Chapter 1416

Chapter 1416 - THong Establish

Shi Hao was going to detonate the extreme point at the center of his abdomen, split heaven and earth here, release the power within the ‘gates’, from this step on his own path.

In the surroundings, on the great golden paths, figures stood one after another. Those were emperor race experts, all of them raising their hands, holding weapons, or forming magical imprints, aiming at Shi Hao to kill him!


Shi Hao released a loud shout. He made his decision, he was going to establish his own path, ignite the single heavenly passage that was compressed to a single point, wishing to open up the various gates within his abdomen.

This was where the gates were concentrated, this special place in his body becoming the best choice.

However, the result of doing this was unimaginable, the dangers too great, risk of body torn and bones crushed at every turn, body and spirit destroyed. It was too extreme and risky.


It was as if the heavens were collapsing. By Shi Hao’s abdomen, large amounts of divine light appeared, erupting there like a sun, incredibly blinding, making everyone’s eyes sore, difficult to stare straight at.

This was especially the case when there was a wave of unimaginable energy rushing out, the domain powerful, tearing apart heaven and earth, affecting the stability of time and space.

No one expected someone to be this intense and straightforward when breaking through. Others always went about things step by step, while Shi Hao was gambling with his life,...

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