Chapter 1415

Chapter 1415 - Taking One’s Own Path

When emperor race youth attacked, with unmatched ancestral methods erupting one after another, death approaching, potential was finally unleashed; this was Shi Hao’s present condition.

His body carried a wave of deep power, as if it surged from the abyss, undulating, spreading, rushing out from the surface of his body!

The left side of his body was dazzling like gold, releasing kengqiang noises like metal, like a blazing sun. It released the most forceful and brilliant aura, leaving all sides shaken.

Meanwhile, the right side of his body was pitch-black like ink, like an abyss, as if it could devour all light, dark and terrifying, a great yin force swirling about.

It was to the extent where even his hair was like this, half golden like a flame, half pitch-black like a demonic realm, black mists surging, polar extremes!

This was an extremely shocking transformation, no one expecting him to develop to this extent. This was completely because he was in a critical situation, forced to do this!

Of course, perhaps it could also be said that this was the release after being suppressed to the limit. A massive power emerged from within his body. A creature rose up behind him, roaring with him.

Great yin, great yang, these two power attributes opposed each other, yet they appeared within a single body, tremendous beyond comparison, making Shi Hao’s fighting strength surge!

This was an irregular...

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