling, because this thing was too...

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