Chapter 1417

Chapter 1417 - Immortal Killing Stage

Something fell from the heavenly dome, moreover just that extraordinary, auspicious light released in endless streaks. That thing was hazy and auspicious, as if a heavenly treasure had fallen into this world!

However, when Shi Hao saw this thing, his entire body went cold, producing a layer of goosebumps. He had seen this thing before!

When he was facing tribulation before, he had already seen this thing, but he never touched it, instead only watching it from the distance. Now, it approached him, rushing in his direction.

Immortal Killing Stage!

This dao platform had a guillotine on it. It looked auspicious from the distance, but up close, it was horrifying, making one’s entire body go cold from head to toe.

If this thing appeared and targeted someone, it could be said to be inevitable death, difficult for that individual to survive. It was rumored to be prepared for creatures who had achieved heaven-defying things.

“I understand, Huang has stepped onto his own path, and now, he triggered the legendary Immortal Killing Stage!” Someone said quietly.

Even from far away, everyone still felt their skulls turn numb. This thing had only appeared in...

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